Capital Talk & Meray Mutabiq blocked in UAE

Reports are coming in that Hamid Mir’s Capital Talk and Dr. Shahid Masood’s Merey Mutabiq on GEO both programs have been banned by UAE govt. 

Hamid Mir on Aaj says it is because of Rehman Malik

What’s the latest gossip? And why? It truly irks me to see Rehman Malik interfering with Pakistans affairs



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  1. Pakistani Patriot Avatar
    Pakistani Patriot

    The fact of the matter is that this man, Malik, is a born b****rd who killed Benazir, and now he is working as Musharraf’s foot soldier in the war against judiciary and the media. This man, R.Malik, is alleged to have been involved in smuggling of illegal Pakistani immigrants into the UK. Benazir, although she is not in this world, was either highly stupid or ignorant when it came to relying on this sh|t head. I can bet you my life that this man his behind BB’s murder and the closure of GEO TV programmes.

  2. Karim G Avatar
    Karim G

    Yeah sure, Benazir was stupid or ignorant! Does that bliss also extend to all the 10% deals that took place under her nose, to mention just ONE?

  3. Pakistani Patriot Avatar
    Pakistani Patriot

    of course!

  4. Tazeen Avatar

    yeah right.
    How can Rehman Malik do it with out the permission of his boss zardari and How can Zaradri allow it when he is so thick with Dr. Shahid.

    I think Malik is Zardari’s foot soldier and not Musharaf’s go to man. He has Rashid Qureshi to screw things up for him.

  5. anas Avatar

    Good thing. Shahid Masood is biased. He brings in Hameed Gul as his INDEPENDENT ANALYST!

  6. Tazeen Avatar

    If Hameed Gul is INDEPENDENT then Hitler was not a nazi and Santa Claus exist and live in North Pole

  7. Hassan Abbas Avatar
    Hassan Abbas

    The fact is with each step he takes -and every day that passes – it is becoming increasingly clear that the PPP under Asif Zardari is just like the PML(Q) under Musharraf.
    Are we getting rid of a Military Musharraf only to replace him with a civilian one.
    The same old slick smile; the same haughty gestures; the same one man decisions; the same back tracking on promises; the same lying ;even the same dirty tricks.
    Apart from this bit about Rehman Malik ‘did you people note other efforts to stop the Long March like using pressure to get cancellation of already booked hotel accomodation at Sukkur- even denial of food;lack of any participation at all in the long march to start with; hostile announcements like ‘the long march bubble has burst’ etc by it’s leaders;BUT now as it becomes apparent that the march is a success putting on a new spin to the anti-judiciary attitude by saying we have made the most sacrifices for the Judges . Does Asif think -like Musharraf- that we are fools whom he can play about with?

    Musharraf must be tried and hanged if found guilty of treason;only this way can even ‘civilian Musharrafs’ be taught to respect the public mandate.


    hmmm , have not we grown up politically ? good! , well !BHAI MUSHARRAF got new party that is PPP & it is quite obvious. as his last party (Q LEAGUE) let him down. as far as the GEO is concerned since independence they were YES BOSS ppl , but from GEO they had changed there attitude , now they will be against every government. can any 01 gentelman give me an example of treating yours ppl like we are , from USA or INDIA ? ghar to aakhir apna hai . GEO waley to hath dho ke peechay parr gaey hain. this feels very bad to me . you should criticize but in a mature , civilized manner . wart bush has done in war on terroe Americans has made movies criticizing it but out of thousands of TV CHANNELS in usa no one is acting like our media is acting .

    we should get civilized now .

  9. anas Avatar

    The one who stays in government will think like Musharraf whether Zardari or Sharif. It’s easy to sit out of it and do all these dirty anti-government measures. For many of us, it’s new. But for people like Sharif and Qazi, they’ve been there, done that. (History proves it)

    GEO is basically blackmailing government and getting a punch back now.

    To all supporters of GEO: Why did GEO offer to host a program for Pervez Musharraf exclusively? (They, themselves, have reported this) If they consider him illegitimate, then why this offer? In simple words, this is bribe!

  10. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar
    Tahseen Alam Khan

    Geo very bad you are giving Pakistanis the exact picture of our Country’s Pathatic state of affairs. Our Govts do not like that People of Pakistan should know reality. You should follow the policy of Rehman Malik who says that only 20000 people attended long march, this is what the rulers want to be shown on your channel aswel. Weldone Geo.

    Geo Such Dikha ker GEO.

  11. Altaf Avatar

    Hassan Abbas u say: “Does Asif think -like Musharraf- that we are fools whom he can play about with?”

