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Protest Against Altaf Hussain and MQM in London

Protest in LondonA number of human rights activists gathered outside the MQM offices in London UK (Elizabeth House, Edgware, Middlesex) to protest against the atrocities committed in Karachi on April 9th 2008, in which a number of lawyers & innocent citizens were burnt alive and transport drivers were killed by bullet injury. These people were innocent victims of the lawlessness and the violent thuggery being practiced in Karachi by some factions of MQM.

The objective of the protest was to condemn the anti-democratic forces in Pakistan and these horrific deaths, which were allegedly carried out in retaliation for the verbal & physical abuse (punches and slaps) earlier meted out to MQM leaders, Arbab Jehangir and Dr. Niazi – as yet the culprits have not been caught. Though we condemn the abuse suffered by Mr. Jehangir and Dr. Niazi, we are united in our view that one act of violence should not be met by an even greater act of violence.

At the demonstration there was representation from the Communist Kissan Party (CKP), the Campaign for Democratic Pakistan (CDP; formerly, the Campaign Against Martial Law), lawyers, students, the PTI, PML-N and PPP, as well as other civil society members and prominent journalists, such as Dawn’s Mr. Zia-du-din. Taimur Rehman (CKP and CDP) led the sloganeering with ‘Altaf ka jo yaar hai- ghadaar hai ghadaar hai’

Amongst the black flags, red communist flags and PTI flags there were also posters clearly articulating feelings of the protesters regarding the MQM , such as ‘Dont burn us’, etc.

The current state of lawlessness in Pakistan is a result of Musharraf’s regime and the lack of an independent judiciary. For the people of Pakistan there is no recourse to law and state security. Thus, another common goal today was to raise our voices for the restoration of an independent judiciary.

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  • Hakim Hazik |

    The MQM has staged another historic blunder. It will cause a severe setback to the MQM. They have made a big political mistake, very similar to what they did on 12th of May, last year. They may have missed the golden opportunity to form a coalition with the PPP, which would have been good for them, and good for Sind and Pakistan. They need to give up fascism, and graduate to non violent politics.If they continue to live by the sword, they will die by the sword (again). Please also see:

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  • Unaiza Fatima |

    Impressive turnout! I am truly impressed!!
    The morons of Communist Workers and Peasants Party (no more than a tea party of course) there surely make it more fun than it could be.
    Shouting against MQM is becoming instrumental these days for the political dwarfs like Playboy Khan or others to attract some media attention. But it is not working.

  • JinnahFan |

    I’ve asked it several times before, and I’ll ask it again. What’s the status of Imran Khan’s court case against Altaf Hussain?

    Also, to clarify, I was extremely happy last year when I found out that someone (Imran) was actually taking a legal route to hitting the terrorist organization where it would hurt the most….I don’t think there is a better way than to sue them in London and expose all of their assets, etc.

    As for evidence, I thought there would be mountains of evidence??

    I think Awab is affiliated with PTI in some way….maybe he could answer this question!

  • M@ni |

    Well the only answer i got from PTI was as this matter relates to the “Pakistan political Party”, the UK courts asked for evidence from PAK government against the mqm including footages of 12th MAY but our honourable govt dint bother to provide them a single thing. so the case is hanging because of the non helping attitude of our govt.

  • Mohsin Jami |

    Imran farooq (convener of MQM)stayed in American Embassy Hiding for 02 years till the time he was whisked away to london inspite having name in ECL.
    We actually kid ourselves when we say that there is a case against Altaf BHAI in UK scotland yard. MQM is being funded by Uncle SAM to divide Pakitan at 37th parrallel. MUSH and ALTAF had one common agenda i.e. to cut the paki cake by 2020.
    Imran khan is a fool living in paradise.

  • JinnahFan |

    I don’t really buy the argument that MQM enjoys such great support….there is no strategic advantage in supporting MQM from the perspective of the US, UK. They would gain much more from supporting parties like the PPP, which they have, sometimes…

    Also, M@ni, thanks for the info. I’m not a legal expert, but I don’t think that would be such a big stumbling block….I mean, if the government isn’t giving them evidence, others can, and surely there’s lots of it. I *think* they just have to make the argument that the MQM uses its money for terrorism, etc, so at the very least they can get their assets frozen, which undoubtedly are not in Pakistan.

  • Wajahat |

    Of cases and evidence

    Interesting and righteous debate on this board about our government giving evidence to a foreign nations to highlight the atrocities commanded by the goon Altaf.

    Let me just remind our patriots, the swift candor and intensity, the previous goverment showed to pursue our national assets from a certain Mr and Mrs Zardollari in Switzerland. The case was dropped and all evidence taken back about two weeks ago , since Zardollari is the most powerful man in PK.

