FBI admits to kidnapping Dr. Afia Siddiqui, to Afghanistan

According to the BBC Urdu, the FBI has conceded that Dr. Afia Siddiqi who had vanished from Karachi over five years ago in March 2003 along with her children is in the custody of American forces in Afghanistan but sadly in a horrid medical condition

The information comes from BBC, when it received an email from lawyers based in the US hired by Dr. Afia’s brother to try and help influence the release of her sister who has been allegedly been in the custody of American forces. The lawyers claims that on Thursday an agent from the FBI came to Dr. Afia Siddiqui’s brothers house and admitted to the fact that Dr. Afia is indeed in solitary confinement within a prison in Afghanistan and in serious medical condition

It may be recalled that over five years ago Dr. Afia suddenly disappeared from Karachi along with her three children never to be seen from again, both the Pakistani and American forces have never acknowledged her disappearance until probably now, five years after her kidnapping. The admittance may well be attributed to the immense media pressure created when a number of human rights organizations presented evidence of a certain prisoner-of-war known as Prisoner 650 who was in terrible medical condition within an American prison located in Afghanistan and they had reason to suspect that Prisoner 650 was Dr. Afia Siddiqui

BBC Urdu reports that since Thursday’s development family members have been running from pillar to post in an attempt to wrangle more information on the whereabouts of Prisoner 650, but authorities have been tight lipped about the issue.

In all the frantic developments over the past three days the family within Pakistan has been on the receiving end, of anonymous threatening phone calls to try and subdue them to remain quite on the entire international issue.

Hopefully, Pakistanis will unite to demand the release of all Pakistanis who were kidnapped in this way, and handed over to the US [FBI Wanted Report, hunting for Dr. Afia] and often kept in solitary confinement in secret detention centers and tortured.

Pakistan’s parliament should hold an inquiry into this matter, and hold the guilty people accountable.



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  1. Robyn Avatar

    Alas, there are pockets of bad in every society, but we should not blame a whole nation for bad governments. Please take a look at one American who tries to make a difference in your Northern Pakistan, he has written a book about his works. http://www.threecupsoftea.com/
    I pray for peace on earth, it shall never be if we hate each other.

  2. Sanjolian Avatar

    it is said by the sensible people that there will be a “RED REVOLUTION” in our country. May Allah keep us on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and THE QURAN.

  3. umm aboo bakr Avatar
    umm aboo bakr

    shame on all of us muslims

    afia siddiqui is still not free

    let us see what her fellow citizens of the world are doing or will do to get her released from this inhumane and unlawful detention

    best solution for Pakistan

    get rid of the corrupt politicians who run this corrupt govt now

    take courage from the thais who have no iman but could get their president out

    lets get pakistan

    paak and free of the filthy dogs who run it then get our sisters and brothers who were sold back home

    pray to Allah swt for strength to

    do the RIGHT THING

  4. rashid Avatar

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  5. noor ud din Avatar
    noor ud din

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  6. noorzamankhan Avatar

    i very sorry pakistani president mushraf/prime minister very higly mistaks daughter arested for supply u s forces &hand over?

  7. Waqas Avatar

    Pakistan should immediately withdraw transit facilities given to US and NATO Military Shipment to Afghanistan, as the US continues to keep Dr. Afia in their custody on basis of thier cooked story on which no one can believe. We must realize that our cruel leaders have ability to negotiate rescheduling of loans but they cant negotiate or pressurize US to release afia.

    Join This Group: Stop US/NATO shipments for Release of Dr Afia Siddiqui

  8. Arsalan Avatar

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatAllah wa barakatuhu,

    Dear Muslim sisters and brothers, It's a really brighten sign that you all are alive!! you all are concerned about what happened to Dr. Afia Siddiqui. First One who are believers of Allah, who posses belief in Tauheed, they are not losing their hopes. Tauheed will keep the hope alive in your heart, we may be sinful but Allah is merciful to forgive them.

    Every other second or every other moment , a thing (living or non-living) is ending up and another is borned. Same as every other moment , some events end up and some begins. We Muslims, We have Got chain of bad events tied from our past to our present. 99.99% of them are the results of our sinful and wrong deeds for them we must be ashamed to Allah and must ask Forgiveness to Allah.