    Pardon me but i think so. That is if you are consciously or naively willing to forget the history of the biggest backer of this movement, Mr. Nawaz Sharif. Look at this page:
    This will refresh your memory a little bit. i.e. if you want to accept the truth & not keep on believing what you want to.

    Nobody is against the high sounding ideals being put forward by this movement. But whem the movement is spear headed by people with equally dubious backgrounds as that of Musharraf & Asif, one has to take all this high talking with a grain of salt.

    And i know you will say that this movement is being led by the civil society & lawyers & they have no political agenda. I seriously differ. This movement would have been
    over very soon if it was not being financed & backed by the political parties. This does not mean that there aren’t sincere people who are part of this movement. There are but they are not driving the agenda. The proof will be evident once Iftikhar Chaudhary is restored (IF), Musharraf impeached or leaves & Zardari/Sharif resume their wholesale plunder of the nations resources in turns from where they left off in the 90’s. Then we will see how many lawyers are campaigning against the corruption, mismanagement, & excesses of the govt.

    I doubt Nawaz Sharif has any high moral agendas except getting back into absoulte power like he was in 1997-99. Since he cannot get rid of Musharraf himself & PPP does not want to play this game, he has to use the crutch of the judiciary.

  12. paindoo Avatar

    Some of the articles in this collection might expose the reality of Geo and the so called independent media:

  13. Hassan Abbas Avatar
    Hassan Abbas

    Altaf;Sorry but I have never seen a more confusing post then the one you posted to me.I am talking about how Zardari is behaving exactly like Musharraf – and instead of addressing that issue you start talking of everything else ;and that too allegations about political backers of lawyers etc … etc without an iota of proof of any kind.Is this what you term a sensable discussion?

  14. Hassan Abbas Avatar
    Hassan Abbas

    >To all supporters of GEO: Why did GEO offer to host a >program for Pervez Musharraf exclusively? (They, >themselves, have reported this) If they consider him >illegitimate, then why this offer? In simple words, this >is bribe!

    Because the President’s spokesman Rashid Qureshi went to the information minister to complain that even PTV was not giving Musharraf time ,that’s why. Geo clearly stated it was a fair channel which would air all view – and if PPP was not giving him a chance to have his say ,the President could avail Geo to do so.

  15. Silence Avatar

    Some times back PPP was led by leftist elements although they never came in to power inside party but they influanced the decisions.

    In long martial laws most of them were badly crushed or they themselves sidelined themselves from mainstream politics and party went in to hands of pro establishment people.

    Zardari and R Malik, Baber awan, Latif khosa etc are people inducted in by establishment, there is invisible struggle goin inside party but I dont expect a come back of liberals again inside party, as the benazir’s blood would give protection to pro establishment group.

    May be its time for liberals and civil society to organise themselves in to a new political force rather then looking towards PPP.

  16. Altaf Avatar

    Hasan Abbas: Not confusing at all. i.e. if you are not self-delusional like most of the electronic media seems to be nowadays. What I am saying is plain & simple:

    No one who remembers the 90’s should be surprised about the role Zardari is playing right now. The problem with us is that we chose to forget their backgrounds if they are supporting our point of view. No one in the media was particularly concerned about the corruption by Zardari in the 90’s when he was positioning himself against Musharraf. Now that he seems to be drifting from his election promises all of a sudden our memories seem to have come back.

    Similary with Nawaz Sharif. The media is busy in heaping praise on him because he is backing the lawyers movement, conveniently having forgotten his background. All these people will be in for a big suprise once he gets back to power. I’m not self-delusional & have no illusions about his real motives for backing this movement.

    And the ‘iota of evidence’: What evidence do you want? That PML-N is not backing the lawyers movement? That Nawaz Sharif is not corrupt? That Nawaz Sharif does not have a similar background of censuring the media & intimidating the judiciary?

    God pity our nation where people keep engaging again & again in such self-delusions, setting themselves up again & again for dissappointments & failures.

  17. Farhan Mirza Avatar

    Dear All,

    I guess we drifted a lot from the original topic. What ever we say about any one the fact remains there that banning a TV programme is no solution and thats BAD. No doubt our media has come across a long way. Not taking sides, there are definitely black sheep in media too but then let the natural course take the action. People will stop watching channels that are not reflecting truth. GEO might be spicy, but we have Dawn or CNBC as well and choice is ours to switch channel.

    My point is that why shouls some one else decide that this is bad or this is good. People are sensible enough to make a choice, i belive the Right Choice!.

    A little about on going political tensions, i guess at the moment we have to choose between the lesser evil. We our also to be blamed when we dont come out and support neat clean people like Imran Khan, that why PPP and PML come to power again because only 33-45 % people vote and rest of us dont vote and support the good people, so the civil society, students and every one should come forward and support the right people and right issues.


