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Economic Terrorism – by Zaid Hamid

I share with you a five-part series of the talk show Brass Tacks televised on TV One, the interview is of Mr. Zaid Hamid who shares his opinions on the global banking problems in light of historical understanding. He has some strong arguments, definitely worth a listen. Your views would be interesting to read in the comments section below

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5



  • ozzy |

    1 more thing Alok

    Suppose u have to appear in an examination of the following subjects:


    Additional Mathematics




    And if u work extremely hard on a couple of subjects like:


    Additional Mathematics

    & English

    and u dont prepare for



    There is a high probability that u might ace ur Mathematics,

    Additional Mathematics & English examination not to overlook the high possibility that u might also fail in the subjects of Science and Computers for which u didnt prepare at all. A moderate approach would be 2 prepare for all subjects likewise so that the probability of failing in any 1 is reduced 2 zero. Same is the case with the worldly affairs and the divine affairs. U may prepare for the world with gr8 enthusiasm however in doing so u shld never forget the Divine. Otherwise there is a high probability that u might fail in front of him. This world is a temporary place and we shld prepare for it likewise. Hazrat Ali (RA) once said. " Yeh duniya main is tarhan raho jis tarhan kashti paani main rehti hai. Kyunkay jab tak kashti paani main rehti hai khoob tairti hai. Lekin jab paani kashti main aajata hai tou kashti doob jaati hai". This is exactly wat has happened 2 gr8 nations before us. And this is exactly wat is gonna happen 2 the jews as well.

  • alok |

    thanks and smoke rings…

    mmmm…Ozzy that is good that you know quite a bit about Karma theory. It is a significant abstract. And I can see that you have already scratched the surface which is nice.

    Thanks for the urls . I find them quite fascinating.

    See you haven't dictated , u have persuaded me to learn about Islam. And I am sure that a fellow like you would never take things on face value too. The world belongs to skeptics. A skeptic can never turn to beliefs blindly.

    He can only confirm. Only understand. Here is something fascinating that I would like to share with you and of course with every one .

    a)In his / her life everyone may come to understand and Know God.

    b)To know God(i.e. Ultimate Truth) is to be God.

    I will sight you one example. I am told that Pakistan have 150 Muslims. And India has 130 million muslims some say ,

    my approximation is 180 million. And the aspirations of these 180 million muslim people are possible because of a single soul. His name Mahatma Gandhi. We had/have sufficient fools to do ethnic cleansing of ,muslims in 1947 and even later, like has happened in land of pures . And the sheet solo Anchor was M K Gandhi.

    Gandhi had to pay by his life , a case of crucifixation. Now for 1 minute get into shoes of Gandhi.

    And learn Humanity. When refugees would come to New Delhi from Pakistan , it was common incident someone venting their

    frustrations on Gandhi. It was Jinaha and Muslim league and many more who wanted Pakistan and wrath of it was faced by Gandhi.

    And when this Great Strategist Shri Shri Zaid Zaman Hamid shab were apparently doing the analysis of our symbols/currency did he ever pause , for 5 seconds to say that with three lions on currency of India , we also have photograph of a fakir called Mohandas(means slave of Krishna). That India has always taught Peace to Humanity this endless – timeless river in comparison to whom Islam , Christanity and Judaism are almost in a cradle, infancy. So who are muslims to to teach us tahzeeb when it is most wanting in themselves. He missed the point that Ashok and Gandhi stood for peace. Ashok learned by his

    follies and Gandhi learned by others follies(which is natural as Gandhi was a sage and Ashok a ruler).

    And isn't it Ironic that a country/culture which according to him is only bothered about money , has on its currency photograph of a fakir. That is the show-off part of Hindu Zionist. A facade, right? When you speak of history , history is replete( and specially Islamic History ) of sons killing/jailing fathers and brothers.This has carried till date. So Mr Zaid don't look for answers in Mosad/cia for killers of Zia , look in the labyrinths if ISI , whom you worship. And you can only worship power which is quite apparent. It is only in the Indus Civilization that learning is esteemed higher than power/money. Here you see the kings and princess leaving the material and pleasures for meditation and truth. You call them magicians? And we know here ,who is a trickster, no Mr Zaid Zaman?.

