Musharraf ‘likely’ to resign today: Address 1:00pm

Musharraf toppling overPresident Pervaiz Musharraf will address the nation today at 1pm in which he is expected to resign, according to reports. Geo News confirms through their sources that while addressing the nation a part of an understanding he will announce his resignation before the impeachment motion is tabled in the assembly.

In the mean time reports confirm that a plane is standing by at Chaklala from the Saudi Arabian government where Musharraf will proceed for three-months before deciding on his permanent onward destination [self exile] Which was reported by Newsweek yesterday

We must demand that instead of indemnity to Musharraf, an exemplary punishment be awarded to Musharraf so that in future no General should ever dare to violate the Constitution of Pakistan. Some may want to sign this online petition: No safe passage, indemnity for dictator Musharraf

It may seem to be a victory for Pakistan to have this dictator toppled soon to then be replaced by Democracy, but we surely must curse our luck that his hunger for power since the past few months have ruined Pakistan beyond repair shoved us into an NRO deal allowing the crooks to return as expert thieves but more importantly Musharraf nutured our judiciary which could have alternatively kept these robbers in check. Lets also not forget and undermine his nine year rule which was more or less amounted to selling our soul to a whims of another nation. Looking at the future, we simply need to buckle down and hope that the ‘unelected’ [Zardari & Nawaz Sharif] can guide this country into better times without us loosing a few body parts in the process



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6 responses to “Musharraf ‘likely’ to resign today: Address 1:00pm”

  1. newb3e Avatar

    Then what.
    Asif Zardari will rule this country…Judges wont be restored,what will you domocrecy fighter do then?

    MUSHI is evil but Zardari is the bigger evil.

    I would chose lesser Evil to rule this country.

  2. Acme Avatar

    the best of the worst lot… His intent may often have been good but his political allies were the lowest of the low.
    They came and went, each time to be replaced by worse scum.

  3. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    @newb3e – I agree with your greater evil – lesser evil analogy – it holds true for Musharraf and Zardari

  4. newb3e Avatar

    Now I just hope Nawaz plays a game and demand for restoration of Judges,NRO will be disqualified and Asif Zardari will be Hanged and Nawaz will be the king of this country.

    Damn worst things to come for Pakistan.

    Lal Majid incident destroyed mushi’s image if Lal masjid had not taken place Pakistani might have still supported him.

  5. zafar Avatar

    do peerzade tay do peer ruj ruj khan kheer,
    mushraf da jana ho gia pather tay likeer,
    chaudry ban gaiy lakeer day fakeer,
    her pasay ho gai benazeer benazeer.
    zafar hussain zafar written dated on 14 august 2008

  6. Shahrukh khan Avatar
    Shahrukh khan

    Thats it!!! this was the end of the Pakistan’s Era .The only reason he was pressured to quit was ( He is a Mohajir)
    Lets see how Asif Biryani & Nawaz badmaash will save Pakistan….I assure you that Mr.10% will be 100% as soon as possible & Nawaz Badmash will have more industries.Their ayashees will prosper & they will leave these emotional fool Pakis begging on the streets for bread & water .Reality is that its not the politicians of Pakistan who are corrupt ….Its the people of Pakistan who are corrupt…Pakistan will be in the hands of dacoits one more time but its their choise & they deserve it .now they will try their best to get rid off karachi’s governer ishrat-ul-abaad & city nazim mustafa kamal & if this happens fellow mohajirs “””Pakistan say zinda bhaag ” becz now you have no reason to live in Pakistan….