More Fissures To Come in PPP and PPPP

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Today, Makhdoom Amin Fahim, a man of well chosen words said, “My heart is full of secrets, which, if I reveal to media they could bring storm in the national politics.”

I have written on this subject earlier. This is the third blog on the subject of fissures in the PPP. The interim Co Chairperson of the PPP as per written will is thrust in the limelight. To be fair he needs time to establish his control over the party. The eminent giant stalwarts that surround Asif Zardari since Benazir’s assassination were pygmies in front of her. They dare not speak unless asked. If she said jump they would ask how high. In the days following the assassination on three occasions Asif Zardari publicly declared his lack of interest in becoming the Prime Minister and indicated Makhdoom Amin Fahim as PPP’s choice for the post. What gave?

Intrigues. Royal intrigues. Makhdoom Amin Fahim was loyal to his leader. The poor fellow is being sent to the cleaners. Greed is worn on the sleeves by the party stalwarts. They see “Ministries” in their dreams. Not one faithful has come to Fahim’s rescue. Read on.

On March 01, 2008 in First Fissure in PPP I wrote:

This appears to be the first public fissure in PPP. Until yesterday Makhdoom Amin Fahim was a shoo in for the PM’s slot. He met with some unnamed persons of influence without informing Asif Zardfari apriori. So apparently Zardari dropped him from contention according to news reports.

How do we view this?

Makhdoom was the first choice in all deliberations of the CEC. What gave? Who are his enemies in the coterie around Zardari who do not want him? They must have used their influence to ease him out and replace with a candidate from Punjab. While this would become public knowledge soon, we will mark this as the first public fissure in PPP and as an attempt by interim co chairman Zardari to publicly assert his control.

Then on March 08, 2008 in Hum Daikh LaiNgay – Makhdoom Amin Fahim I wrote:

He is a loyalist who refused to become PM when Musharraf offered it on a platter. He was the person who handled the party in the country while Bhutto was in self exile and the present interim co-chairman of the hand written will was partying in NYC.

In THIS from the Nation today Navid Butt adds:

The rift between the PPP Vice-Chairman Makhdoom Amin Fahim and party Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari Tuesday seemed to be widening after a party delegation failed to escort Makhdoom to Zardari House. According to well-placed sources, Makhdoom declined to call on Zardari for a sort of rapprochement saying, “I do not want any more ‘flowers’ from Zardari House in the shape of bitter statements on me of Sherry Rehamn and Khawaja Asif.”

The sources described Makhdoom’s tone so resentful that he used the word ‘flowers being thrown” on him from the Zardari House, the pivot of power these days. Besides, the sources further elaborated that by describing ‘petals showering’ from Zardari House, Makhdoom definitely meant that Khawaja Asif’s statement also originated from Zardari House. “It is enough for my loyalties with the party spread over the four decades,” the sources quoted Makhdoom again talking in a sarcastic tone. PPP senior leaders tried to bring Makhdoom round and requested him to accompany them to Zardari House, they said. But, Makhdoom outrightly rejected their proposal and said that he could not go there, the sources said.

The sources said, Makhdoom made it clear that he held all the meetings with General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf in the past under the directions of late Chairperson Benazir Bhutto. “Some people had been released from jails due to my meetings with Pervez Musharraf. After 2002 elections, some other people too had held meetings themselves with Musharraf. Today they are pointing fingers at me. I did not draw personal benefit from these meetings,” the sources quoted Makhdoom as responding to the request of the delegation comprising senior party members mostly from Sindh.

Makhddom, according to the sources, says that he would not split the party but some people are vying for such an untoward occurrence. He believes that they are people no other than those giving statements about him.

“My heart is full of secrets, which, if I reveal to media they could bring storm in the national politics,” Makhdoom warned.



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5 responses to “More Fissures To Come in PPP and PPPP”

  1. Junaid Avatar

    well this is well known fact that Mr AminFaheem is favorite candidate of Mr Musharraf and has a personal relations with him.
    there are so many others like him who are at senior positions and are even more closer to establishment, many insiders and benazir knew about them but kept them along, as she didnt allow them enough space to do harm.

    Makhdoom is being pushed by presidency otherwise he wouldn’t have played at front foot and issued those statements.

  2. JinnahFan Avatar

    I like Amin Fahim but lately his statements have been such that he thinks that the PM position is somehow owed to him; why are all these people expecting to become PM…I mean, just 3 months ago, Benazir was still alive and that thought would not have ever been entertained by them.

    By all accounts, Fahim is a decent and honest man and is the least likely among the current front-runners to be corrupt. However, I just don’t see the fire in him; I don’t see him representing Pakistan abroad and, most importantly, getting people to get things done….which is going to be crucial for any PM going forward. I mean, if you’re unable to influence your own party, how are you going to take the opposition along with you?

    Anyway, I think the best option right now is to get another PM nominated, kick Musharraf out, and make Fahim happy with the president’s position.

  3. Mohsin Jami Avatar
    Mohsin Jami

    He doesnt have the teeth to bite, spine to withstand pressure and more so will to take crisis head on.
    For every tricky situation he has no opinion of his known all he says that” we will think and discuss”.

    At the moment we need a PM who takes the crisis head on,not the one who brushes them under the carpet. Lets bury the “doctrine of necessasity” both in judiciary as well as in our mind sets.

    Musharraf deserves no sympathy he should be tried in courts and lets create an example out of him.

  4. M A  Hyder Avatar
    M A Hyder

    We are doomed as a nation. Consider our choices and Leaders
    A. Mr. Ten Percent
    B.Baby MY Space/Face aka Junior Ten Percent
    D.Spineless LaZ Boy aka Mukhdoom of Hala
    We need Aitazaz like who can deliver, educated and possibly Uncorrupt but unfortunately he cant change his name to Bhutto-Choudary! to become credible or accecptable
    to our emotional lay masses