Update on the Hunger Strike, for the release of CJP’s children

Posted by AH Nayyer on the People’s Resistance Network

The hunger strikers – Iqbal Bali and Jahangir Akhter – are steadfast in their stand on the 4th day. They have been joined by a protester from Sindh whose son has been abducted by the police and agencies. The strikers heard in the afternoon that the children of the Chief Justice may be released by the administration. Protesters started gathering at the hunger strike camp around 4 O’clock. Lawyers also joined in today. The hunger strikers joined the procession that went from their camp to the Judges Colony.

At the barricade before the colony, the protesters learnt that the news of the release of the children of the Chief Justice were false. The children informed on phone that when they tried to come out, they were stopped at the gate, and the gate was locked by the agencies. The protesters raised slogans and listened to speeches from their leaders. Then they made another attempt at removing the barbed wire barricade. When they were just about to succeed, police lobbed a large number of CS gas canisters, dispersing the crowd. The protesters assembled again and remained at the site for another hour.

The hunger strike camp received a message from the Chief Justice through a lawyer who managed to reach him in person, praising them for their stand and assuring them that the struggle is for rule of law rather than his person.

The hunger strike of Iqbal Bali and Jahangir Akhter is continuing.



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