Rehman Dakait given control of ISI and IB

With immediate effect a notice has been issued by the Prime Ministers Secretariat whereby the two top intelligence agencies, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and the Intelligence Bureau (IB), were handed over to hence forth be controlled by the Ministry of Interior which incidentally is headed by none other then Rehman Malik (aka Rehman Dakait [robber] )

The News: Pakistan’s foremost intelligence agencies –the Inter Services Intelligence and the Intelligence Bureau – have been placed under Interior Division. The Prime Minister has placed the two intelligence agencies under the administrative, financial and operational control of the Interior Division. An official press release says that the decision will come into effect immediately.

I strongly suspect this move to be deliberately made so that Rehman Malik can control the ISI and IB quite possibly to prevent them from messing with any day-to-day business affairs of Asif Ali Zardari & company. This sudden move has without doubt deep rooted implications and it only empowers Rehman Malik to be even more powerful then before. Whist the puppet Prime Minsters remains twirling his fingers in an all expensive paid trip to Washington

Some interesting thoughts by Shaan Akbar in his recent article on the Insider Brief writeup Gilani’s Gamble: The Coming Coup? which quotes

The decision is one that is bold, unprecedented and controversial. The ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) has traditionally fallen under the purview of the military, with Army officers rotating through the agency for two year stints. Many have labeled the ISI as a “state within a state” for its pervasiveness and ability to influence state matters with near complete autonomy. Today’s decision by Gilani and his cabinet marks a major move by the nascent civilian government in the long standing struggle by Pakistan’s civilian/political forces to bring the military establishment under their control. This news also likely corroborates our last post as the move may be in response to military/intelligence discussions over the ouster of his PPP government.

The military will not accept the cabinet decision lying down. Insider Brief sources further report that many ranking military officials have indicated that there will be a coup if Gilani does not back down from his decision…

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  1. wajid Avatar

    This step by current Govt is like DisMantling Pakistan..

    When will be the Barsee celebrated?

  2. Usman Avatar

    Luckily the decision regarding ISI has been taken back, I do hope that our present government stops making foolish decisions and focuses on the real issues.

  3. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    yet another mistake wow is this a gov or what even i do less mistakes in exams.
    now tell me who said that democartic parliment is better than a dictator at least our line of attack was strong this gov even wants to destroy the only weapon by which we can hit indians

  4. dr razahaider Avatar

    Threat is a term excessively utilized in litigating affairs as suspicious act which shall have a fatal outcome in terms of life, property and place.

    It is a kind of fear as perception which has restricted domain as forecast in the form of prediction, though such assessments are based on logical conclusive, evaluated and calculated assumptions.

    It is infact a protective intrinsic mechanism to aware and plan so to execute in reaction, of any such unforeseen event or happening that could become the unwanted fate.

    This theme of expression is almost always applied in every day life and business, whereas state during and within its affairs almost always resides within the premises of such reserving and primary element by promulgating rules and regulation to counter internal integrity and deployment and guarding of boundaries by enhancing the law enforcing agencies so to counter the threat to sovereignty.

    Pakistan since existence remained continuously under the dreadful and threatening desire of every such element that was against its legitimate birth.

    Without going in to the detailed Pandora, almost every concept of life was engaged by our Rivals that could meet their desire to see as piecemeal.

    However illegitimate intended fate could not become the destiny, so to massage the sole with their lusty secretions.

    In order to safe guard the theme that was felt as threat measures to initiate such factors were created so to deterrence the evil that was continuously playing and cultivating the motive.

    The felt of this threat arrested the desire so to confiscate the logic in to a system that could play a role regardless of domains of influence and without being exposed hence the formation of agency in the form of Intelligence during the very early era.

    Here the point of stress is that, subject threat was not perceive as the part and parcel from some military dictator but officer from British colonial system of governance within our military.

    It is also interesting to note that such perception to organize the thoughts was based on counterespionage mechanics, which itself is an indicator that the enmity and grievances of our rivals were eminent and felt as severe fatality by the legitimate officers during the Era.

    Organizing a system and laying a system are two modes of different perspective and ground realities.

    What we see, is reality and what we perceive is interpretation dependent upon senses.

