Altaf Hussain Steps Down as MQM Chief

Don’t know if its good news or bad news but Altaf Hussain Steps Down as MQM Chief

He is at the moment addeasing a jalsa on TV right now and is blaming yesterdays riots and the killing of 5 lawyers who were either workers or sympathizers of the party for his resignation

Its more then a simple check mate on the lawyers and their movement to restore the judiciary

More to follow



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10 responses to “Altaf Hussain Steps Down as MQM Chief”

  1. nazia Avatar

    Why he is giving importance only to yesterday’s incident.We are among the victims of 12 may and 27 oct when all state powers were in hands of MQM mafia and common people were butchered like dogs.He is just playing game as per instructiion by army house and delivered to him by attorney general in last days.In his low profile acting he is trying to create selfpity by showing the world that how considerate he is for karachi people while living 18 years in UK as absconder.He is becoming very dangerous factor now as this way he is trying to balck mail the PPP for keeping him in power sharing circle.

  2. FB Avatar

    This is another media stunt. These guys are very well trained in spreading propaganda. He has annouced it several time in past but on demand of so called “workers” he decided not to come back and took the decision back. He is very cheap actor and murderer.

    I am from karachi and have spend time in APMSO when i was in college. These guys are brain washing youngster of karachi. May Allah give us Hidayat. Ameen

  3. Saim Baig Avatar

    I don’t know why i am getting the impression that this is just a gimmick.Part of PPP efforts to a National Government.That will help Pml-N to talk with Mqm.Thats why Altaf Hussain Said that “For the sake of Karachi i will talk to Nawaz Sharif”.

  4. kg Avatar

    Drama hai dramaa,

    just wait for his next statement….

    Qaum kee khatir wapis Chief ban raha hon.

    Same old tape playing again and again….

    I wish all the corrupt politicians of Pakistan be dead soon and I pray that the awam get some aqal too, Ameen.

  5. Zack Avatar

    We have been down this road many a times before and after much wailing and drama, he will take back his resignation and start touting his democratic credentials. What a dirty, rotten scoundrel!!!

  6. MALIK AMAM Avatar

    I can not understand why the hack is every body talking abt dam lawyers from ALTAF to NAWAZ to ordinary persons like u. don’t we have other big issues like feeding ourselfs in light?

  7. UFO Avatar

    The drama should almost be over by now

  8. Jawan Avatar

    Third rate people thrid rate dramas. This is absolutely kid stuff. Even supporters of MQM laugh at such dramas.

    Need no commetns at all.

  9. Altaf Avatar

    Drama all the way but brilliant none the less. Can anyone else manage 4 hours of FREE Prime time coverage on every television channel of Pakistan?

  10. Amj@D Avatar

    God knows when Govt will do something with this B**t**d ,n will do something of MQM’s monopoly n open killing of several people in KHI.