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Few people know that the journalistic career of Dr Shahid Masood began at the Karachi-based, pro-MQM Quami Akhbar. In those days Dr Shahid Masood used to practice at Jinnah Hospital. He would regularly visit the office of Qaumi Akhbar situated in a street adjacent to I I Chundrigar Road and urge the editors to place his single column nuggets, which he filed as a health reporter from Jinnah Hospital, prominently in the newspaper.

When Dr Shahid Masood was about to move to London (as a medical practitioner) he pestered the editor, Ilyas Shakir, for a letter stating that he was the ‘London bureau chief’ of Qaumi Akhbar. Ilyas Shakir avoided him for quite long apprehending that the doctor wanted to get a visa on the basis of his association with a newspaper. He bothered the news editor, Mr Khusnood, tirelessly who finally issued him an official letter.

Dr Shahid Masood’s break in the media came when famous singer Nazia Hasan died in London. He came to Pakistan with the body of Ms Hasan and interviewed the mother of the deceased. Qaumi Akhbar was the only newspaper of Pakistan which covered the story comprehensively and people noticed Dr Shahid Masood for the first time as a journalist.

Then came the Valima reception of Altaf Hussain for which the ‘bhai’ sent special invitations to Ilyas Shakir and reporter Sabir Ali. Since it was a personal invite from Altaf bhai, the two had to attend the reception. The ‘bureau chief’ was then asked by Ilyas Shakir to make arrangements for their stay in London. Now the ‘bureau chief’ pleaded his editor to take him along to the Valima ceremony of the MQM chief. That was probably the first big political gathering Dr Shahid ever attended.

Ilyas Shakir then planned to interview Benazir Bhutto who was also in London at that time. Once again the ‘bureau chief’ was accompanying Ilyas Shakir and Sabir Ali. When the three reached Benazir Bhutto’s residence, Dr Shahid Masood was stopped at the entrance by Wajid Shamsul Hasan (who has now been appointed Pakistan high commissioner to the UK) on the pretext that he was not a journalist. Sabir Ali argued in favour of letting Dr Masood in, saying that he was Qaumi Akhbar’s London bureau chief.

Finally he was allowed to enter the premises by Benazir Bhutto herself. After the conclusion of the interview, Dr Shahid Masood convinced Ms Bhutto to hold a copy of Qaumi Akhbar while he photographed her. Ms Bhutto obliged and in the next day’s issue of Qaumi Akhbar, the caption of the front-page picture read at the end: photo by Dr Shahid Masood.

Later, staffers at Qaumi Akhbar heard that the pest they always tried to keep away from had joined a television channel. Most people envied while some sent him congratulatory messages. To Dr Shahid Masood’s credit, he always met his ‘ex-colleagues’ respectfully even after his eventful stint at Geo.

I don’t know whether one should call it a success story or not. Successful Dr Masood is but at what cost? Sane people know Dr Shahid Masood as a religious fanatic who always likes to play to the gallery. Many people call him Dr Qayamat Masood because of the set of CDs he released suggesting that the doomsday was just round the corner. Not only is he ideologically an extreme rightist, his ‘facts’ are more often than not wrong and concocted. His level of general knowledge can be judged by an entry posted by London-based Ayesha Ijaz Khan, who is also a The News occasional contributor, on her website [PDF Download].

There’s no denying the fact that what he achieved came as a result of his untiring efforts to make inroads into the mainstream press but the outlandish manner in which he lied in his recent Jang column on the resignation of the president speaks volumes of his professional integrity and honesty.





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  1. anas Avatar

    He was also a student activist of Jamat-e-Islami, long term affiliation.

  2. Pupu sala Avatar

    Dr. Shahid invented condoms as well? ppl what the hell you guys want from him? every one has right to propel.

  3. temporal Avatar


    thanks for this and the link to ayehsa’s post which added depth

    in fact i owe you one for that link:)

    (have used an excerpt from there on baithak)

  4. Barrister Ali K.Chishti Avatar
    Barrister Ali K.Chishti

    I could safely assert this blog about S.M as ‘bull shit’ and nothing more; yaar there(s) a limit and Awab I seriously have started to doubt your intensions now; what on earth are you doing? You should seriously look what you are publishing! Please..!

