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Dr. Afia – Tortured & Terrorised for five years, but on trial for Assaulting an Officer

Afia Siddiqui after tortureIf you were for a moment, believe in all the BS that comes out of America then this must be probably yet another sparkling attempt to fool the world for the umpteenth time.

The new ‘story’ behind Dr. Afia’s sudden sudden disappearance may have something to do with the accidental FBI revelation previously on Thursday which has suddenly been transformed into one where they have allegedly found Dr. Afia on July 17th 2008 loitering around an Afghan governors compound carrying documents for creating explosives, excerpts from the Anarchist’s Arsenal, sealed bottles filled with liquids and gels [I’m impressed that she was not carrying the bomb itself while loitering around with every possible incriminating evidence stashed in her purse]. Upon her arrest the Afghan police dutifully presented her for questioning the next day where an American military officer happened to place an M-4 next to her, she naturally went crazy, fired two shots [screaming Allah-o-Akbar {Alert Alert! Oh my gosh thats a keyword sure to land her into Gitmo}] and in the tussle got shot in the torso by the military officer acting in ‘self defense’. [WOW that script must be from a page torn out of some James Bond movie.]

I don’t even have to ask anyone to read in-between the lines – its simply apparent. Just because an FBI team accidentally coughed up an admittance on Thursday that Dr. Afia actually was confined in an American jail in Afghanistan, they now needed to supply a public alibi, how would she look tortured, battered and terrorized walking into a New York court house sporting a bullet wound in her hip. Yes they needed an elaborate story [yet stupid] combined with a few testimonials to support their claims

It truly infuriates me that they kidnapped her on absolutely no charge held her captive for over five years and then to rub salt on our wounds try to cook up a lame ass excuse of assaulting an officer [who is then responsible for the five years of mental and physical assault on her and her children (???)] I have little words to express my anger, the anger of a nation, the anger of seeing a women brutalized and made insane simply because she was rumored to have been a key figure in Al-Qaida.

New York Times

American officials said they had no knowledge of Ms. Siddiqui’s location for the past five years until July 17, when Ms. Siddiqui and a teenage boy were detained in Ghazni, Afghanistan, after local authorities became suspicious of their loitering outside the provincial governor’s compound. When they searched Ms. Siddiqui’s handbag, the Afghan police found documents describing the creation of explosives as well as excerpts from the “Anarchist’s Arsenal.” She also carried sealed bottles and glass jars filled with liquids and gels.

The day after she was detained, an American team, including two F.B.I. agents, two American soldiers and interpreters, went to the police station to talk to her. The F.B.I. has wanted her for questioning since May 2004, a Justice Department spokesman said. The complaint gave the following account of what happened next. Americans entered a room in the police station, unaware that Ms. Siddiqui was being held there, unsecured, behind a curtain. One of the soldiers, a warrant officer, sat down and placed his M-4 rifle on the floor next to the curtain.

Shortly after the meeting began, the other soldier, a captain, heard a woman yelling from the curtain. He turned to see Ms. Siddiqui pointing the warrant officer’s rifle at him. The interpreter sitting closest to Ms. Siddiqui lunged at her and pushed the rifle away as she pulled the trigger and shouted, “God is Great.” She fired at least two shots, but no one was hit. The warrant officer returned fire with his 9mm pistol, hitting Ms. Siddiqui at least once in the torso. Ms. Siddiqui struggled when officers tried to subdue her, shouting in English that she wanted to kill Americans. After she was subdued, the complaint said, she “temporarily lost consciousness.”

Ms. Siddiqui was charged Monday with one count of trying to kill American officers and employees and one count of assaulting them, the Justice Department said. If convicted, she faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for each count.


  • Ahmed Ali |

    Dr.Afia is our muslim sister and i deeply feel ashamed what kind of a brother i am that she is in the custody of Kafir (non muslim) Zani devil americans.

    Americans can never justify what they did with Muslims and they deserve our hate.

    SHAME ON YOU Barrister Ali K.Chishti,dont you have a daughter or sister. I think you should be hanged you shameless animal.


