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NY: Afia Siddiqui court hearing, Monday 11th Aug @ 2:30 pm

We are being informed that the first court hearing of Dr. Afia Siddiqui where she is being tried on charges of assaulting an officer is scheduled for Monday 11th August at the Magistrate Court in Downtown Manhattan

Dr. Afia’s Hearing in New York

Location: Magistrate Court, Downtown Manhattan, 500 Pearl St. 5th Floor (MAP)
Date: Monday 11th August
Time: 2:30 PM

A call is being issued to Pakistanis living in and around New York to join other friends and show their support for Dr. Afia when she is presented in court. I am being told this is not being planned as big rally – but there will be a large presence of well wishers from the entire community out to give Dr. Afia moral and emotional support.



    What will happened from this so called rallies.

    ya it happens some thing but………

    do some practical for her freedom

    a peaceful practical that work

    u got what i want to say

  • Osman |

    I think one thing which needs to be done is
    that massive amounts of emails shoud be sent
    to the media in Paksitan demanding someone
    to cmoe forward to give proof that Dr. Afia
    was tunred over to the FBI in 2003.

    THere seems to be someone making such noise
    as reported in daily times today.

    The Case against here is proven to be
    fabircated once this proof emerges.

    email to the media addressed to Faisal
    Saleh Hayat, TO PML Q, Chaudrhies etc, that
    they are responsible for this and they
    better come clean. Any email campaign
    blaming the govt then may have good impact.

    Ashamed to be a Pakistan.. What happened to
    those poor kids.

  • Jusathot |

    What happened to the three kids?? From the pigeonhole brief from her jail cell Afia’s lawyer found out that the older 12-years boy was incarcerated in Belgram. When children are subjected to such kidnapping and prolonged detention – probably under the most awful conditions with the probability of sexual assaults and beatings – the physical scars aside, the physiological damages and growth retardation and acute psychosis are of longterm nature – if not lifetime. May Allah’s wrath fall on these monsters and those responsible for their barter for some dollars. The practical thing to do for those of us who are not able to fight these monsters is atleast put the heat on our beyghairt officials and keep these atrocities highlighted at all forums and venues.

  • Junaid |

    shame on our bhaigerat agencies and bas???d Musharraf.
    this proves, these bast**ds can sell their mother and sister for money or other things.

  • Osman |

    I think its easy to post of the web. But far
    more effective if we can turn the heat trough
    the newspapers letter to the editors and opinion
    onto those who were in charge at the time.

    i.e. Mush and PML Q, specifically Faisal Saleh
    Hayat and the Chaudhries. If they kept getting
    named in this sorry affiar, may be they will

    If they do confirm her arrest and being turned
    over, it will prove fabrication on part of the
    US govt, which is a serious crime even by
    US law.

  • Osman |

    With freinds like these who needs enemies.

    Our own bloody government and agencies sell
    our kids. Little kids.

    How can these people even show their faces.

    I am no fan for zordari or nawaz shariff,
    and they may yet starve us to death with
    thier incompetence.

    However, Mush, PML Q and Co, they killed
    little girls out of choice not just

    Excellent record. Killing little girls in
    Lal masjid. Handing over Dr. Afia. And I
    cannot get over the poor kids. They could
    have at least handed them over to the
    father or the grad mother.

    Lanat on them All.

  • Greywolf |

    So let me get this straight. Afia Siddiqui is being presented in front of a proper and fair court of law … and you want a bunch of ignorant fanatics to create a scene by raiding the court?

    I think somebody ought to question your mental state.

    It is upto Afia Siddiqui’s lawyers to prove that she is innocent and that she was in US custody for five years. So far I haven’t seen a shred of evidence suggesting otherwise.

  • Greywolf |

    I mean suggesting that Afia Siddiqui’s supporers are telling the truth. So far there is no evidence for it.

  • Sahira |

    Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s bail hearing in southern district court Manhattan is on Monday August 11.

    Her lawyers will hold a press conference outside the court @ 1 PM.

    Hearing is @ 2:30 PM.

    This is an excellent chance to show our support for her and to protest peacefully against her inhumane treatment and illegal imprisonment.

    All Pakistanis in NYC, please come to the Court and participate.

    Please spread the word to as many people as you can.

  • pakistani patriot |

    Now Osman that is a very good argument. Unfortunately all good arguments are employed in favor of Muslims alone.

    Greywolf above made a blunder. Afia Siddiqui is an alleged terrorist and US govt must in a court of law prove her guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

    However the claim that she was in US custody for the last five years needs to be proved as well- the burden of proof is on the one asserting.

  • pakistani patriot |

    “Come to court and participate”- what the hell does that mean?

  • Momina |

    May Allah’s Wrath be upon traitors and tyrants. This Pakistani government can sell anyone for dollars.