    For the record:

    I) Dr.Shahid Masood went to a med-school in Karachi where he joined NSF (PPP’s student union).
    II) Dr.S.M did not attend Altaf Hussain(s) wedding reception nor was in any way affiliated to MQM (yes, as any Urdu Speaking person – he had / has sympathies with MQM)
    III) Dr.SM has worked hard – kindly do not undo his work

    The writer of the piece is a communist / wannabe and should be ignored!


  5. aamir attaa Avatar

    yea, this is being too personal… matter of fact that all of us are striving for success. Professionalism is not to attack someone personally. However, liking or disliking someone is natural, but should not be expressed in open forums like here.

    I am fearing if tomorrow i become a big man in Pakistan’s scene then you guys are going to expose my childhood deeds?

    I am not doubting the legitimacy the content presented here, but this is really not a good way to oppose anyone.

    Let’s start taking things positively…!


  6. Salman Avatar

    aamir ataa writes:

    “Let’s start taking things positively…!”

    Now that is a oxymoron that Pakistanis can actually think positively.

    Do not worry Aamir, Pakistanis also have weak memories of the past and are quite forgetful. Do continue the path to become a big man in Pakistan.


  7. Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar Avatar
    Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar

    my comments might be construed as hindsight is 20-20 but I never trusted Dr. Shahid Masood. he seemed like he was always doing makhol and was more interested in chaska and bongian than anything else. there is and was a world of difference between a proper journalist like Talat Hussain (who has to be one of the very best in the world) and a hack like our good old Doctor sahib. doctor sahib’s questioning was often childish. it seemed like at times even he couldn’t believe his luck and how he could make up sensationalist crap and get away with it. so, when he “switched loyalties” to the dictator dog’s side, even though his numerous fans were very disappointed, I didn’t really care much because I never held him in high esteem from the start.

    having said all that I refuse to believe in individuals – be it someone I respect immensely like the CJ Justice Iftikhar Ch., Aitzaz Ahsan or Talat Hussain or the lotacracy like Shahid Masood, etc. tomorrow if Talat or Aitzaz decide to sell out, I won’t slit my wrists. people come and go. what matters is the principle, the idea. what matters is the system. people are replaceable. just like in Shahid Masood’s spot, four more hack/mini Shahid Masoods will spring up. after all our matti is very zarkharez at producing such small, insignificant men.

  8. Dinky Mind Avatar

    Lol @ the name “Dr Qayamat Masood” 😀

    Those who don’t know all this are big fans of him. I never liked his style “Tajziay, Tabsiray, behes, mubahisa…” in the programme “meray mutabiq”. He confuses things and makes us confused too :/

    Keep us enlightened with such posts. I still can’t forget your post on Dr. Amir Liaquat Ali. 😛 It was one funny post 😀

  9. Barrister Ali K.Chishti Avatar
    Barrister Ali K.Chishti


  10. Ahmad Avatar

    Is there a defaming program going on this blog? Why Dr. Awab is so much against Dr Shahid Masood? There are shortcoming in every human. The main point here is did he not do the right thing most of the time. Did he not fight against dictatorship.

    why are you searching and looking at negative only.

  11. Kashif Avatar

    Whats wrong with this blog? why all negative comments about everyone? Are people who have written these posts completely sinless or angels?

    Post something constructive…and grow up.

    I don’t see anything wrong here about what S.M did, all it shows it he did not give up and kept trying.

    Don’t look at everything with suspicion. By just posting quotes from some website you are not providing any substantial evidences.

  12. d0ct0r Avatar

    *sigh* another one of Dr Shahid Masood bashing post,every one starts small and then eventually climbs up the ladder,nothing wrong with that,ever since his elevation as PTV MD he is constantly in the crosshairs ..

