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Zardari and Sharif vow to restore Judiciary within 30 days of formation of Parliament

In a joint statement of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari they have come together to form a coalition govt and have promised to reinstate all deposed judges within 30 days of Parliament. Aitzaz Ahsan welcomes this new development and states that countdown will begin.

In all honesty this could be the ‘face-saving’ excuse that Nawaz Sharif needs to enter into the coalition to form the government, as in the past few days it had slowly appeared that Zardari was least interested in any discussion leading to the restoration of judiciary, it simply did not benefit him and his party to even talk about the judiciary. This new joint statement allows Nawaz Sharif some breathing room for another month but the focus will then be squarely on the ‘duo’ to fulfill this promise to the people of Pakistan. I personally celebrate this news but raise a concern that it could only be delaying tactics an attempt to diffuse the issue the restoration of judiciary into irrelevance.

As reported in Dawn

Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan’s two major opposition leaders, signed a formal declaration Sunday on forming a coalition government, and urged President Pervez Musharraf to convene parliament without delay. Asif Zardari, the co-chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party, and Nawaz Sharif, the chief of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), signed the agreement at a news conference at this picturesque hill resort after a fresh round of coalition talks earlier in the day at the adjoining hill station of Murree. “The coalition partners PPP and PML-N undertake to form coalition partnership together for a democratic Pakistan for translating the mandate given by the people of Pakistan to the democratic forces through the February 18, 2008 elections,” Sharif said reading out from the joint declaration. “The leadership was of the firm opinion that the coalition partners are ready to form the governments, and the national and provincial assemblies should be convened immediately,” Sharif continued. TV channels telecast live the press conference at which the joint declaration was read out. Its main provisions are that the PPP would name the prime minister and also the speaker and the deputy speaker of the national assembly, with PML-N having its share in the federal cabinet.. In the populous Punjab province, the PML-N would name the chief minister as well as the speaker and the deputy speaker while the PPP will have its share in the provincial cabinet. The joint declaration pledged that the two coalition partners would ensure the restoration of the superior court judges within a period of 30 days of the functioning of the new government through a parliamentary process.


  • Musharraf ZINDABAD |

    i bet these people can not free the judicary Musharraf will kick there butts if they do it.
    By the way nawaz sharif is only trying to take revenage from musharraf he doeant care a shit abt judicary.
    long live musharraf long live Pakistan

  • nota |

    I take this agreement as seriously as I take the ARD or the COD. I would go a step further and say it is a delaying tactic and nothing will come of it. I heard “30 days” and I went “Oh-Oh!” And in saying that are they also saying they will keep the CJ under house arrest for another 30 days after coming to power? If not, then are they going to prevent him from going to the supreme court?

    By the way is is Zardari’s immaturity that he cannot get along with two of the biggest leaders PPP has: Aitzaz Ahsan and Amin Fahim. AA and ZA are worlds apart on the judiciary issue — I am sure AA sees through this “30 day” cr*p because he believes restoration could be done just through a “verbal administrative order.” And we also have very strong words coming from Amin Fahim (“I am being humiliated, betrayed”; “The whole party is behind me for PM”; “I am only interested in being PM”; “Why was I not called to todays meeting with Nawaz? Zardari knows I was not busy so why did he say that”; his calling the ARD meeting on his own; and last but not least what he said today on talat show: “PPP-Parliamentarians is the party that won the election and I am it’s President – The party having negotiations with Nawaz is PPP whose Co-Chairman is Mr Zardari.” Fighting words indeed). So seems Mushy has succeeded in creating a major rift in PPPP. Zardari better clean up his own house first. And FAST!!!

  • MileStone |

    Amin Fahim was not invited in yesterdays meeting, which shows the division within the PPP already, and I think Zardari wont nominate him as the leader of the parlianment nor Prime Minister. These dirty politicians have still not learned the lesson, and I am pretty sure they will dicth the lawyer and civil movement once again.

    For PML-N, Musharraf seems to be the biggest threat, but once they get rid of Musharraf ( I hope they will NEVER be able to), these politicians will start fighting with each other.

    I will urge these politicians in the same way Musharraf did, that is, election has been over and the government has almost been made. Its time to stop the politics and start the governance for the betterment of Pakistan.

    I dont want the same to happen, what happened in Musharrafs administration last year. After his mistake to overthrow the Cheif Justice, he got more busy in saving his chair, rather than working for the betterment of Pakistan, as what he was doing very well in the initial 7 years.

    Historically, we have seen that once these political leaders come into power, they start the politics of revenge ( NS said the same thing during elections) and they get more busy in crushing the opposition rather than working for Pakistan. I hope this would not happen this time and newly elected government would not play the politics of agitation and try to work with Musharraf, as I think that Musharraf should be present in the political arena to keep a check on these political leaders.

  • najmi |

    how about roti prices in new goverment.will it be same as on 3 rd november.pease ask our big leaders if they can do this, then i will support judicery.160 million peoples of pakistan waiting to see how new leaders control the prices of basic food .they r less intrested about old jadges

  • nota |

    “160 million peoples of pakistan waiting to see how new leaders control the prices of basic food”

    Sorry to disappoint the 160 million but they can’t. Well, actually let me say they won’t! So called radical steps can be taken to do so but they would not dare, thanks to their commitment to WTO /IMF/ Free-Trade con. If they were really serious, step 1 would be to ban export of food items that are not in surplus and offer them to the consumer at control price (I am not saying here that they should shaft the farmer or the mill owners. The government must determine the real cost of production, add a reasonable profit to it for the farmers and force mills to take their reasonable profit as well but nothing beyond). But will they do it? Not a chance.

    Just warn the 160 million they will be paying twice the price by the end of this year than what they are paying now — and that is if they are lucky!!!