    Dependency is offensive expression as challenge reflecting inability and situation as handicap.

    Decision of state is authoritative.

    A motiveless decision creates embezzlement.

    It is worth mentioning here that in other democratic countries, the external intelligence services have to report to parliamentary committees that scrutinized their activities, evaluate their performance and audit their accounts.

    Whereas Raw the counter part of ISI Works directly under the Prime Minister and the structure, rank, pay and perks of the Research & Analysis Wing are kept secret from Parliament.”

    A secretary to the government of India is responsible for the Office of Special Operations.

    The additional secretary as well as the director general of security is also under the director of R.A.W.

    RAW has always enjoyed the backing of successive Indian governments in their efforts, to destabilize Pakistan.

    Although the organization as full fledge organization came in to being in 1968, but earlier the essentials were looked after by the I.B, director, who also became the first head of the RAW.

    Modus operandi behind formation of RAW was to launch a full fledge operational war in disinformation campaigns, espionage and sabotage against Pakistan and other neighboring countries.

    Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency (I.S.I.), being almost 20 years older than R.A.W. and having acquired a much higher standard of efficiency in it’s functioning, has become the prime target of R.A.W.’s designs.

    The I.S.I. is considered to be a stumbling block in R.A.W.’s operations and has been made a target of massive misinformation and propaganda campaigns.

    The tirade against I.S.I. continues unabated.

    The idea is to keep I.S.I. on the defensive by alleging in multi factorial issues whatsoever.

    R.A.W.’s fixation on I.S.I. has taken the shape of I.S.I.-phobia, as in India every one traces the origin of all happenings and shortcomings to the I.S.I.

    Whenever and wherever there is a kidnapping, a bank robbery, a financial scandal, a bomb blast, or what have you, the I.S.I. is deemed to have.

    Ashok A Biswas, a Delhi-based research scholar, in his compiled study RAW – An Unobstructive Instrument of India’s Foreign Policy, (as quoted by Pakistan Observer in ‘A RAW deal for South Asia, 03 May, 1998) states that ‘the aim of RAW is to keep internal disturbances flaring up and the ISI preoccupied so that Pakistan can lend no worthwhile resistance to Indian designs in the region.’ He concludes, ‘RAW over the years has admirably fulfilled its task of destabilizing target states through unbridled export for terrorism had a hand in it.

    Reference: (See “R.A.W.: Global and Regional Ambitions” edited by Rashid Ahmad Khan and Muhammad Saleem, Islamabad Policy Research Institute, Asia Printers, Islamabad, 2005).

    RAW has become an effective instrument of India’s national power, and has assumed a significant role in formulating India’s domestic and foreign policies.
    Because of continuous, targeting and aligned and designed modus operandi of the RAW and Indian Government, this most important deterrence factor always remained the matter of abuse and disinformation so to clear and demolished what becomes the rock thereby diffusing the detonator.

    Similarly Politicians have always viewed ISI in a doubtful light… especially when the ISI recalls and submit the extravaganza.

    In my opinion it is your direction that selects your destination.

    Under the scenario of open field for move and play without deterrence and engagement, even the road side robber can have a bunch of meal, as RAW, KHAD, MOOSAD, are multiple sole under one umbrella.

    Sublimating, a single political wing could have been a better option as we as nation can not believe and regard our premier or people like zardari or rehman malik to decide what is essential and play with the integrity and sovereignty.

    In my opinion it would have been a Devali in India and RAW ought to be distributing sweets to celebrate along term desire to crush the resister and threat.

  5. shair Avatar

    Raza Haider,

    It would be nice if you can cut your *Philosophy* and put the meat in 4 lines.

    No one has time to read your unwanted intellect.

  6. nota Avatar

    Well said! I don’t think the “meat” would even fill 4 lines though — I doubt it would fill one 🙂

  7. Afzal Avatar

    Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath ISI special have exposed that even PPP does not know about such decisions

  8. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    well said dr razahaider but plz keep it short so we the majority can read it

  9. Dr.Waqar Avatar

    We are now helpless it is our bad luck Zardari and company ruling here in Pakistan these all robbers past full with the these performances God help us