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  • iFaqeer |

    And Imran Khan is the one to point this out and to follow? I am looking for leadership, too, but I’d like to know how Imran fits the bill…

  • d0ct0r |

    Unfortunately world’s most corrupt Widower NROfied mega plunderer Asif Bhutto Zardari is all set to become president,although he has used his position and clout to get all the major cases of corruption closed here in pakistan by hooks or crooks but the fact remains that few of his corruption cases that were being investigated by Swiss government it self remain pending against him
    and no matter how hard he tries,no matter how many times pakistani attorney general goes and tell them that all is good he is a clean man now,they are not listening,coz they have found him linked to corruption and they got a strong case. (now a financially corrupt person who got corruption cases pending against him and is so slippery with his words that he has to insist that he wants to take oath and promise on Quran just to show that he is sincere and he won’t back out on his words and promises. Unfortunately oath and promise on quran also didn’t seem to work with world’s most corrupt widower, he not surprisingly backed out of his words yet again)

    While talking to Mazhar Abbas(PFUJ president) PPP’s Nabeel Gabol Said that Zardari is the most credible person in PPP(now if Zardari is most credible then you can easily imagine and gauge the reputation of rest of the ppp leaders..) Mr Abbass Further asked Nabeel Gabol how could Zardari be Pakistan’s president when he is Chairman of PPP as well and Nabeel gave example of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who also took oath as president while remaining as chairman of PPP, Mazhar Abbas quickly reminded him that Bhutto took oath as President but was country’s first Civilian Marshall Law Administrator,Nabeel Gabol responded that like
    Bhutto,Zardari would be doing the same and there is nothing wrong with that..)

    So basically we got rid of a military dictator and now we have to put up with a civilian dictator,when America’s SOB from military finished his job and was getting unpopular then Americans needed a civilian and ‘democratically elected’ SOB,so this is the best they could manage,a corrupt,slippery widower who would easily back out from the promises(just like previous dictator) and won’t mind stabbing them for his own gains.

    *Those who don’t understand the term America’s SOB kindly refer to these urls :



    *Corruption Cases pending against world’s most Corrupt Widower Asif Ali Zardari:



  • Nisar Khoro |

    The latest from an establishment insider is that a platoon of male donkeys is being prepared for Rehman Malik and AZ. The two scoundrels will be locked in with this platoon with the vow “Till death do us apart.”

    Animal right activists are aghast at this proposed abuse of donkyes. Please raise a voice for these poor animals. What are they going to be subjected too?

  • Kami |


    Zardair will get NRO-ed from SWISS Govt soon. Its just the matter of time. It wouldn’t prove him innocent but it would prove him just another stooge.

    Do you think the Govt of England doesn’t know the Kaley Kartoot of our PEER SAHIB?, but they turn a blind eye as long as the person of interest serves their interests.

    So don’t bet on the SWISS Govt.