    And after that must keeping your hopes Good or Positve (to Allah) and hope for a Good beginnig. May Allah forgive us and do Mercy on all of us.

    Imagine Dr.Afia Siddiqui is one of them who are betrayed like that, Dr. Afia is our Muslim sister, How Many are like hers in Kashmir, Palestine,Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosove, Checnya,…. etc. Imagine How many girls are Kidnapped in Karachi After Benazir Bhutto was assaulted! How many Students of Laal Masjid and Masjid-e-Hafsa are still missing but unreported!! How many Girls or Boys are kidnapped by the agenicies working in Pakistan for U.S, and severally tortured like that. Remember Dr.Shazia case who was raped when she was on the duty at an "Army destination"! and Former President Pervez Musharraf (i call him Dogi) denied to submit her case and pressurised her to remain silent.

    i agree with my sisters and i must say them that they keep themselves according to what Allah says. Haya is the Base of Iman. So learn Islam and digout the true Islamic values from the reliable and approved books.

    And i may ask to my Muslim brothers, i see my real sister or daughter of my mum and dad with an eye that i am her brother, i am her Guard, I have so many responsibilities about her that Allah will ask for them to me in the day of Judgement. Remember God can forgive us for His own rights( Huqooq Allah) but Huqooq-ul-Ibad ( Rights of peoples on us) God will not interfare, it's directly subjected to us and to whom we are responsible for.

    Last, i must say to my Muslim Brothers Respect Human being, Respect Woman!! We must respect Woman in really special way or by exceptional means. Their hearts are soft, so dont break their heart. Give them comfort and security and pay well attention to their needs. And be aware of all the responsibilities we got on our shoulders about them.All the Muslims are brothers and sisters to each other. So if my sister is my "Respect and Honour" , so as yours sister is as same to me like my sister is to me.Be careful of your women wether she is your sister or daughter,wife or mother in all aspects of life.Make them follow the commandments of Allah and You can preach them of Islam in a polite manner.

    Keep ur Hopes alive and pray to Allah,

    yours brother,

    Mr. AT (Arsalan Tariq)

  9. Siddique DauR Avatar
    Siddique DauR

    Shame on you all faggots pakis.

    All pakis and their forces and their leaders

    are FAGGOTS.

    America will f*k you

    and you ppls will only see each other bloody asses.

    I wish I wish i wouldnt born in this fkng Country.

    One Day FBI will take your wives, then you wll see

    1. you deny Avatar
      you deny

      yes you are correct

  10. Gonzo Avatar

    The Islamic state of Iran sends two innocent women in prison becase they… changed their religion!

  11. Zafar Ahmed Avatar
    Zafar Ahmed

    We sold Dr. Afia Siddiqui to an undisclosed amount to USA, she was picked from Gulshan Iqbal-Karachi by FBI with the support of our elite LEAs.We were responsible for this crimnal act of handing over her to USA and still call themself muslim….I dont know any thing about her and if there were some acquisitions aginst her , then it should have been tried in our courts on what ever the charges.Selling a muslim woman to USA is a question and those responsible should be tried in the ccourt.

    I was really surprised that not a single anchorperson of any TV channel, raised the issue with Hallary Clinton, on her recent visit to Pakistan.

  12. You forget Avatar
    You forget

    You ignorant gits deserve all you get, you all seem to forget the amount of lives that got taken at 911, and all their familys, I hope she gets what she deserves, along with all you ignorant extremists that also post on here !!

    1. you deny Avatar
      you deny

      911 was very much justified. the killing of the americans was a splendid reply for helping the jews, attacking iraq and entering the gulf

      we are coming with more 911s, we will make sure you taste death

      as for our sister afia, she is innocent, unlike the taxpaying and democratic hypocrites of usa. so expect more slaughter of the americans, civilian and marine alike

  13. Observer Avatar

    @you deny

    Killing innocent civilians cannot be justified – be it Muslims or non-Muslims!

  14. ayub Avatar

    i solute her career and i prar for her early relaese

  15. akash Avatar

    pray to ALLAH that he will released afia from this prison,because i can,t see from 1 year any effort from people of pakistan and from govt of pakistan so pray for her in your prayers this is the only way which i have seen and this is the best way because ummah is suffer due to his action,pray and pray from heart with cry and pain allah will help us,