    When that journalist from Samma claims that he didn’t saw Shahid Masood at the Presidency that day,that does not necessarily mean that Dr Shahid Masood wasn’t at all present at the president house at that time,being chairman of PTV obviously i can imagine that he won’t have been herded together with the rest of media teams covering the resignation that could explain why this journalist didn’t saw him.

    His whole story is based on “According to sources in President House”

  13. agakhani Avatar

    awab, this is 100% true now that like father, like son. You father has no deen eman and same with you. He is with zani-e-azam and you have the same approach, jahan mil jai taree, wahan hee bicha do dari. I still rememeber an old post in your blog whereby you mentioned something else and now its something totally different. Kaheen kissi din apnay ghar walon ko na badal laina. Zalalat ki bhee koi had hoti hai.

  14. d0ct0r Avatar

    kindly delete @agakhani’s comments from all posts

  15. agakhani Avatar

    Why. Come on awab, this is your blog, if you wanna delete my comments, use it, dont use d0ct0r’s name for that farmaish. Every one is aware of this fact.
    By the way, was there something serious or in my comment or something wrong. They are facts and you have to accept it.

  16. Wajahat Avatar

    This is shocking article and is starting to demonstrate an unhealthy appetite for the blog owner to pile everything he hates together. The biggest fact he got wrong is that Dr Masood was Pro MQM. He was infact a leader in the PSF union in his med school days and I can vouch for the fact as my elder brother used to be in his batch. Secondly, PSF and APMSO (MQM Student Wing) were at war throughout that era. I am shocked by the inaccuracies in this article and would hope some clarification is presented or I would start thinking of as another propogandist site, full of lies.

  17. d0ct0r Avatar


    You and those who clap and dance outside 90 after Altaf’s demonic Qawaali performance are the prime example of ‘highly educated’ MQM supporter that mqm always boasts and brags about.nitwits and lowlifes like you think that abusing and acting like a cheapster would give weigh to your lame argument.

    Secondly me and Teeth are two different people,as for your ‘facts’ are you trying to say that MQM didn’t sent bullet filled envelopes to senior journalists in Karachi? are you deny that Muhajir Rabita Council of MQM faxed the hit list containing names of these journalists from the fax number of 90 (nine zero MQM’s headquarter ) ?

    Even criminal Governor Ishrat Ibad or Farooq Sattar can’t claim that MQM wasn’t involved in that episode.

    Ethnic political group(MQM Altaf) allied with ruling party releases journalist “hit list”

    Amnesty International:


  18. agakhani Avatar

    By the way first tell me who will believe that you and awab are different. First prove that and then move with any thing else. Its just like old imran series where Ali Imran was X2 and only he knew that he is X2.

  19. d0ct0r Avatar

    @agakhani seems like you are finally convinced that MQM was indeed involved in threatening,blackmailing and sending journalists bullet filled envelopes.

    No matter how much you whine and wail,the fact remains that MQM is a brutal terrorist organization which have been threatening torturing kidnapping burning and blackmailing not just Journalists but professionals and common citizens from every walk of life..

  20. agakhani Avatar

    @ d0ct0r
    first prove that you are not awab and then further discussion later.

  21. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    @agakhani – that is a good one, now we cant assume that all doctors are Awab can we…

    Don’t know how to make you believe the truth, but I have known d0ct0r for sometime started mostly from Karachi Metroblog discussions and I think we have had our own share of battles between us as well to know that we are two different people – but we agree on one thing for sure MQM 😉 we both seem to be on the same side on that issue

    @d0ct0r – good luck in explaining this googly lol

  22. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    @everyone: This issue is probably just another post in line with the controversial article written by SM after the presidential address – I truly have nothing against SM – this post was shared by the author redKazim and when I read it, it was just interesting to read how SM climbed to the top. There is no harm in that at all, maybe the funny bone in all this was how he made his way into verious interviews, quite normal in Pakistan. But what irks me is to see these LOTTAs spin, for a moment he was Anti-Musharraf but the next moment he climbed on to suck up to Musharraf [watch the PTV press conference] whatever happened to all those ‘principles’

    For me this is just an informative post, read it as such and not as a conspiracy against the anchorman. I rest my case – LOL

  23. notanky Avatar

    Marey mutabiq by DANT MIAN

  24. Barrister Ali K.Chishti Avatar
    Barrister Ali K.Chishti


    Yaar please abstain from personal comments (especially about family); I completely agree with the issues you took up.