    Dear all,

    you all are true.it is a painful and shamful act towards dr afia siddique. As a humanbeing we all condem this act and pray to allah may dr afia releaseed from this painful and horrible life (ameen).as a human i request pakistan Government to take necessary actions towards dr afia our sister as soon as possible.

  • Roomi |

    M Really Sorry Dr Aafia…..We r Not Like Mohammad Bin Qasim,Salahudin Ayubi n others …..we r Shamedful Nation Please 4 give us……Beacuse We Chose Pervaiz Musharraf n PML Q Simply I Said Today We R Totaly Dead n Black Nation

  • babar jarrral |

    It is result of our foriegn policy against terriosm,why Pakistani govnmt allow to handover their citizen to FBI.now goernment should take stand on international forum for release of Dr.Afia,as she is asset of paksitan.

  • DavefromPhilly |

    I realize that I am late commenting here, but for those who hate and condemn all Americans, you must realize that it is a very small amount of people in the government that do these things. It sickens me what happened to Afia, and we should all put an end to these types of atrocities, but cruelty and torture are a world-wide problem that can only be stopped when all of the worlds citizens decide enough is enough. And Amnesty International and other civil rights groups do the best that they can!

  • Faisal Shafi |

    We Pakistanis are the worst dogs of the world. We are the lowest of the low germs and bacteria hanging from skunks. How can we even look at ourselves in the mirror every morning. Who ever is responsible for handing over Dr. Afia to the bastards Bush and Company should be hanged publicly. How is this person Musharraf roaming around free in Pakistan. How the hell is he representing our country on foreign trips. Baitullah Mehsud and his American Financiers should also be shot.

  • ali |

    I am guttered i cant imagine this kind of stuff our muslim can do to, to help other or non muslim to abuse our mothers or sisters it is very awful and shameful .

    I believe this is america they talk about all rights and other stuff but when time comes to sort out their issues so here you go they can do what ever they like .

    And ofcourse they are using muslim everywhere but m sure history repeat itself one day they will be betrayed or finished soon.


  • ali |


  • Ejazullah Baig |

    The whole story is just confusing. It is hard to understand, that female muslim student styding in USA was very active with a terror orgnization, and no US security agency knew about it until now! This is funny,but let us suppose she had links with such an orgnization. Then the US government should have arrsted her at once and deport her. May I request the US authorties, to please release her for the sake of humanity any way. Because this eventually, damges the image of USA very badly. Blessing to all…

  • Doesnt matter. |

    America is f*cking sh*t. I'm really really really sorry about 9/11 but seriously our gov't needs to get the f*ck over there paranoia and stop dealing with everything like f*cking cowards, if we're going to "fight" terrorism why dont we do it the right way and fallow the constitution and law, by having actual, FAIR trials instead of kidnapping and treating the "suspects" (more like victims)like dogs. Yes, America is a superior and strong country, and thats why it shocks me to see this is how we decide to use our superiority, but in all honesty the american government is composed of selfishness and cowardliness.

  • Rizwan Ullah Qureshi |

    I don’t have sympathy for Dr.Afia Siddique as she was definitely involved in terrorism-related activates (there’s no doubt) but having said that Pakistan should have jailed her in Pakistan and trailed her in Pakistan instead selling her miserable soul to the US. That(s) what I am angry at that she should have been imprisoned in Pakistan instead of America,.

    Obviously, the American story sucks big time!

    America will face this reaction….but she will…….not ready. for this…..Because her heart is broaked after sole by Hand of Musharaf to FBI..

    and Musharaf will also see the result of this action against Afia……….

    Rizwan Ullah Qureshi.

    Shahbazkhel LakkiMarwat.

  • umar |

    what the hell are you doing ……..

    you bloody american plz go away let us live freely

  • rabia |

    may all the animals responsible for the condition Dr Afia is in today be tortured and tormented and die in the most horrific way.. may they have agonizing lives and burn in the eternal fires forever!!!

  • zainab altaf |

    shameful act of our,a women of great spirit is she,she has suffered alot now we must do for her……………..wake up pakistani