RUMOR MILL: Zardari and Musharraf (rep) inside US Embassy

It is being reported (1500 PST Geo News) that a high level meeting is underway inside the US Embassy with Asif Ali Zardari and representatives of Pervaiz Musharraf. The meeting is supposed to be with the US Ambassador and his staff trying to negotiate a peace / alliance between PML-Q and PPP. The report has just been confirmed that the meeting did take place and is now over

In other reports it is also rumored that America is very much irritated with the attitude of PML-N and will NOT prefer a leadership with PML-N and hence is working to put them in the opposition.

Despite all the overwhelming support with which the Pakistani nation has over thrown Musharraf and his attempts to Americanize Pakistan out the window. its sad to see these new leaders wheeling and dealing with America, which should have at best been shown the door back to Washington. Pakistan needs a chance to taste democracy not be treated to another government propped up on the basis of the likes and dislikes of Washington its barely been two days since the elections and Washington is already playing its dirty role in the politics of other nations

[Rumor Mill is generally what is being heard through the grapevine in Pakistan, it can all be negated but is very important to read the tea leaves as Pakistan definitely has a strong rumor mill in critical situations like these and most often they have been proven correct]

Update Link: Asia Times Online – Pakistan sifts through election aftermath



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13 responses to “RUMOR MILL: Zardari and Musharraf (rep) inside US Embassy”


    Awab Bhai,

    I think Mr 10%s actions in the next 72 hours will be crucial, I hope he is guided by the mood of the nation to rid us of military rule forever rather than a lust for powerwith Uncle Sam as could be the cas.

    If so then the PPP will betray the sacrifice of the judiciary and lawyers movement. Then I see and hope for the end of the PPP as it stands today as any half-measures now will be criminal.

    The masses want the judiciary restored and a national government of all the talents not a PPP or a PMLN-led government of crooks, in only to serve themselves.

    I hope Zardari and the other up to now spineless PPP leaders stand tall and deliver for the people and not their egos and pockets alone. Only time will tell!

    Do note martial law persists today and it needs to die its death now, see link below:



  2. M@ni Avatar

    This is the last chance for PPP to remain as a political Party in Pakistan. Their one mistake (alliance with PML-Q) can wipe them out of Pakistan politics as they dont have Baynazir left among them and they cant get the vote by her name in next election. They must realize it and Zardari should for once think of Pakistan ahead of any thing else. Who knows their mistake can be so costly that this election becomes the last election of pakistan. They should join hands with PML-N and kick out Mush, restore judiciary.

  3. jusathot Avatar

    Alarming but hardly surprising. After listening to Dan Markey on CNN who said something to the effect of what is reported herein that this game is currently being played in Islamabad. Mr. Markey usually knows these things first as a Council for Foreign Relations (Read: CIA-sponsored think-tank) Pakistan analyst/operative. Earlier he had also said: “Weak civilian institutions and a history of dysfunctional civil-military relations mean that bringing democracy to Pakistan is less a matter of resuscitation than of reinvention Even if a civilian regime gained power in Islamabad, it would make critical decisions only after considering the armys interests and depend on the army to get things done and so, by extension, Washington

    1.Zardari will wheel-and deal with Uncle Sam and his proxy, Since Sharif is not in the good books of Washington, and any coalition with PML(N) will be not kosher with America. Musharraf and his foreign benefactors would like to see the opposition split and remain under the mercy of Mush Inc. Hence, the PML-Q + PPP combo with MQM as their Karachi precinct Mafia boss may emerge as the coalition gang, alongwith some hotchpotch of others.

    2. America and some Western leaders will do their darnedest to keep Musharraf as their proxy until another sucker is found. After all, Mush, Inc has been hooked on USD (or is it LSD) for their mercenary services.

    In short, the dhandli goes on: the two “As will continue to call all the shots the status quo remains. Meanwhile, the Pakistani Awam looks up to the heaven to the Almighty Allah for some sorts of divine intervention the third “A in this equation. May Allah protect this nation from the carpetbaggers and vultures!