    We should not be paying too much heed to doctor(s) part as he’s blinded and taken over by ethnic chauvinism and prejudice which he hides behind his hate for MQM. In reality such people are against us the ‘migrants’ and suffers from PGD (Punjabi Genetic Disorder) which is dangerous then HIV ; let them die out of hate and disgust while we as a ‘Mohajir’ Nation educate ourselves more and vote for MQM (with her goods and bad) since this is about our identity.

    Aghakhani – Doctor happens to be a extreme version of Awab – two different souls!

    (although Doctor might come with a statement that he’s urdu speaking which is b.s)

  25. MQ Avatar

    This is hilarious! Now people are even showing signs of paranoia. Some of your characters are spending too much time on this site and do need help (like a good psychiatrist).

  26. Red Kazim Avatar

    Neither do I have anything personal against Dr Shahid Masood nor is the entry part of any ‘conspiracy’ against him. In fact I have called Dr Shahid Masood a success story and appreciated him for meeting his ex-colleagues respectfully after making it big in Geo. And please don’t accuse the owner of the blog to be hand in glove with the ‘detractors’ of Dr Masood. I and Dr Awab hardly know each other personally.

  27. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    @Notanky – “Mearay Mutabiq by Daaandan Saaz” now that will be a blockbuster hit 😉 PS im shy on tv so I doubt I can ever match the greatest spin doctor Bill O’reilly but somehow I thought Shahid Masood [in my opinion] was aspiring to be like him sadly his dream was cut short when he was offered a post as PTV boss

    @AK Chishti: true you are one person that can attest to the fact that we are two different people, now cant we safely say that d0ct0r and I are on one end while you hail from the opposite side of the barrel 😉

  28. kaka jaan Avatar

    Dr SM is a very devious man. He has climbed his way up with the help of freinds in the agencies.Taliban,MQM and PPP. He is vicious, unstable, scheming and has a very fat ego. During his first address to PTV staff after taking over, he announced “I am a rightist”. And his conduct has proved it.
    It is mind-boggling to see a PPP Govt appointing him, giving him unprecedented powers and it is pathetic to see the powerful Sherry Rehman totally helpless in this regard.

  29. dr_jawwad71 Avatar

    i totally agree with REDKAZIM when he writes:
    “I don’t know whether one should call it a success story or not. Successful Dr Masood is but at what cost?
    i use to say one thing that i m not corrupt because i m a honest man but because i didn,t get the chance of it.

  30. jamshed butt Avatar
    jamshed butt

    Dr shahid is not so important that we are going to discuse this guy,he is just a hipocrate who has been doing jobs in different political orgnistaions time to time.Now he is going to misguide the people.

    1. ali sukrat Avatar

      ohh mr:khawaja i respect your knowledge and experience in politics and socialism but we should have a positive mind for everyone who is presenting the real government i think dr:shahid masood is a good anchor and a presenter. He is doing his job very well and his political carrier is not the part of his journalism.

  31. Rikijordan Avatar

    Dr.Shahid masood, by living geo and joining PTV you just like the “Thali ka Bengan”,before i was watching your programe with this feelings that you are not selfish person now after joining the PTV you gave us this message that NO we were wrong you are a selfish person,and more over you are the person who may sale himself for nothing, but only for your own interst


    sir brothers,,, i have one social Question to Dr shahid Masood..he can only give me Answer….any one can give me Email address of Dr sb…plz.. plz email me on

    bundle of thanks
    raja faisal

  33. pakistani Avatar

    Latest column of dr shahid masood (29th July 09)

    Jiye Bhutto

  34. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Dear Pakistani,

    What a height of hypocrisy because the same Dr Shahid Masood again joined GEO TV and Dr Shahid Masood often pulls popular stunt to gain cheap popularity.[that is why he often write Urdu Columns because human memory is weak]

    One wonder which Shahid Masood is to be trusted, the one who started his career in ARY ONE Views on News, the one who used to exploit Pakistanis on Meray Mutabiq on GEO TV, or the one who joined PTV and Prime Minister Secretariat as the Advisor to PM or the one who again joined Jang Group of Newspapers and GEO TV [AIK BAR PHIR – ONCE AGAIN] 'revealing' that he is dismantled by the government, I wonder after so many somersaults [for earning quick bucks], does even the inept PPP Government need a Zionist Conspiracy to dismantle this comedian, Dr Shahid Masood?