    Dont talk to me about evidence or legalities as its all a load of sham.


    actually in real MQM is not a political….they are well equiped terrorists…till yet musharraf used them for his personal defence b/c of his unconstitutional government because he needed some terrorists parties who can support him…but from now musharraf and his terrorists will not find shelter to hide…they have to go back!

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Hipocracy is the name of game being played by those who are sitting at the helm of the affairs, so if want Pakistan to become strong we will have to go for strict decisions. MQM or any party creating hinderance in the path of democracy should be taken to the task. Allah may bless Pakistan with peace Amin.

  • Asad Ghauri |

    As-Sallam Alaikum,

    incident of 9th April was a shameful act, it must be condemn by every citizen, and whoever involve in it must be punished, at the same time, the matter which effected almost whole population of Pakistan was the riots broken on 27th December, and what our present government has done is that they Cancelled the FIR and released those who were arrested by rangers and army red handed. Justice must be equall for all.
    The main agenda of all those corrupted LANDLORDS politician is to de-moralize MQM in Pakistan so that Common man donot get the power, both major political power in Pakistan are comprise of LAND LORDS , their National assembly tickets and Provincial assembly tickets are sold on very high prices and people who pay high prices for Assembly’s ticket recovers their money when they come in Legislative assembly.
    Please stop inspiring and start thinking.

    ALLAH may bless our motherland.(ameen)

  • khobar from UK |

    I agree with one of the commentator’s post above.The MQM has done a blunder by pursuing policy of an ‘indefinite’ boycott from Sindh Assembly. Ostensibly this action was taken as a protest on manhandling of Arbab Rahim in Sindh Assembly. Then came thrashing of Sher Afghan. This was just an excuse to blackmail PPP to surrender important ministries to them.

    MQM which is run like a mafia organisation had still not come to terms that the times have changed and its arch-supporter Musharraf is fighting for his own survival.

    The other folly of MQM was an organised attack on lawyers in Karachi in which some were incinerated alive. Suddenly more than 100 masked gunmen appeared from no where and started murdering people and burning cars. The people still remember 12th May carnage committed by MQM and then came 9th April atrocities. The media played an important role in exposing these criminals and as reports say that the criminals have been caught on the camera and identified and are to be apprehended.

    MQM has always been in the government just because of its blackmailing tactics. After all PPP has been sitting in the opposition for several years though they were in majority so why can’t MQM sit in opposition benches?

    MQM should realise that times have changed and people now know their true ugly face. If they abandon their terrorist activities then I do not see any reason why they will not be accepted by the people of the country.

    Musharraf’s departure from political scene will bring MQM to senses. They can not go on terrorising people even though they have armed themselves to teeth with help of agencies and Musharraf.

    Coming back to demonstration against MQM infront of MQM HQ, I think these should occur frequently so that local British people know about this man and his organisation. Hopefully Imran Khan will reactivate his case against Altaf Hussain. If, the British Government starts investigations against this megalomaniac then his rambo and supremo image will deflate and he will not be able to deliver his comical speeches to his puppets who seem to be permanently inhabiting Nine Zero. This will go a long way in bringing peace to city of Karachi.

  • Altaf |

    A lot of comments posted here border on pure racism.
    I am not defending the MQM or its policies. Criticisim on that is justified & i agree with a lot of it.

    But people who say that MQM are the main backers of Musharraf & he their main benefactor, reveals the racist thinking of people saying such things. These are not the facts – No sane person can believe that Musharraf could hold on to power for 8 years with just the support of a party who’s only power base is Karachi.

  • Insane_Altaf |

    These days, TV shows as usual, are inviting people from MQM and other parties in their programmes.

    Wasim Akhtar and other are the main participants from MQM. Whenever asked about 12th May or 9th April, they start talking that investigation should start from 19 June, 1992 (the grand army operation on MQM).

    My point is, who was in power for the last 5 years or so… MQM was one of the govt. party supported by Mush, Governer sindh and chowdries, so why didn’t they (MQM) took any action or did any investigation about 1992 operation ??? Any answer ? any thoughts ???

    So MQM terrorist stop fooling around and go underground once again as another grand operation is about to start… hahaha.

  • Nasir Jamal |

    It has become fashionable to criticize MQM. MQM represents the Urdu speaking people in the urban areas of Sindh and it has established it several times. Imran Khan, it seems has now nothing else to say rather than criticizing MQM. He should organize his party and get their support through good democratic means. Such sleazy attacks on MQM which has representation in the parliament is tend to create bitterness and hatred.

  • Jawan |

    MQM and Altaf wre saved by their master USA in the case filed by Imran Khan in UK. MQM’s terrorist leader could not even justify the source of income required to run international (terrorists) secraterait in London.
    If killing of innocent people in Karachi, condemned by the whole nation, will be termed as show of power by people by the coward MQM sector incharge of Islamabad (US slave Mush) then people have evry right to say that he is serving MQM’s agenda. Like MQM is serving dictator’s agenda and US agenda.
    MQM condemns terror attacks in other parts of Pakistan but keeps silent upon the killings by MQM terrorists in Karachi. A party of hypocrates indeed.