    Farhan Mirza

  18. Usman Avatar

    These two people Hassan Abbas and Tahseen alam khan are doing a very good job sticking to the truth.Their are still some of us out there who pass every day in fury at the drama being done in pakistan.Every day we hear this so called Constitutional Package and Zardaris claim that we will restore judiciary.When will that happen??after theyve won the next election.Any sane man can see that these are delaying tactics.I really didnt know that theyre was a man as disgraced as Musharraf and that Robot of America is stll sitting on the throne.Because he knows that he canpress the eject button and leave pakistan to its rotting state
    No people are not sensible.If they were then we would have had a better Pakistan.Reality is since the day pakistan has been born,since that time its begun to decline.Has Allah not said that he imposes rulers on the muslims such as the muslims are themselves.But sadly poeple lash out angrily at this point.Are we so proud that we cant admit that were wrong?

    Okay we are proud to be a pakistani but look at the world outside.where an indian is walking with his head held high but a pakistani dosnt know where to hide his face.In europe pakistan is called a Rogue state.People in america think that pakistanis are terrorists right down to the last child.
    Geo TV is one of the few which are bringing out the truth and have adopted an uncomprimising attitude.It reveals those key points to the people which corrupt political people dont want out.Like the interview with Gulzar Kiyani left Musharraf trembling in his chair.people want to see these realities behind the key events in the near past.And if the govt. dosnt want it out than it can be no plainer that it was at fault.BAnning these two programs is just a way to hide their own criminal faces

  19. Usman Avatar

    i know many people wont agree with me.but if had this attitude before.

  20. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar
    Tahseen Alam Khan

    Dear Usman Sb,
    Thanks for recognising but this should be the practice of every Pakistani who is concerned about this poor Country.

  21. sajjad bufat Avatar

    Geo is a westren propaganda, it is the biggest and badest thing happen to pakistan since fall of Dacca, all these people are paid by westrens atleast in the beginning, now this has become a cancer, at times it is more powerful than anything else, and do you why, it is because Mir Shakeel ur Rahman (owner of Geo)is a blackmailer, he got some tapes of some key people and he is using it for his own advantage, he is earning millions of dollar a day, yes millions of dollars a day, no buddy is save from Geo, we all watch it and people think what ever Geo is broadcasting is true, all the anchors are agents…. be careful guys, this is not the end, they are up to something much larger than this,….. just watch your backs and save pakistan, Pakistan Zindabad…..

  22. Usman Avatar

    oh really all i and most people can see is geo exposing things about musharraf about PPP and about PML-Q.those parties whove been given the task to destroy pakistan and which work on nothing but american agenda.
    I cant see geo speaking against lawyers,speaking against JUI,PML-N and PTI.thats because theyre the right people on the right track.if geo had to destroy pakistan it wuld have supported the corrupt parties.and keepin the people unaware of whats happening.GEO cannot become like ARY,or PTV or Indus which do nothing except praising the govt.ARY dosnt even take the name of judges now.GEO is the only one left.the journalists on that tv channel have contributed more to the media than any other.How can Meray Mutabiq or capital talk be based on foreign agenda when all it does is expose the secrets in the shadows and perhaps one should not forget the reputation of Dr.SHahid Masood.Why is he always banned.REASON-he has the guts to call upon people and reveal things which no politician wants to come out

  23. Usman Avatar

    I have seen this link.the arguments about geo are pathetic.the man asks foolish questions? and gives ridiculous is the duty of the media to bring everything to light.if pakitani media became like indian media then it wuld expose nothing.AL Jazeera,CNN,BBC,Fox news they reveal much more then geo.If geo does expose some things so that illeterate people become aware of it than wats wrong with that.Does the govt. still want to keep them in the dark?if they dont know whats going on how will they correct themselves and the country.and regarding salaries of journalists?HOw does that guy know.does he work for geo?are his statements authentic?.so what if those journalists get paid a bit more to reveal the truth.the american agenda would have been "the people get to know nothing,they see nothing,they hear nothing,PML Q and Musharraf keep on ravaging the country.Other journalists also get paid much more than that.

    that website is a feeble attempt of the govt to discredit geo ,lawyers and PML-N.but too bad the people are aware of it

  24. Saim Avatar

    PLease stop this CONSPIRACY THEORY that GEO is being run to destroy Pakistan. Actually Pakistanis dont know what FREE media is thats why when media exercises its rights they think that its crossing limits. Havent u seen talk shows on FOX NEWS and CNN? Are they destroying America?
    Musharraf wanted GEO and other private channels banned coz they were telling ppl the truth and the truth was against Musharraf. Thats why all this emergency drama took place.

  25. Saim Avatar

    N if u ppl have problems with GEO, go watch PTV