    One wonders that when Dr Shahid Masood knew everything bad about Asif Ali Zardari and Co why did he join the PPP Cabinet, he also accepted the post of MD PTV.

    He is 'bad mouthing' everybody from Musharraf to Zardari but would you like to watch him in this video with Musharraf and Dr Ishratul Ibad????

    Dr Shahid Masood in the company of Relaxed General Musharraf and Governor Sindh Ishratul Ibad and that too after Dr Shahid Masood joined Pakistan Television Corporation on the orders of President Zardari:

    Dosti Musharraf and Shahid Masood

  35. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Dear Pakistani,

    When Dr Shahid Masood knew [which he has written in his Urdu Column above] then knowing all this he joined PPP Administration and then after quitting [when his pay package was discussed in National Assembly and Senate] he filed this story in The News International about Ansar Abbasi!!!

    Minister reveals media-bashing plans of government, says Dr Shahid By Muhammad Ahmad Noorani Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    ISLAMABAD: Senior anchor person and former MD PTV Dr Shahid Masood has said that he has been told by a federal minister that Ansar Abbasi, Editor Investigations, The News, was on the government hit list and once he is “dismantled” the next target will be Shaheen Sehbai, the Group Editor of the newspaper. Dr Shahid explained that he was clearly told by a PPP government federal minister that he (Dr Shahid) has already been ‘dismantled.’ “Ansar Abbasi is being dismantled right now while Shaheen Sehbai will be dismantled in the near future,” he said.

    ANSAR ABBASI and Plots:

    Hye Plot, Hye Plot: Ansar Abbasi Sells His Soul for a Plot July 28, 2009 at 6:43 am ·

    In her affidavit, she wrote

    “I, Zeba Ansar Abbasi, wife of Ansar Ahmed Abbasi NIC 6110-9436395-8 has been nominated by Ansar Abbasi, in respect of the plot to be allotted to him. In this regard, I undertake to bear all liabilities in respect of plot to be allotted to him, in event of his death without prejudice to the rights of the legal heir under the relevant laws”.

    Press Conference against Ansar Abbasi:

  36. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Minister reveals media-bashing plans of government, says Dr Shahid By Muhammad Ahmad Noorani Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    Dr Shahid explained that he was clearly told by a PPP government federal minister that he (Dr Shahid) has already been ‘dismantled.’ “Ansar Abbasi is being dismantled right now while Shaheen Sehbai will be dismantled in the near future,” he said.


    I hope you remember the background of Mr Shahin Sehbai [One of the Editor of The News International and earlier he was in Dawn], he had escaped from Pakistan [to save himself from the wrath of the Establishment headed by General Musharraf and Co particularly after the Controversy of Shaheen Sehbai's Story on the Murder of Daniel Pearl after the start of War on Terror] and Mr Shaheen used to run a Web Based News Service i.e. South Asia Tribune but suddenly Mr Shaheen Sehbai reappeared and closed his website [whereas Mr Shaheen during his self imposed exile in USA used to raise hue and cry against the Military Establishment that he and his family member's life is in danger] he returned to Pakistan and that too under the Martial Ralw of General Musharraf and joined ARY TV Channel then GEO and then The News International [where he is presently working].

  37. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Minister reveals media-bashing plans of government, says Dr Shahid.

    Like this!

    Kamran Khan, Rauf Klasra, The News, GEO TV & Plots.

