Zardari & MQM slowly washing away their Sins

The old saying in Pakistan goes – come into power and all your previous sins are forgotten, Wednesday March 5th marked another gloomy day in the history of Pakistan, Five corruption cases against Asif Ali Zardari, were quashed by an accountability court in Rawalpindi. The move comes in response to a ruling by a Sindh court which ordered the government to withdraw all local and foreign cases again Zardari by March 21 in line with President Pervez Musharrafs National Reconciliation Ordinance.

Acting upon this, government lawyers withdrew cases which had been filed against Zardari in Switzerland last week. Two further cases are pending against Zardari and are due to be heard on March 12. While under the radar we have been told that over 3000 cases of convicted MQM criminal have also been cleared as per the NRO deal and have been released onto the streets of Karachi.

In a statement to BBC, Farooq Naik, Zardari’s lawyer has been quoted to have said ‘Allah has differentiated truth from lies and justice has been donei’m simply speechless [Is he serious?, how does an NRO deal and Allah feature together in this corruption issue …]

And…. we expect them [PPP] to work for the ‘independence of Judiciary’ let alone hope that one day it might come to its senses to maybe work for the restoration of pre-Nov 3rd status quo judiciary, who are we fooling around here… well it seems, the ones being fooled are the people of Pakistan, yet again for the umpteenth time



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28 responses to “Zardari & MQM slowly washing away their Sins”

  1. Moin Ansari Avatar

    The headline does not match the content of the paragraph. Did you leave something out?

    I am unable to post on your blog.


  2. durrani Avatar

    When I read the news about the cases against zardari being dropped, it occurred to me that this is being done by mush to lure zardari towards him and make sure that the judges do not get restored and he makes a favourable situation for zardari in order to manipulate him for his own purpose.

  3. Salahuddin Farooq Avatar
    Salahuddin Farooq

    I’m waiting for the comments of some persons who often have shown a great tendency to defend Mr. Zerdari in each every scenario. I hope that now Ill enjoy another great explanation of this…

  4. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    and a slap on the faces of all those who support the lawyers(judicary) doesn’t matter if they r pro musharraf or agianst him . if jauhdary ifthikar says that after getting free i will re-open the case agianst zardari he will defenitely will win more support inlcuding mine than what he has now .

  5. najmi Avatar

    talking about judicary.go to any court & see how many years it take ordinery citizen to get justice from the this judicery.let us know wat type of improvement in system made by honourable justice choudry in his time

  6. :-/ Avatar

    And what exactly makes us think that Mr. Chaudhary is as innocent as he seems?

    As for Zardari’s cases being dropped that is like a no big deal in my opinion reason being that not a single case has been proved against him since all of this bullcrap started so just to make other people chill I would rather get his cases started back again just for the sake of shutting people up and somehow he is convicted who the hell cases he goes back to his second home “Jail”

  7. Muhammad Faizan Avatar

    “Two further cases are pending against Zardari and are due to be heard on March 12”
    Lets Bet i am not predicting i am assuring you the other cases also withdraw. It is much better to NRO as NCO that is National Corruption Order.

  8. nota Avatar

    “Allah has differentiated truth from lies and justice has been done”
    Dear Mr. Farooq Naik:

    I don’t think any differentiation done as the cases were quashed as per the NRO.

    Hope on the Day of Judgement you are not hoping for an NRO of your own and a court headed by a PCO judge…

  9. Faisal Khan Avatar

    You know – I read somewhere – I forgot where where it was cited “congratulations to this nation where free and fair elections took place and we managed to get rid of people/croonies (read: government) who had looted and plundered the wealth of this populous nation for a decade, only to elect those who had looted and plundered a decade before and one before that”

    It all comes back.

  10. Laila Ahmed Avatar
    Laila Ahmed

    I see little point in prosecuting Zardari if Shahbaz, Pervez Ellahi, Shujat Husain, Musharraf,Short-cut Aziz, Altaf Husain do not have to face any accountability. This selective morality is deep-seated prejudice among mohajirs and punjabis against sindhis…. why target Zardari when the Army and other political parties are full of corrutption?

