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The Zardari Metamorphosis

Zardari MetamorphosisIn the three months following the assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, her husband, Asif Ali Zardari has been progressively rebuilding his image, trying to distance himself from the tainted image of a feudal lord & Mr 10 percent, into the ‘Statesman’ sporting a sleek suit, trimmed mustaches and dyed hair, one has to seriously wonder if this is a true metamorphosis or just a ‘show’ to achieve ones goals.

I am generally weary of such drastic personality changes, not that I despise good looks, but in the case of Zardari, I worry. Its an age old saying that old habits die hard and a three month image rebuilding consultant will do little to change the person within, to trust a man who has ruthlessly looted this nation twice over to become the king-maker of our next Prime Minister – I worry.

Many reinvigorated Zardari supporters have started to ‘feel’ that this new image is due to the heightened responsibility entrusted upon him following the death of his wife and they believe he is now ‘a different person’, oft quoted as a ‘statesman’ who will build bridges between political divides to save Pakistan from disaster. Though I hope the best for Pakistan but It is here where I question — Is it just a show or truly the ‘New Zardari’ and more importantly are you falling for it?

This image was published in today’s Dawn with an article written by Anjum Niaz titled No Country for Old Men


  • Zovc |

    Hmm, after countless looting, 8 years in jail, and still welcomed home. Maybe he has changed afterall, even after whatever he may-have/has done people still support him then maybe he has changed just because of that. Maybe he has learned from his mistakes and that the surri places and countless properties abroad arnt really of any good.

  • stickystuff |

    question is what is he sticking his hair up with, and how soon will he run out of it.

  • Laila Ahmed |

    I think he should be encouraged to bring more democracy to the party which is a national institution despite all its waeknesses and failings. We can talk about Zardari but I honestly feel the Army has done far more and long-term damage (Zia and Musharraf) than his 10% deals. The judges should be restored but let us not foregt, before March 9, 2007 Iftikhar Chaoudhry was a typical wheeling-dealing opportunist judge who sold his soul, endorsed the first PCO, dismissed all legal challenges to Musharraf’s actions, and was a party to the conspiracy to getting rid of fellow judges who refused to bow down. is hamam mein sub nunga hein

  • M@ni |

    Well we met one deposed high court justice and discussed the mattered of PCO with him, coz the same question also arised amongst us. Hope the following clarifies:

    He said: the new PCO [3rd March] puts all kind of barriers on judiciary to take any action against the government WILL, while the last PCO was not like this.
    The new PCO was just like you are becoming a slave of Musharaf regime, therefore 60 judges dint take oath.
    I agree they should not have taken the first PCO, and Justice Wajihuddin and Siddique are true heroes but not to forget both the PCO’s were different in terms of liberty of judiciary. i feel “hamam may tu sub hi hain par kuch nay kapray bhi phanay howaye hain”

  • Imran |

    Zardari the new man deserves credit for change, it may sound odd, but he sounds real, convincing, and is better than most leaders in his Urdu and English speech skills, he makes altaf hussain look like a joker, if PPP Govt performs well , PPP has potential to become main party in Punjab in future elections.

    Zardari Zindabad !!!

  • kalachi |


    Don’t you hate it when people talk against PPP or discuss the character of Zardari, you just want to take the focus back against the ARMY.

    I hope this THUG could come clean, but please just don’t start to portray him as an angel (just because he is a ppla), let wait and hope.

    BTW, its very easy to buy our *leaders*, just offer them an interview on a foreign channel and they would be ready to sell their mothers…

    Check this out..


    well i like one thinf about Zardari that he is speaking very high of Pakistan he is expressing himelf as a Pakistani not as a sindhi which is lacked by any other politican but saying that i can not trust him with my country . NO way i can let him run for PM of pakistan come on we all know his past and believe me no one can change that fast.
    And his new looks gives me the creeps as that in fairy tales when an ugly looking women turns into a beautifull princess just to marry the prince in this case the prince of pakistan.


    one more thin for LIAla

    i Hate those people who for just for the love of ones hate others.
    i hated pakistan army as u could see from my previous comments but from last two three months when every body begin to hate the army too i started my reserach on Pak army i read books on Pakistan and its army written by foriegn press and authors and believe my my view was changed by just within weeks .
    Believe me i now after my graduation want to come to pakistan and become a soldier.
    wana now why just becoz this is the only Muslim army capable of defeating any anti muslim agenda may it be the talibans the tribal men or enemies

  • Dr. Farrukh Malik |

    Lets hope for the best. Lets pray that this change is real!!! Up till now, he is acting sagaciously lets see when he is going to get carried away…(Dont want to see it happen though).

  • redsnapper |

    You wrote: “dismissed all legal challenges to Musharrafs actions,”

    You wrote: “and was a party to the conspiracy to getting rid of fellow judges who refused to bow down”

  • Khalid |

    We (people of Pakistan) need to get mental evaluation. If Zardari can be a ‘statesman’, ‘changed man’ after the sad assassination of Benazir, then why Musharraf can not a ‘stateman’, ‘visionary leader’ after the loss of election by PML (Q), anf loss of his uniform. Is it not a joke that people are talking about the greatness of Zardari? Corrupt and idiot can not be changed overnight to statesman. If we can believe this change then we will have to believe that we are a nation of morons. Choice is ours!

  • B Ali |

    I agree with you, Pak Army is among few top armies in the world, and when we are talking about Pak Army we mean an oridnary soldier or most of the ranked officerss (ofcourese there are exceptions, people like Musharaf etc ruined the image of Army). Also , I personally believe that Zardari will do same what he did in the past. People of Pakistan will be looted by same people again, its really sad, I really pray May God help this nation, Ameen.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Zardari sahib you did it again. App ko mubbarik ho app party ka beara ghurak kernay main kamyab ho gae hain. Next elections would be very very difficult for peoples party. BiBi we are sorry it is Asif Zardari not the public who has betrayed you. Few leaders of party and his highness sitting in dubai want to run Pakistan, but people have opened there eyes this time it will be bit different.

  • Mohammad saqib Rana |

    this world is the place of action not acting if zardari change himself then public want proof in the form of some mega projects in pakistan like dames,education,hellth. And other mega projects in pakistan

    • zegi |

      i think u dont knw tht pak me bhahsha dam ban raha hai n many othrz !!! ptv b kabhi daik lia kro ap log !!!!

  • Salman |

    The worst azab on the nation is the name of PPP, mr, Zardari, and the democracy! This is the Azab-e-Elahi the whole nation is suffering from. Will the nation vote again to bring him or likes him back to power, like Nawaz & co.? We should ban voting and elections for good and bring in a group of 10-15 loyal, good muslim technocrats supported by military to put Pakistan back on track!!!

  • zegi |

    u people are the same wen u musharaf imposed martial law and threw nawaz out u people were happy and dancing .. then wen ppp threw mushaarf out u people again dancing on roads … n then later cry …. this has becum a trend … ab nawaz aeiga to u will say zardari waz bettr

  • ashfaq |

    zaleel, kutta, kanjer, dhae mazhab

    Asif ali Zardari kameena key maa ko pakistan kay sabb luteron kay salam kay uss kameeney nay aesaa nayab kameena janam deya hay,

    asif zardari bachpann may gaandu reh chuka hay