  38. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Dr Shahid Masood more lies

    Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [1/4]

    Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [2/4]

    Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [3/4]

    Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [4/4]

  39. Muhammad Tayyab Avatar
    Muhammad Tayyab


    how r u sir? first of all its my pray to God that u may live long.Your programmes are so informative for all and sundry. This is your good try to get something about government persons. what they r doing and what they want? So that i regulary watch ur programme and i like so much. I am also a student of fina;l Year of M.Sc Mass Communication. so that plz suggest me that what i do to improve my journalistic skills.

    Thank you so much and good bye.

    Muhammad Tayyab

  40. akba Avatar

    Please Must Read

    Plz clear your mind and think

    I think you are not aware of GEO…its being funded by USA govt and India……just think what Jew /Indian/ American lobby want ……… the basic idea is to promote frustration, and despondence in a nation, so they start to demoralize and the future can be mapped as they want to project it in the minds of 50 percent illiterate population.. ..that are born Muslim, can't read, but can see.

    Why on earth USA is concern with only GEO, why CNN, BBC and bush quote GEO? Why not other TV channels in china, japan, Cuba , India , Saudi Arabia , France ? Why only Pakistan ???? ??

    Why geo showed peoples’ bodies without head, only finger parts, people dying after bomb blast? Does any other channel show these things?

    Just think…… in India more than 2000 Muslims were killed in Gujarat in three months!!!! Did you see any 36 hours live coverage of these killings? Has any one seen this on ZEE or star or Sony etc… any Indian channel????

    Babri Masjid was destroyed by Hindus…. any live coverage???? Nuns in Tamil nado of India were burnt alive in a church and for next 6 hours the church kept burning. Did any Indian channel or CNN or BBC show that???? In France , 700 cars were burnt in one day… yet no coverage.

    There were 89 separatist movements in India in 2007 …from Bihar to Kashmir Assam etc … Did you see on any Indian channel showing 250 million people sleeping on footpath???? ?

    Zee India never showed killing of Kashmiris and the attack on GOLDEN TEMPLE , killing of Sikhs on Indian soil

    How many Israeli channels show killing by Israeli soldiers, when they kill Palestinians? ????

    Have you ever seen Indian president or politician being verbally abused on TV channels during live coverage????

    There have been reported 30,000 rape cases in USA … do you see on TV???? But you see Mukhtaran maee on geo/cnn/bbc

    Why geo was not concerned with Benazir’s wealth and property?? And Nawaz sharif’s property?

    WHO is GEO????

    Just think… they telecasted false news about emergency and hence the stock market crashed in Pakistan …

    Do you know Kamran Khan was getting RS 25 lakh per month?

    Do you know Dr. Shahid masood, was a member of NSF student party (a political left wing student party against Pakistan and Islamic forces…. with RS 22 lacs per month and home in dubai and Karachi

    Same amount been paid to Hamid Mir editor “Ausaf”……even Nadia Khan with Rs 6 lacs per month… Such huge amount, just to for free????

    When they were not able to broadcast the 8-hour cricket match, they said they lost 1 billion rupees, and just imagine without any money just for free they were broadcasting judge activity in peoples party car for free, Nawaz sharif and benazir for free……all 36 hour coverage just for free????? By a private channel!!!!! !

    50 percent Indian dramas on geo and 25 percent with mix cast (Indian and Pakistani) and Indian films.

    Movie like "khuda key liyaeh" an issue of religion, so that people can play with Islam and its culture was telecasted.

    Alim online where Mr. Amir Liaqat sitting in grave and dramatizing Islam. He translated the dua of imam kaba and broadcasted his name on TV…. Audience: 50% jahil people in pakistan

    geo did not show any good news like Islamabad Peshawar motorway but instead it showed dead people in karachi ….they never discuss 5.1 billion dollar of oil refinery in Pakistan, instead they show beheading of Pakistani people… never discuss why America is telling musharf to take off his uniform????/ why is USA interfering in our business!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!



    Itna jhoot bolo, k log sumjhen kuch to succh ho ga …

    Prophet Muhammad said…BuddGumaanee nahi karna chahiyeh… and he also said that for a Muslim it is a lie if he states without any enquiry /investigation

    A COUNTRY where 60 percent of population cannot read and has never been to school, the media must not be free…….