  11. ZardariFan Avatar

    I have to hand it to my man Zardari! he is on top of the world right now 🙂

    There used to be a saying “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me” but there is no mention of the third time. I guess “third time is the charm” lol!!

    I wish I can see the faces of everyone who voted for PPP 2-3 years from now, hahahaha! they would be bitching about ma man Zardari like he is Satan on earth.

    I miss his mustache though 😛

  12. MK Avatar

    Faisal Khan sums it all up _ It all comes back.

  13. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    it has to start from some where .U can not forgive a man for his crime by just saying that the others were not punished . He did not became one the richest man in Paksistan by just doing hard work .
    People plz use ur mind specially liala .

    one more point lets compare the wealth of all the poeple that u mentioned above with the wealth of ZARDARI (a son of a KUSOMAK)i am sure Zardari(KUSOMAK)
    will win .

    kusomak is an arabic word the meaning of which u dont want to know

  14. Laila Ahmed Avatar
    Laila Ahmed

    No the accountability MUST START FROM THE TOP and from people who have held the power for the longest duration of Pakistan’s history………the Army generals and their billionaire minions like Chaudhries. Musharraf, Ejaz ul Haq, Humayun Akhtar, whose father as ISI chief made a fortune in arms trafficking… from Chaudhries who robbed depositors of billions through the cooperatives scam, of Musharraf who has diverted nearly $3 billion of cash payments from the U.S. and from Shaukat Aziz who has run away after making a fortune through stock market scams. It is unfair and completely biased to target Zardari. If you have the guts, write about the Army and the generals

  15. najmi Avatar

    laila ahmed just mention here that u r paid by ppp for misinformation.

  16. yaSIR Avatar

    Well what to say ’bout PPP=Perverse People Party when our president turn Perverse his new name since 2001 is Perverse Mushurraf.
    Durrani ‘bove wrote rightly that mushi wanna get zardari favor by washing his ass sin and to lure him that donot restore Judges, well yesterday I read a slide at Express TV that Aitzaz Ahsan, President Supreme Court Bar Association, said that we won’t do rest until 3 Nov judges do not get restore no matter we’ve to go against the will of PPP so it seems that PPP doesnt wanna restoration but rather want an independent judiciary on behalf of mushi I bet
    what one can do when 2 Perverse have to have work 2gether…but these 2 parties PPP and PML(N) both gave open chances to military coup in their 2 tenure each.
    My request is for both of them that please do work for country not for personal gains u’ve to have die 1 day like BB gone so u’ll’ve to give reply to whatever u did in dis world ur worldly wealth wouldnt work there and cant stop u from Hell-Fire
    Take care
    Pakistan Zindabad

  17. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    nice one najami…
    ok u dare me to write agianst army
    so here i go whole of my family is in the military except me u know why becoz of the injustice that is done here in pakistan to a civilian by an army officer. i was dishearted to see that they enjoy too much and the poor civilians are left to die thats why i said to my self ok thats not for me. but still i support it becoz the army is great but some of its leadership is coorupt just like Pakistan which is one the best country in the world but only its leadership suck’s.

    And of thing abt Shaukat Aziz i know him personally from the days he was just a banker in Saudihollandi bank and i still remember that he was a very patriotic man he always spoke very high of pakistan among the forigners the reasons that he went to london becoz he was scared for his life .

  18. Jawan Avatar

    Pakistani are not fools. They very much understand that Zardari could have built a better image for himself if he had refused the relief provided to him by the dictator through the collaborator USA. Rahman Malik is the agent of the agencies serving not in national interest but for the personnel interest of the dictator. Mr. Zardari has opted to live in the Oxygen tent of the dictator.
    Zardari will keep on making such blunders till the time he follows the advice of highly suspicious Rehman Malik.
    ALSO PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THAT MQM IS THE SECOND BENEFICIARY OF THE NRO. Their criminal as well as corruption cases have been withdrawn and they feel light and happy.

    We Pakistani do not approve of the NRO and we will Insha Allah get the NRO undone after revival of pre Nov 3 judiciary.

