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Restore Judges not Dogars, Peoples Resistance Rally in Karachi

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMembers of civil society in Karachi asked the democratically elected government to respect their anti-establishment and pro-judiciary mandate and not follow agenda of establishment by complicating the issue of reinstatement of judiciary.

These views were expressed after a walk was held to support the restoration of judiciary from Khadda Market to the residence of non-functional Chief Justice of Sind High Court, Justice Sabeehuddin’s residence. The walk comprising of over 100 people was organized by People’s Resistance, a loose coalition of individuals, students, teachers, professionals, human rights organizations and common citizens.

Justice (r) Fakhrudin G. Ebrahim who joined the walk said, “If one man’s blatant actions are validated indirectly, this would mean that tomorrow who ever holds power can do anything he pleases with the nation against its will”. He added that the atta crisis and every other issue facing the country today is tied to supremacy of law and only by upholding the constitution can anarchy be avoided.

Speaking to the media, participants rejected the option of honoring those judges who assisted in the November 3 military action and insisted that this would set a bad precedent in history. “We are here to show the honorable judiciary of November 2 that we stand beside them. We wish the parties restore the judiciary without any strings attached. Following the desires of a dictator do not instill confidence.”, said a young participant of the walk.

Thanking the group for their support to the lawyers, President of the Karachi Bar Association, Mr. Mahmood ul Hasan said it is a joint struggle and all forces should unite to bring Pakistan out of its troubles. He said the strength of the lawyers lay in their principled stand and would not compromise on supremacy of law and constitution. When asked if lawyers would give a call for protests political party talks failed, he said decision on future course of action will be taken after their convention later this week.

The walk which started around 630 in the evening, culminated at Justice Sabeehudin’s residence. The walk was confined to a single lane on the road to ensure no disruption to traffic took place. Members of the Karachi Bar, bar joined the procession of over a hundred people along with Awami Tehreek (AT) Labor Party Pakistan (LPP), International Socialists, and others.


  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    The Rulers of Pakistan For God sake take this issue seriously we do not have any other choice but to reinstate the deposed Judges and please do not think of making another Supreme Court. Enough is enough now the time has come otherwise it will be too late, and those who want to brake this fragile Country their agenda will be fulfilled. I pray to ALL Mighty for the safety of our Poor Country. May Allah Bless Pakistan Amin.

  • shah |

    None of the politicians is sincere for the restoration of judiciary and rule of law. They are taking tzmatter as judiciary versus executive. An independent judiciary and rule of law would check unfettered powers of executive which they never desire because after all they are to be the head of executive afte winning the elections. In their pursuits of powers and pelf they forget importance of independent judiciary and rule of law which are necessary for the very survival of nations. Without rule of law, we would be nothing. Mr. Zedari should bear in mind that survival of Pakistan is pre requisitive for his executive powers. This world knows his son Bilawal Zardari due to Pakistan. May Allah Almighty be kind to us.

  • nazia |

    I am really dying for the innocence of zardari group that whole country is yelling for restoring of iftikhar chaudry and zardari is innocently trying to protect his new love, dogar who is helping him to clear off his crimes from the slate of justice.I should advice to zardari that instead of justice dogar he must find some dogar like character on media who could delete his criminal records fom the pages of history or find any dr dogar who could invent any pill that should be given to whole nation so that they would loose their memory .This way people would forget his crimes.By saving dogar he is just digging and burrying his pits of crimes and on the other hand media men and people are burrying out all his vanished crimes that was happened once upon a time.So I can only say good luck to him as at this moment it is his happy and peak time but no doubt very short lived and nothing more than castles in the air.

  • shah |

    Zardari will never restore Deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Ch. due to his crimes because justice demands repeal of NRO.If he is restored and any constitution petition is made before his Lordship Iftikhar Muhammad Ch. challenging NRO, the same shall be declared null and void. Hence Mr. Dogar is necessary for his survival. There is another aspect of this quagmire. Restored Iftikhar Muhammad Ch. shall declare conviction of Nawaz Sharif as null and void Which Zardari will never desire.There is yet another aspect. Zardari will never desire Nawaz Sharif to enjoy the credit for the restoration of judiciary before the nation. Honeymoon between them was only a show for the fatigued people which has ended now. Now Geo shall tele cast WWF show or famous dialogues of ‘gabbar singh’ and ‘thakur’ before its viewers. May Allah Almighty be kind to us.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Congratulations dear poor Pakistanis we are learning new lessons HIPOCRACY has taken over DEMOCRACY. People can not approach there representatives. Nothing went wrong during last 9 years even the Confessed UNCONSTITUTIONAL Step of 3rd Nov is protected now and Mr. Zardari has taken ONUS of resposibility on him very good Political Approach. If the respected Judiciary is not restored the Country will be facing more ugly Situation.