  4. Zovc Avatar

    Zardari is a intelligent fellow, this desicion is very critical. Lets see what he does…

  5. junaid Avatar

    just saw him at press conference, he is not going for any easy deal with mush..
    i must say musharraf is cornered hard.
    he is different zardari.

  6. junaid Avatar

    it wont be easier for him to do something of this sort, this is last chance for them to capitalize on bhutto factor and if they betrayed the nation then their fate would be similar to of league Q atleast in punjab.

    he knows it and i dont think he is going to do anything foolish, minimal he would ask to satisfy nation would too much for musharraf to offer therefore i dont see anything out of this meeting..

    by the way america has not brought zardari but people and he is no musharraf as he has people's madate.

    i see election in pakistan soon in a year if current dispensation continues…

  7. JinnahFan Avatar

    Sadly, based on the comments on this post, it’s obvious that our “educated” elite still does not get it.

    First, this gem by M@ni: “This is the last chance for PPP to remain as a political party in Pakistan”
    Do you not find it absurd that you are essentially saying that the most popular party in elections 2 days ago is in danger of being wiped out?

    Second, may I remind you that the PPP by itself does not have a majority; the numbers are such that they will HAVE to form a coalition with PML-N; mathematically there is no other option! And do you think Sharif will say, “hmm okay, we will help you take the whole pie and ask for nothing in return.”

    It’s about time some of you applied some logic to your rants.

  8. PL Avatar

    The govt of Pakistan has asked its lawyers who have asked goverment of switzerland to prosecute asif ali zardari for money laundering

    the pressure begins

  9. Jawan Avatar

    Dictator’s masters have come to save him. But will they be able to beat the people of Pakistan? Or USA is ready for an exit from Pakistan like it had from Iran if they continue to persue agenda against the will of the people?

  10. Mohsin Jami Avatar
    Mohsin Jami

    PPP+PML(Q)+ MQM would be deadly for PPP.
    History tells us that the underdogs or despised people usually perform well in crisis just to do away the bad impression. Zardari indeed seems to be changed person.
    Majority parties should form respective governments in center and in provinces. PPP+PML(N)+ ANP would be having 2/3rd majority in the parliament and can do wonders.
    The key is sensibility at fast track. Restore 1973 constitution in true sence, find a middle course for the restoration of judiciary. CJ being a bone of contention can be accomodated well, somewhere else in the government and remaining judges can be restored in judiciary.
    Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that Zardari shall not go with Chaudharies (this seems impossible).

  11. Yah Hala! Avatar
    Yah Hala!

    Hate to be so dis enchanted , but I give this new goverment 2 years before they take Pakistan back to being a rougue state. And all the efforts Musharraf’s has made will be for nothing.

    You cry for democracy, as Pakistani’s we need food in our stomach and an economy that provides jobs.

    Otherwise, democracy is just a word. I feel pity for people who get moved by these selfish leaders who manipulate the masses.

  12. M@ni Avatar

    Replying JinnahFan:
    Pakistani’s are fed up of Musharaf as can be seen from the result of election + the surveys conducted by BBC e.t.c.
    My point was “IF” Zardari join hands with PML Q then PPP is doomed…By the Way remb in 1997 PML N cleaned sweep whole of pakistan by getting 2/3rd majority… and they can do it again, if PPP goes for negotiation with Musharaf. PPP does not have BB left in them and they cant cash her name in next election if this time round they dont make positive steps.
    I wished u have read my comment in full, its quite easy to comprehend…no rocket science

  13. Kamran Khan Avatar
    Kamran Khan

    As you are aware that elections are over, now the scenario is that MR. 10% wwants to become Mr. 100%, u know whom I am talking about, you are the only chance for the common people who can save us from this disaster,even 58-2(B) can do the task for, be vigilant and alert!!


    Kamran (A common man)