  19. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    what will the judicary do?
    they kick out musharraf because only he kicked them out then what will happen the same injustice.
    why the hack r we after this dam judicary what has it ever brought us?
    the wheat will still be expensive.
    Peole will still be jobless.
    oil priceses will still rise.
    we have to think big i beg u let this gov work in peace with musharraf u that they could think abt the above things (a long shot but still posible) instead of fighting for the dam judiciary.
    and one more thing do a background check on CH.iftikhar
    u will be surpirzed that who corrupt this person is

  20. Muhajir Avatar


    Lets persecute Altaf Hussain too, why not?

    Yes lets break all of those false idols. Would you then dare to break your own idols? or you would still worship Zardari because he is Sindhi?

    Shame on those people who would defend the sins of some *MFs* because they belong to their ethnic group.

  21. nazia Avatar

    Both Altaf hussain and zardari are blue boys of army mafia that is why hundred murders are even pardoned to zardari.Its not surprise that Altaf hussain is a big absconder in UK and our head of state who was also army general always made visit to him.Now we have two absconder as high profile figure in Pakistan’s politics so one could predict the future of Pakistan’ politics.

  22. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    “Both Altaf hussain and zardari are blue boys of army mafia” ..hahahhaha
    from where do get these kind of ideas?
    i can only laugh on this comment .
    i now know why freedom of speech is a bad thing it makes people write whatever they want without thinking that it might be even posible.

    if benazir wouldn;t have died i bet u must also have associated her with the army.
    hahha i can not stop laughing .

  23. najmi Avatar

    happy moments in common men s life.
    join black flag week & enjoy
    1. upto 50% discount on lawyers fees
    2.your case will solve in only 5 years time/money back warranty
    & biggest news judges will not accept new pay scale for themself(50% salary increase)b, coz that comes from musharaf rule

  24. nazia Avatar

    Malik amman
    keep on laughing as it would leave good effect on urs health and would increase the blood flow in your brain arteries,that would surely help to improve yours thinking level.Freedom of speech and to think is everybody’s right but to impose yours thinking on others by using the force of gun is sign of dictatorship.We would have been realy pleased if CJP Ifitkhar was proved criminal by law and proofs and our COAS had required no tools like emergency to remove him or other judges.If Zardari is not blue boy of army mafia now then how this man has achieved the high protocal in the country where once he was deported by using all state machinery by the same ruling group.

  25. Syed Ali Avatar


    What did you expect from messrs Zardari and Sharif. These people have made a livelihood out of ripping this nation off. The ‘Coming back of democracy’ is merely a fig leaf, meaning absolutely nothing for our nation. All the powermongers, army and politicians are mere facilitators of each other, and this bloody and murderous game of musical chairs that they play with the destiny of this nation is, just that, a game. A game which yields them large sums of money and power. A conspiracy of mutual advantage.

    Here is a question for you, which you might want to consider in your blogs. How exactly do you think a Democratic government, will bag this fundamentalist monster carrying out suicide bombing all over our cities. It was let out by Musharraf to please his US masters, he lost control. The now pending ‘Democractic’ power mongers are talking about a new strategy to deal with this. Where are they going to be borrowing this strategy from????? They, who have in the past focused on greed, or got their goons to scale the Supreme Court or declare themselve, Ameen Ul Momineen. What moral compass do they use to set themselves on to deal with this monster. This is a question not for the government to answer, because they will not answer it and cannot answer it, as they are below average men, who have conspired their way to power and hold no moral or intellectual command to think things through. And I include them all in this (Musharraf, Zardari, Sharif, Hussain, and all the other cohorts)

    I think, the term, we are ‘screwed’ either way is just not expressive enough for the quagmire we are in as pakistanis.

  26. najmi Avatar

    peoples choice

  27. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    look here the times r different than before if u could sent Zardollari to jail now millions of supporters of PPPp and benazir and sindhi will get out on streets and and do the same burnig and stuff as they did after BB death. we can not afford that we r going through tuf times we have to make things stable . its a saying in urdu that zaroorat ke waqt donkey to be baap bana lo.

  28. najmi Avatar

    let me see how many of us AGREE WITH ME