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  • durrani |

    πŸ˜€ hilarious !!! luv the title and at first i only related it directly to his sunglasses and then got the ‘broader’ view ! πŸ˜€

  • M@ni |

    Chaudhary Sahab nay soocha ho ga Musharraf tu janay wala hay aur phir may bhi…chaloo jatay jataay Ayashiiii hi ho jaye…hahaha M Inspired by these Chaudhary brothers[:D].

  • Unaiza Fatima |

    Those mocking at him are reflecting their own perverted personalities. He is looking smart anyways!

  • JinnahFan |

    haha, they need to be nice to him….even though he’s a lame duck now, he can still hand out a couple of reserved seats to his favorites…

  • Laila Ahmed |

    Shujaat is probably the most corrupt politician of our country’s history… he inherited a fortune which his father (an ex-head constable of police) made by grabbing a piece of evacuee property and then by land grabbing. He then robbed investors through cooperatives and made hundreds of millions in Zia’s regime… the loot continued when he was with Nawaz Sharif. He borrowed millions from nationalized banks and never repaid and got those written off during Musharraf in exchange for supporting him and forming PML(Q). He then made a lot of money in sugar scam and relentless land grabbing. He is the biggest SOB and epitome of what is wrong with our politicians. Since he keeps a lot of journalists on his payroll, his exploits are that much talked about

  • Ali |

    I always did think Shujaat was from abroad, as I never understood the urdu he spoke. Wonder if he’s got 7 blue bills hidden in his pocket?

  • Atif Mehmood |

    i think Shujat is either taking this group to Dubai or he is working for a new rubbish musical stage show with a song

    Budday Waray wee Ishaq pia kurna aay

    Bloody hell

  • Irfan Mirza |

    Laila Jee everybody is innocent till proven guilty. Azad Adlia if restored will have an uphill task in the future! and if the punishment for such corruption is death then we will have to import hundreds of Guillotines from France!!

  • Obi Wan Kenobi |

    I have seen the same pic with same caption recently some where else too. May be you would like to acknowledge the person dr. sahib.

  • Teeth Maestro |

    Obi – I was forwarded this image, so in all honesty have no idea about its credits, if you can update me, I shall definitely update the post with the appropriate credits

    Thanks for pointing it out

  • MK |

    @ Obi i think it is just coincidental that TM has the same title. This caption comes to everyones’ mind when we look at the picture.
    He looks more like the guy in Charlie’s angels.No?
    @Unaiza Fatima: How do you know what we are thinking?? What are you thinking??

  • Zia |

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Seems like he is introducing himself to the ‘bond girls’..” My name is Lota…, Shujaat Lota” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

  • Sam |

    what’s the name of the lady sitting on the right hand side of chaudhry?

  • Laila Khan |

    What are you talking about , he is a cool guy , that is why he is surrounded by females

    I guess he has deep pockets

  • B.A. Solangi |

    Shake it but don’t stir it.

    007 Shujaat has become 000