    Regards . . .

    A Pakistani


    Assalamo Alekum

    Dear All

    I do not know what all you have thoughts and ideas about

    S.Masood, for I did not read all. But I would like to put my comments about this person. Infact he should be awarded

    with Sitara e Jurrat. His fearless contribution to give awareness to the people of Pakistan is beyond any reward or award but atleast we must realize that person his puttiing his life and his family life in danger. People who points a a finger on him in any ways I do not like to read a word of their filthy and dirty approach. Angles cannot come down to

    teach us. No one is complete being a human. So try to pick

    good and nice things which he has got as person and as a

    journalists. May mothers born son like him,May sisters have

    brothers like him, May brothers have brother like him and May a nation have a person and hero like him. He is the voice of the hearts who cannot speak because the society

    of eliets does not permits anyone who speaks right to come forward. So for Allah sake if he has done anything in past

    that was wrong, please see what he is doing now. May Allah

    impart us the wisdom of taking human as a human not an


    I pray for Dr. Shahid Masood. May Allah Azzo wajal give him

    strength to talk as he does and May Allah keep in under His


    Musharraf Khan



  42. Muzzamil Hussain Avatar
    Muzzamil Hussain

    Merey Mutabiq, Dr.Shahid Masood is a gift of Allah Subhana Talah , In such conditions, very few people have courage to speak loud and uncover the true picture of what is happening. The efforts of Dr.Shahid Masood are unforgetable and I must say , we need large number of such people who could bring light amoung us.

    I wish I could play any role for my country practically.

    Kash people of Pakistan could understand it is once again the same time as on 1947 to free our homeland.

    There is much potential in our land and people, why we living below the living standards, why we living in terror every moment, why is our money lying in foreign banks, why few families ruling us for decades.

    I am sure a true leadership will ammerge from common people and millions and millions of people will step with the movement for our bright future.

    where our kids will grow with confidence , respect and honour.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Dr.Shahid Masood is a gift of Allah Subhana Talah


      I remember that it was Hamid Mir who told me in February 2008 that it was former US state department official Robin Rafael who sent Dr Shahid Masood on a study tour of the US after his show was temporarily suspended during Musharraf’s government. Another senior editor from the Jang group told me that Shaheen Sehbai violently turned his guns on Zardari after the latter refused his request to appoint him as High Commissioner to Canada. Hamid Mir saga: the buck stops at General Parvez Kayani May 22, 2010 By Yousuf Nazar

    2. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Dr.Shahid Masood is a gift of Allah Subhana Talah


      Observing this lowly and sleazy standard of journalism, I have been reflecting on an evening in the distant past. I was preparing for my final exams for the B.Com in 1976 in Karachi. One evening, when I was studying, my door bell rang. When I went out, it was my friend Zain Ghazali, son of Commander Ghazali, a former manager of Pakistan’s cricket team. He asked me to come and sit in the car parked outside my house. As I got into the volkswagen, I saw a nice looking boy on the wheels. It was Mir Shakil ur Rehman. He was very excited as he had managed to get the Accounting paper “OUT”. So I asked what then was the problem? “I don’t know how to solve it”, was the answer. I hope the readers get a picture. I believe Shakil has now moved to Dubai with his family and does not live in Pakistan. I wonder if such people who did not have the ability to even cheat in an exam and do not live in Pakistan despite making so much money here, would have bothered to provide some elementary training in journalism and its basic standards to the members of their staff. It seem not. The Jang Group – how low the standards would fall? By Yousuf Nazar Saturday, April 10th, 2010 at 9:56 pm

  43. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Dr.Shahid Masood is a gift of Allah Subhana Talah


    Why there are always Cassettes/Wiretaps/Bugging and Jang Group active whenever a Democratic Setup is in the Country [Mir Shakil Tolerated Musharraf from 1999 to March 2006] Saif-ur-Rehman versus Jang Group

