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Long March updates

10:00am Left.high court in a large procession of 100 cars few trucks and a large number of bikes

10:45 we have reached Quaid Mazar

11:00 a few speeches I hope they leave quickly

11:15 reaching jail chowrangi

11:30 crossed civic center

12:40 leaving sohrab goth welcome camp massive rally we hope to make a difference

2:00PM pasban gave a reception at nooriabad

2:30PM 30km from HYD


  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    This long march is the turning point of our history make it as successful as possible May Allah Help us in saving Pakistan.

  • dr razahaider |

    i am in my office ,making it successful ,your are on net trying to make it successful,

    tahseen history is a static,gradual or acute,onset of detailed eventful event culminating in to disaster or success,impactful,happenings that remains as icon in the society culminating and creating an essence of insignia and slogan to follow by future generation to come.

    do you really think it an impact ful happening .

    tahseen in order to embosse or create impact one has to shatter and stike with a force that may create its impression.

    creation of image and embossed impression require a forceful thrust enough to disassemble the attracting forces.

    do you really think that the movement was powerful enough to disassembel such coalision forces.

    sir you got to have sacrifices in the shape of lives so to create and ignite the issue as revolutions stands on the platform of honoring lives with blood .

    people with political belongings have neither such guts nor such valor to stand motiveless and regardless of incentives.

    systems are created by personalities and not movement.

    System is an organized way of managing things.

    It is usually defined so to run organizations and institutions in a manner feasible to the runners and with a motive to implement, without element of annoyance and unforeseen event with effective thrust, minimizing any hindrance ,whatsoever ,being produced if at all .

    Derangement in a smooth and effective system does not depend on individual for its rectification but it is the structural anatomy that curtails by virtue of its architectural designs, any such forces that may disrupt its existence in uniformity.

    In addition to such strict structural architecture reinforcement, element such as qualification, background, merit, check and balances, and reputation are the key factors that are important in maintaining the credibility and essence of system.

    Presence or absence of a person from the site and sights of such systemized institute never terminate in to turmoil of the institution.

    In order to facilitate such authoritative systemized structure long term checks and balances, with intense scrutinizing built in tendency of system is required.

    It is not that Mr. so and so will come and curtail as if he is the only field related expert.

    In my opinion, if Mr. Iftikhar is that much credible and respected and important then the person may be put up for presidency appointment.

    Please I have no reservation to the justice but the term has been used to float as an idea.

    Now if I consider the present structural architecture of judicature as a system, the final authoritative prerogative to redesign and reformulate, still lies in the hands of those that are qualified enough as culprits with no credibility or worth i.e. from Mr. Musharraf to Farooq naik and who so ever.

    Under such circumstances of illegitimate and incredible awarding and granting authorities, a change directed on the basis of saving system and institution is a misnomer and is only directed towards ego, prestige and one man show which is nothing but a piece of well wishes as forecast, with no future prospects, since Iftikhar is not the only judge that is a sole authority and qualifier for future.

    It’s the system that is authoritative by virtue of its implementing power of the state.

    change the system and not the personalities.

  • Aamir pakistani |

    we want restoration of judiciary wich can only b possible by restoring the judges who did’t take oath under PCO,they refused to obay d orders of millatry dictator,
    only personalities can change the system and our cheif justise is the symbol of independance of Judiciary..a blind or deaf may think otherwise….

  • Dr. Iqbal |

    My heart and soul goes to everyone participating in the long march.

    This is a moment of do or die for the nation. Keep moving my fellow country men. Time has come when crowns are to be tossed and thrones are to be trashed. The end of traitors is just around the corner.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Do or die situation has arose therefore it now or never for Pakistanis.