  • Imran |

    Its funny how when you need to say something against a political party, people mention America. Everyone serves America. Why did Nawaz Sharif and BB meet American leaders before the elections. Why did they write proamerican articles all over the place trying to get American lawmakers to choose them. MQM is a political party that came into power because Pathans and others refused to let them live. Every political party has a militant wing because there needs to be one. If today if you live in Karachi you can witness events everyday where pathans beat up some mohajir kid in the bus or in a secluded area. Mohajir does not mean MQM but unfortunately its an umbrella that has provided them protection from some uneducated idiots.

    You really shouldnt protest against MQM. It has a very strong vote bank and every logical person will tell you that its true and you cant fill ballot boxes in every election till now, yet while nawaz and others occilate in their support with time, the MQM vote bank has been stable. MQM also has a lot of power. If they were a terrorist organization, they wouldve wiped out their opponents much earlier but MQM keeps trying to coexist in the same city.

    lol killing by MQM terrorists. What about the thousands of Mohajirs that have died in the hands of others!? Where were you during the Hyderabad Pakka Qilla Massacre?! or the beating of families in Karachi?! Regardless of your feelings for MQM, violence against mohajirs has gone down ever since MQM has stood into being. So dont criticise MQM, curse yourself for laughing when mohajirs were killed at your hands and you now have a political party that controls Karachi and Hyderabad.

  • Jawan |

    Look at the language being used by an MQM supporter. He is calling all “Pathans and others” un-educated idiots. What a MQM style of debate and reasoning.

    Killers and terrorists who have been torturing people to death and later dumping their bodies in gunny bags and they are calling others un-educated idiots. If this is the education you get in Karachi Imran, we would better be un-eductaed idiots. It is better to be a human being than be a terrorist like MQM.

    I only wish and pray that some day you have to face the real face of MQM and may be then your type of lot understand what they have been following blindly.
    Type of education that you have is quite evident from your terrorist leader Altaf Hussain. Once he is heard addressing his slaves (who are blind and have a vail upon their minds) one can easily understand the type of leadership that you have and how cultured and civilised you people are. You are slaves of ethinicism and deserve pitied upon.

  • Imran |

    The words were…

    “If today if you live in Karachi you can witness events everyday where pathans beat up some mohajir kid in the bus or in a secluded area. Mohajir does not mean MQM but unfortunately its an umbrella that has provided them protection from SOME uneducated idiots.”

    Maybe its just me but perhaps you should learn to read before you attack someone for what theyre saying when theyre clearly not.

    But you’re right, I should be as tolerant as you are since all you have done is call people of Karachi and Hyderabad blind and slaves.

    I agree, MQM is a stupid organization that has a militant wing. But howcome MQM members are being killed? How are they being shot at? Why is it that no one cares when an Mohajir kid dies while standing at the corner store but when someone else dies then everyone screams MQM is a terrorist organization?

    As I said before, you… YOU are responsible for creating MQM and YOU are responsible for not providing protection and laughing when mohajirs in Karachi and Hyderabad were being killed over and over again. One of the biggest reason MQM has so much support is that people in Karachi have no other choice.

    You’re telling me to understand the type of leadership?! I went to an MQM funeral NOT because im a member but because the person who died was a friend. He was beaten up, burnt, shot at because he got into an argument with a Pathan driver in a bus. He was a student and was alone when he was taken off the bus. I couldnt even recognize his face.

    Earlier this year, there were an electrical issue as there always is in Karachi after rain and a whole bunch of our brothers from the northern areas came down and started throwing stones at people and burning tires. I swear to you, any man or woman who was pathan wasnt harmed but i personally saw a young couple being hit with stones, their bike taken and the petrol from it used to burn more tires. I went and asked them if I could bring them into the house until it was over. Eventually it all ended when MQM workers came down and fired in the air without hurting anyone. Even the police didnt do anything.

    I understand your hatred for MQM and mohajirs. I assure you, no one likes to go to funerals. Karachi has seen enough bloodshed. Also understand there is no other option for the people. Everyone comes to rape the city, steal cars, mobiles, rob… theyre not from Karachi, trust me. Karachi needs MQM to provide protection from people who hate it. Its a sad reality.

  • najmi |

    long live our president
    pervaiz musharaf
    long live pakistan

  • ahmed |

    MQM is doing great developmental job in karachi,can a terrorist orginazation have such a highly dignified and devoted leaders like SYED MUSTAFA KAMAL? I think MUSTAFA KAMAL is vision of ALTAF HUSSAIN and is pride of karachi.

  • ahmed |

    please dont critisize MQM and dont show your eminity towards Mohajirs. MQM has a great ideolog. please try to understand the ideology of MQM.