    Zaid , Look at your face in mirror and ask can you meet your own eyes beofre you meet the eyes of a seer? One

    who can see through you.

    Every one is wrong except Mr Zaid Zaman. Hamid Mir is a CIA Agent, Akbar Bugti was a Traitor / Fascicst and weak so weak that he committed suicide ( The World knows his cave was hit by missiles, and Kaedae Azam was western , only angels left : Parvez Mushraf , Alama Iqbal and some mythological characters and of course Zaid himself. It looks to me that Zaid has all the answers ,he is omnipotent , omnipresent. Why does

    Pakistan need a Judiciary , Mr Zaid Zaman can pass judgement on any issue under blue sky before one can cook

    two minute noodles. Even Sharia Law would be a bullock cart as compared to the super jet processors which allaha talla has granted him. Beleive me his super natural talents shouldn't go waste.


    Jumla Ghalib kaa hae and context mera apna banaya hua.

    Aah koe chahiyae , ek umra asar honae tak ,

    Koan jeeta hae teree zulf kae zar honae tak.

    It would take a life time before my feelings make effect ,

    who would be alive , till your locks become silver .

    Zulf zar ho rahee haen …but wisdom is wanting..something very personal is itching? yeah….

    I have seen wisdom coming to street dogs , chimpanzees , donkeys rather easily but for

    Man it is rather tricky , especially when man is ambitious, thirsty of desires.

    My Grandma would tell "Alok beta the old Man of Muslims are much wiser than Hindus "

    "Why dadee ? Why so ? " .

    "Because they live their life thoroughly , and we hindus live in denial(Hypocrisy).

    So when hindus turn old they have regrets, but muslims dont have that 'missed the train feelings' ", she would

    suggest. Ohh I see I would say …pretending I absorbed all mysteries that confronted me.

    take another one :

    GHalib chutee sharaab, par ab bhee kabhee-kabhee

    peeta hooN roz-e-abr -o- shab-e-maahtaab meiN

    Ghalib has left drinking but for once in a while,

    on a cloudy day ….. a full moon light.

    In the Monarchies the Clergy / mullas were more often than not, not able to dictate moral conducts ,

    but azadee kae baad the kings are gone and clerics are running wild. And these preachers come in all size

    shapes , shades and garbs. I pity Mulla Radio , he is obviously identified and would die like that Ghazi of Lal Masjid.

    But difficult to nail would be the many cunning foxes.

    In his analysis Mr Zaid cites a case that Muslims are

    very straight forward simple people and Hidus have two faces. Isn't it a generalization. People are good or bad by themselves. Not because they are turks , serbs , uzbeks ,

    greeks , Indos , Delhee walae and jee Karancheewalae.

    Atleast exceptions would be there. All 160 million can not be simple straightforward type. The foxes in pakistan would be very deadly/dangerous , as masses are simple. And that explains a great deal why situations are , the way they are.

    Hum Kyaa thae ,Kya how gayae aur kyaa hongae abhee ,

    Aao is par tawajjoe daen milkar sabhee.



  • Ali |

    @ Mr Alok

    Apparently it seems Mr. Zaid Speaks of hatred and he is a war monger. But it is not like that, Pakistan will never initiate in war but India. As it has been proved from the past. India always initiated.

    See Islam is a complete way of life, A person who follows Islam is supposed to follow Islam with its complete theme.

    Mr. Alok, The peoples like Zaid Hamid and Azhar Masood (I never heard of him). They are exploiting the emotions of muslims and apparently Speaking of hatred because we can all observe the conspiracy specially against muslims and islamic values. If you can't observe so I feel sorry for you because you are blind.

    American Conspiracy, Jewish Conspiracy, India is also playing a vital conspiracy against Pakistan under the support of Jews.