    [By the way Mir Shakil and his The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse [Shaheen Sehbai, Kamran Khan, Mehmood Sham and Rauf Klasra] Shahid Masood, Ansar Abbasi, and Muhammad Ahmed Noorani were rampantly using the same Saif ur Rehman in their propaganda whereas in 1998/99 they were rampantly doing propaganda againt the same Saifur Rehman – REFERENCE: Cassette exposes govt’s assault on press – Mir Shakil says govt preparing anti-state cases against him; fears for his life; ‘our organisation is being destroyed’; audio cassette of talks with Saif, Mushahid played during crowded press conference; journalists flabbergasted – By our correspondent February 07, 1999 The News International Pakistan

  44. baba Avatar

    all the peoples wants money shahid masood is a punter man now a days this bull shit man sitting in gode of shakil jang

  45. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Dr Shahid Masood joins ARY Network Updated: Thursday June 3, 2010 8:48:25 PM…

  46. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Notice served on former PTV chief Shahid Masood By Khawar Ghumman Wednesday, 02 Jun, 2010

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      If the news is Correct then what’s this? Jang Group VS Dr. Shahid Masood & ARY ONE World.

  47. ali sukrat Avatar

    Shahid masood is not important,his words and experience in politics in more important i would love to cheer his dare to continue the work of serving for this nation.

  48. MoIZ Siddiqi Avatar
    MoIZ Siddiqi

    For those who says that all humans have weaknesses and one must not highlight them I must remind them that not all humans are blackmailers like SM. with simple mathmatics one can find out how much of the income tax that he has paid and what property is he holding now. what rubbish he finds out in the politicians for whoch he himself is guilty of. If the assets that he has made is not from the salaries that he has drawn from TV channels than it could only be through the jewish and anti pakistani lobby whicj always try to create instability in pakistan

    Why don' you understand that what Shahid Masood / Media are doing is never in the interest of Pakistan. They are only selling their programmes. They all are doing business and how can an organistaion which is commercially biased and motivated be termed as fourth pillar. None of them is doing enough business to sustain and are running in huge losses then how come are they sustaining, only because of the jewish lobby who is funding them to creat chaos in Pakistan. It is because of the media alone that people don't care about other real issues which could be debated in Pakistan like our alliance with US and our assistane in war against terrorissm, the Drone attacks and their military establihments inside Pakistan.

    Dr Shahid masood got a chance to serve the nation when he was made the MD of PTV why he left then just because he got better – offer only for money.

  49. hammad qureshi Avatar
    hammad qureshi

    asalamoalikum hru i hope u will be fine myujhy ap sy yeh pochna hai kap ko Allah ny izat sohrat name sb dya hai r special place di hai jahan beth kar aap insaaf bhe kar skti hain r ap karty bhe ho pr mujhy aik bat batain ky ap r apky bohat sy sathi anchors hain jo programe karty ho pr end result kia hota hai ky yeh behas he behas r fazoool bato ky bad programe khatam ho jata hai jis ka koi faida nhi hota ap sb ko chahye ky programe ka plain aisa ho ky awam ky samny ki jaye awam judge ho r ap kisi bhe aisi authority ko apny programe main bulao jo us politician/mna/mpa/ceo of any organization or what so ever ky guilty hony pr us ko usi waqt saza dy r uska terminate kary yeh hamary koi officers nhi hain hmary he elect kiay howay hain r jbtak yeh hain ya in ky bety betian damaad ya koi bhe relatives hain tb tk hum jaisy sirf marty rahain gy wrna plz ap sb anchors loog aisy programe krna band kar dain agar ap sb media walay is matter ko achay sy lain r is pr work krain plzzzzzz tu im sure k koi positive result nikal ayega r meri request hai ky ap media walay agar chahain tu awaam

    ko jaga sakty hain ap media walay artists ya jo awam ky favourites personalities hain un ko push krain ky woh elections main appear hon Inshallah mujhy umeed hai ky woh elect hongay atleast kuch kaam tu karain gy

    dua main yad rakhyeaga r apna khyal

  50. hammad qureshi Avatar
    hammad qureshi

    kindly give me email so that i will directly contact with u