The curse of the Neo-Colonized

Guest Post by Areej M

“In the modern planetary situation, Eastern and Western ‘cultures’ can no longer meet one another as equal partners. They meet in a westernized world, under conditions shaped by western ways of thinking.” — W. Halbfass

I have no words to convey my utter disgust at the hypocrisy of the United States, in matters ranging from International Relations to domestic concerns of other nation states. What is deemed correct for one nation is utterly wrong for another. Why then, would someone please explain to me, was there a need for the establishment of the United Nations? If US was bent upon being the sole dictator of the international political environment, why did it participate in the setting up of the UN at all? As far as USA is concerned, the UN is only a machine, a valid front for its inhumane and unjust activities. It is your proverbial curtain in front of your eyes. The UN is a means to manipulate the international community to buy the lies that US sells through its well established and wide spread media.

History tells us that the age of US and European Imperialism ended in the early 1900s. But can we Pakistanis honestly claim that yes we are free of the alien subjugation? Remember, a master knows more ways of controlling its slave vicariously rather than directly. The people of South Asia, as yet have been unable to rid themselves of their imperial masters for good. New imperialism has transcended into neo-colonialism. The British Raj has been replaced by the White House dictations. We are made to more or less accept the decisions made for us by George Bush instead of Queen Elizabeth. The white man still finds it his burden to bring us from the darkness into the light, to embrace knowledge as power. It doesn’t matter that most South Asian students are well educated and more hard working than their American and British counterparts, what Washington says, is what really is.

American double-standards are so evident in today’s world that it’s no longer any source of mock amusement that people can still overlook the injustice meted out to the neo colonized. Be it the Asians or the Africans. Every person has a story to tell and our era is filled with stories of lust for power and money. The heady sensation of being the ultimate authority in all global affairs, the ready availability of money for weapons expenditure at the expense of the hunger of Africa, and the satisfaction of crushing enemies, regardless of the loss of sons and fathers in the Middle East; surely what’s not to appreciate in this miasma of a well-crafted world where justice is being served according to the White House, even when reality screams the opposite entirely. Why is the world being made to suffer the actions and mistakes of the United States? Was the need for revenge after 9/11 justified even after the treatment of the prisoners of war by the American armed forces? Maybe George Bush would do well to remember that what goes around comes around. The Cold war era led to USA’s attack on USSR, leading to the emergence of the now feared Talibaan. Can you even imagine what the Iraq war and any probable attack on Iran by the cold blooded USA would cause?

A nuclear holocaust.



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