Lahore: Joint Protest against arrest of Dr. Aafia

Lahore Protest
Date: Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: Outside Governor house, Lahore

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The Student Action Committee have joined hands with other Lahore based organizations to host a protest at the Governor House in Lahore on 12th August at 6:00pm, if you are in Lahore do join them and be a part of the voice that appeals to the world to release Dr. Aafia from her captors who are actually running a War OF Terror.

Our appeal is simple, Free Aafia and return her to Pakistan safely along with her three missing children



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5 responses to “Lahore: Joint Protest against arrest of Dr. Aafia”

  1. Basit Avatar

    I went to the gathering at 500 Pearl Street this afternoon. Unfortunately only a handful of people were in attendance. Aitzaaz Ahsan also came- escorted by two guys who also appeared to be lawyers. I was not aware that Aitzaaz had done anything notable to highlight Aafia’s plight in Pakistan but here he was busy giving interviews and getting pics taken with Pakistani expatriates.
    Now more to the point. I don’t think our appeal should be to free Dr. Aafia. Personally I went to the gathering to protest the inhumane treatment she and her children have been subjected to. What we should be demanding is accountability for the last 5 years that she’s been missing and justice. We really shouldn’t be appealing that she be freed- for all that we know she MIGHT actually have terrorist links. What we should be asking is justice, a fair trial, and accountability.
    And it’s sad that the organizers weren’t better prepared with some printouts about Dr. Aafia and her history. Several people stopped by but there were no handouts. An argument nearly broke out between a crazy American and an uncle- wish the organizers actually told the people what the point of the gathering was and what was the correct way to answer people’s questions (you’d think uncles would learn after years of having lived here!). I don’t think any of us should be out there vouching for her innocence since we really don’t know the reality.
    I’d really like to thank Teeth Maestro for advertising the event and covering this entire issue. I only got to know about it through the blog; unfortunately there’s not much coverage in international media or Pakistani media for that matter.

  2. imran Avatar

    teeth mian this lady been abducted by cia four year ago are u guys sleeping since that time what a hypocracy is that now they gona bail her out so they give u guys a news to chew and u r chewing

  3. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    @imran – I don’t think its fair to say we woke up about missing persons in Pakistan – it has been extensively covered on this blog previously – you might want to take a look at one earlier posting

    Missing Persons Documentary

    Dr Aafia was one of the many missing people who were being kept locked away in complete denial – I suspect many like her suffer the same fate – it is most definitely concerning for us all – that our government choose to hand over its people without proof – says a lot about the much highly acclaimed Enlightened Moderation of yesteryear

  4. noha Avatar

    Mr teeth, how come you havent replied to me on your post of “Ye hum nahin”.?? why are you putting up such posts anyway?

    I agree with Mr. Basit on this matter. btw did this protest happen in lahore yesterday? As we all know it rained in Lahore.

  5. wahi alam Avatar
    wahi alam

    Aoa,from this panel i have very minute words to protest(a least one) against the arrest of Dr afia,i must say to all
    my countrymates specially to the goverment of Pakistan “kia ab es watan ki betain ki qurbani bhi tumhen neend se jaga nai sakti tu apne anjam k lye tayar ho jao.agr es quam k beton(sons) mein talwar uthane ki sakt nai rai ha tu phir kesa protest aur kesi advertisment……..”