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Rehman Malik orchestrates the bye-elections Flip Flop

The news has slowly come out that Rehman Malik was at the center of this decision to delay the bye-elections. Mr Malik a very close aide of Zardari (and previously Benazir Bhutto) had told the NWFP Chief Minster that the three other provinces and the federal center had agreed to delaying the elections.

This in way exposes to every one that Rehman Malik was the culprit behind all this and not Musharraf or Nawaz Sharif

The News: Delay in by-polls suggested after Rehman’s call: Hoti

PESHAWAR: Chief Minister NWFP, Amir Haider Hoti Monday said he proposed postponement of by-polls after receiving a word from Advisor to Prime Minister, Rehman Malik. According to Geo News an official hand out proposed a short delay in by elections. Rehman Malik said in the above hand out that the three provinces have agreed to put off the by-polls and NWFP should also follow suite. The Chief Minister NWFP said Rehman Malik talked to him on telephone. He said the federal government and not the provincial ones made the postponement in by-polls


  • Hakim Hazik |

    Zardari is surrounded by incompetent crooks like Rehman Malik. Only a few days ago, Malik issued an order banning political demonstrations, without prior permission. There was never any chance of it ever being enforced. He just made himself look silly. At the moment it is difficult to tell the difference between Zardari’s policies and Musharraf’s. There is danger that Zardari may end up sharing Musharraf’s fate. One hopes that he will come to his senses. Please also see:

    Meray Aziz Hamwatno

  • anas |

    When the news broke out earlier in the day I tried to figure out who would gain from the delay, but no plausible theory developed. But now, Rehman Malik’s key role only states one thing (my point of view).

    PPP must be looking to put the complete blame of so-called restoration of judiciary failure on PML-N in such a way that they gain from the elections rather than PML-N sweeping on the judiciary issue again. Well, that’s just a conspiracy theory (don’t we love em?)

    And btw, I’m sick of the blaming everything on Aiwan-e-Sadar without proof. The government mas made a joke of itself here.

  • WhyHIm |

    Why would any body want to delay these elections?

    What would Rehman Malik gain?

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Who so ever has done this has committed a Sin against Pakistan.

  • Nasir Jamal |

    Zardari is himself a thoroughly inept man. When he was released by the military regime, the generals had told Mr. Musharraf that a free Zardari would cause more damage to the PPP. I think they are proven right.