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Citizen Journalists cover the Long March

Pakistan Long March Live CoverageI mentioned a few posts earlier that an initiative has been launched to help cover the Long March procession through its journey from Karachi to Islamabad.

The first day I personally reported on the details of the journey from Karachi to Hyderabad and then Sukkur, it was later followed up by frequent SMS and Phone call contacts with participants of the Long March in the onward segment of Sukkur to Multan and then today to Lahore.

Today’s coverage was extensively reported by ALE-Xpressed who braved the crowds to welcome the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on his arrival at Lahore Airport from Multan. Watch one of his videos here while the rest can be viewed at the Live blog at PkLongMarch.blogspot.com (short URL http://help.pk)

Rally at Lahore Airport Exit from ALE-Xpressed for Live Coverage of Long March

Ale also shares some pictures of his adventure to Lahore Airport and by the looks of the flurry of updates it appears that he thoroughly had fun being a part of the remaking of history in Pakistan.

Throughout the day we recorded over 30 updates submitted by numerous Citizen Journalists following the Long March, observing the excitement being built up towards Islamabad I expect the number of reports to rise significantly on Thursday (as the procession will move from Lahore to Islamabad) and finally a frenzy on Friday when the Lawyers and Civil Society will confront the forces stationed on the Constitutional Avenue.

To take part in this open initiative where Citizen Journalists follow the Long March and report it for the global audience all one needs to do is simply send updates, pictures or videos to LM@help.pk and it will be immediately posted on PkLongMarch.blogspot.com (short URL http://help.pk)


  • Tahseen Alam Khan |



    Awab Bhai,

    You rock with your updates bhai, keep it up.

    I would like to help, if you need another outlet to plug info, videos etc you can use OP, I can give you admin access and you can post and upload away as all blogs will see heavy traffic and I can carry some of it so that the message of this great march can go out to as many people as possible.

    Let me know asap your views and pass on the same message to others on the ground and other bloggers, I am only to happy to help serve the national cause.



  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    We joined the procession from Jehlum it was more what was expected, massive movement has started. Roads of Pakistan are full of public this is a very clear message for the rulers. Please do not delay any more other wise it will be too late. May Allah Bless Pakistan Amin.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Mr. Rehman Malik Shamelessly said that Twenty Thousand (20000) People were there in Islamabad. He does not have any idea what he was talking on TV. If these people who willingly came out of their homes were 20000 then on 12th May 2007 when Musharaf showed his stregth there were only Two Thousand people. Comparison can easily be made. This long march has proved that whole Pakistan is awake and dictatorial attitude has to be changed. Long March Zindabad Pakistan Paindabad. It was definately Million March, May Allah Bless Pakistan Amin.

  • amjad |

    i have read and heard allot about long march. i belongs to Rawalpindi and witnessed the procession till its end.my question is to reporters and media men why they mislead the public with wrong reporting who is the one asking them for false reporting are they not damaging Pakistan.i have already heard that some of the media anchor person (Hamid Mir, Dr Shahid etc) are bribed/purchased by one of the politician to damage one of the personality.is the judicery core issue what is happening in tehsil and district courts cant media see those corrupt judges. why cant media speak about terrorism because they are afraid that they will blow them off, have any body witnessed any programme where they discuss about terrorism and terrorist rather they project them as hero. readers lets put the figure straight regarding long march. in the rely they were not more then 14000. public at parade venue were not more then 15000 this all includes politicle workers so in total were not more then 30,000. let me explain you inner things also. itizaz did not allow kurd to speak though they announced that he is not feeling well. one of the president bar Lahore left the rely and went back because his seat was not on stage. itizaz kept on delaying the move on murree road because he wanted Nawaz Sharif arrival then itizaz kept on delaying at aabparra market wanted nawaz sharif to come address the public and go back before he arrives at venue with rely. Nawaz Shariff kept on delaying his arrival till itizaz reaches because he wanted to cash the occasion. so every body is running his own game no body is sincere to Pakistan and we the public (common man) are the goof playing in their hands.