    Now you speak of love, the message of Love from Bullah Shah. But for your Love we can't sacrifice our country and break it into small pieces. If Bullah SHah were here he by himself would have been struggling to waken up the sleeping nation and pointing out the conspiracies.

    What do u want? shall we sit quiet and keep watching the conspiracies against us. shall we?

    If you are being entrapped will you sit quiet?

    The northern side, Separatist movements in balochistan and NWFP. Are we supposed to sit quiet? Shall we let our country break? and say we are in love with the people who conspire against us.

    I don't know where your senses are. We found clear proofs of Indian infiltration in NWFP and balochistan.

    What should we do sit quiet?

    We have to work for betterment of our nation and country. We have to sort out the problems and that's what we are doing.

  • alok |

    ali ,

    as far as I understand that all that India is busy is, in doing development work for helping the war torn folks of afganistan which is offcourse not digestible to Pakistan/(ISI). ISI wants a weak and poor afganistan. No one has blown embassy of Pakistan in afganistan or in India.

    No u should not see muslim brother being killed silently.

    Then why are u allowing USA to do all that they are doing?

    Fact of the matter is that people of Punjab are at war with pakhtoons and baluchs to whom fruits of freedom haven't reached. And we India is no party to it.

    It was Pakistan who supported Al Qaeda and the burnt of it has been faced by Pakhtoons. It is Army of Pakistan that is killing innocent and offtrack Pakhtoons and rest of the nonsense is done by NATO. It is Pakistan policy to bleed India by thousand cuts(Proxy war). This monster of terrorism was created by Pakistan in name of Kashmir and has gone out of control. On the control Kashmir is far more peacefull today as compared to Baluchistan and waziristan.

    Kashmir has state assembly where as your western provinces are run by agents and sardars…who are systemetically killed by missiles of Paki Army. And what has happened in SWAT is known to u me and everyone. What can RAW do ? If only it could save arses of Indian I would be thankfull to them.

    And rahee baat dividing Pakistan koe break karnae kee conspiracy kee then u better put a microscope on US Pak relations. They show u carrot by one hand and whip u violently by other and masses of Pakistan are fed on opium of religion and denial. Hope u understand what I am trying to convey earnestly. India can only attack Pakistan due to misdeeds of ISI which is a secret country within a country.

    ISI/CIA controls the puppets(Govt) if u guys have it other way India by no way would go for a war. We badly need peace.

    It is ISI and America that needs war.

    • ron |

      no my dear its PAKISTAN its RSS need war not ISI its RSS they want caste system to return in INDIA like BRAHMIN SHUDRA etc……..

  • iftikhar ahmad |





  • arif hussain |

    salaam to all people

    i have seen mr.zeid hamid programe in last romzan sharif

    not completely but some parts of them.i will give about this cd ''economic terrorism''

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  • faisal |

    the work in the video is not based on genuine analysis, its a copy of various researchers and the way he is showing that its like something new he is telling is actually a way to hijack genuine issues.

    if u really want to know about these issues read Austrian economics, Islamic Economics and read david ikes, haroon yahya and other genuine experts of the subject not those who just use their work to attract youth and then guide them to the path of their clients.

  • faisal |

    i dont ve problem in taking things as reference obviously history cannot be created but what i dont like is to present it as if its something they have discovered.

  • farzana |

    Zaid Sir I love you. You look very handsome and dynamic. You look like a Hollywood hero, you look marvellous in your blue suite and red cap, the way you dress up is so attractive. Tom cruze is nothing infornt of you. We girls of our college, fantasize about you, I bought all of your posters and pasted in my bed room. I don’t know how to contact you.

    Hey friends, does anyone got Zaid Sir’s number. “ Sir, I want to marry you”.

  • Zaid Hamid |

    Farzana, thanks for the compliments. If you want to talk on other topics except "Marriage or relationship" then here is my cell number 0333-3219460. Thanks !