  • Faysal |

    MQM ideology is the only ideology which the Pakistan…Otherwise these mr 10% or Mr Nawaz Sharif was and are the real corupt people of Pakistan,If any have doubt so please next time in election stand against MQM,If MQM Stand a DOG against IMRAN KHAN, not doubt that Dog will win election with un countless votes.Urdu Speaking person was, are and will Love ALTAF HUSSAIN,
    Thanks,Long Live Altaf Hussain

  • Rizwan |

    You are wrong there my friend. I’m an Urdu speaker and I hate Altaf to the last bone.. and it’s not just me, it’s the majority of the muhajirs who hate him and his terrorists..
    ur talking about their ideology, can u tell me exactly what’s MQM’s ideology?
    actually it doesn’t really matter if imran is a play boy, atleast he’s not a murderer

  • Rizwan |

    at the same time, all those who blame the people of karachi for all the unrest and violence, please note that karachi is full of non-muhajirs, and it’s a sad thing to say, but most of the unrest is created by these haters! not by the natives of karachi

  • Wasif |

    Dear All

    For those who hate MQM and thinks that MQM is a terroist party / organization (Idiot mentality).

    <<>> and we confirm that MQM still stand on below quoted words.

    MQM is the only political party of Pakistan which represents and comprises of working, middle class and poor masses of the country who are presently down trodden, disadvantaged and exploited by the two percent ruling elite. MQM has revolutionised politics in Pakistan its elected representatives and office bearers are chosen by ordinary party workers and people on merit not by virtue of being born in a feudal family or political dynasty. The prevalent feudal system of Pakistan is the main obstacle in the progress of the country and the prosperity of her people. Due to this obsolete system a genuine democracy could not establish in the country and the people of Pakistan could not get their due rights, social justice, equal opportunities, rule of law and real participation in the affairs of the state. MQM is struggling to abolish this obsolete system in order to establish a truly democratic, progressive and egalitarian society in the country where all citizens have equal rights irrespective of their colour, creed, language, ethnicity, gender, belief and religion. MQM believes in Realism and Practicalism as enunciated by Mr. Altaf Hussain, the founding leader of the party. MQM is against all types of terrorism, religious extremism and struggling for religious harmony. The cherished goals of MQM are eradication of political authoritarianism, abolition of feudal system, promotion of cultural pluralism, devolution of power to the grass root level and to achieve maximum provincial autonomy. MQM believes in induction of the common man in the power structure to provide maximum opportunity to economically and socially deprived people-“empowerment for all” for a better and safer life for today and tomorrow. MQM hopes that the people of Pakistan will support the MQM to achieve these cherished goals.

    MQM stands for equal rights and opportunities for all irrespective of colour, creed, caste, sect, gender, ethnicity or religion. MQM strives tirelessly for tolerance, religious or otherwise and opposes fanaticism, terrorism and violence in all their manifestations. MQM is committed to the introduction of an entrepreneurial free market economy, good governance and independent judiciary capable of dispensing justice, transparent accountability, free Press and participation of the women in all spheres of life. MQM’s political objective is to change the corrupt medieval feudal political system of Pakistan. MQM is, therefore, the only party of the lower and working classes, totally tree of feudal lords and army Generals. Altaf Hussain’s struggle is based on his philosophy of “Realism and Practicalism”. He firmly believes that for the progress of the country it is essential to abolish the medieval feudal system and to get rid of the religious extremism to establish the rule of 98 percent working people, poor and downtrodden masses.

    Finally, please dont trust on media including newspaper as no one support MQM (due to middle class party). See MQM with open eyes inshallah you will find Hope for better Pakistan in MQM.

    Long live Pakistan
    Long live Altaf Hussain
    Long live MQM

    (Tujh hi se mili hamain her khushi mere Altaf Hussain
    Rahey bas yuhi qiyadat teri mere Altaf Hussain)

  • Sattar Lakhani |

    the peoples are lieing Altaf is the greatest leader in all time he is one and only leader from poor peoples actually Imran Khan who is Jews he is the ememey of pakistan and he is real bastered so those who support Imran bastered thats mean support Jews .and they also ememies of poor people of pakistan .we say pakistan zindabad .Quiad-e-Azam zindabad

    Altaf hussian Zindabad and Islam zindabad

  • saud awan |

    ha this is so funny,anyone who wants to get famous in pakistani politics has to say something against mqm. i am no mohajir,but a punjabi(proud one to be honest) but i fully support mqm and i hope mqm wins the next elections in punjab. because i know from certain that my family and friends in khushab are going to vote for mqm in next general elctions.imran khan family members were responsible for the genecide of bengalis in eats pakistan. Iimran supports taliban who beat up our daughters and kill out brothers and sons.

    GA Altaf

    GA MQM

  • SHONA |