[MiniLinks] Sarah Palin’s ‘Folk’ Problem – NewsWeek

Yes, she won the debate by not imploding. But governing requires knowledge, and mindless populism is just that—mindless. Do we want leaders who are everyday folks, or do we want leaders who understand everyday folks? Therein lies an enormous difference, one that could decide the presidential election and, if McCain and Palin were to win, shape the governance of the nation – NewsWeek Cover Story



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3 responses to “[MiniLinks] Sarah Palin’s ‘Folk’ Problem – NewsWeek”

  1. Shah Avatar

    We need people with whom we can relate to.Recently with Internet access we have been bombarded with too much information.
    Common person does not want to know what is happening or happened at Wall Street but are concerned.Have they lost their money and why?
    That is why George Bush despite going to wars didnot got people bashing because often he chooses to pose like an average person.
    People like that because they can relate to not so smart guy who is trying to get things right.
    I like Sarrah in a way ,she does not throw heavy statements to me and complicated abstracts of politics.
    Somehow her mistakes on camera I can trust her more because I know she is not corrupted yet to manipulate and use nice words and adjectives to burry the news .
    life is simple and so is politics afetr all it is just a breakfast ,dinner,children ,work , we the common people are concerned about instead of knowing who is trying to pull whose leg in the world.
    It is time politics should be simple.Without getting into the maize of Miltons Paradise Lost.
    Give people a break form Grey and Black Guys and woman,Everyone is here for sixty years of life span or so now the media is pressing us to save the plannet,to live to maximum,to look good,stay young for longer……..

  2. izlekop Avatar

    I like Sarrah in a way ,she does not throw heavy statements to me and complicated abstracts of politics. Henry !

  3. monafe Avatar

    Palin and McCain are bad for us. They lie and slander Obama as a Muslim because of his name. They think it’s evil to be a Muslim or something. He’s Christian but I know that he’s not racist. And I want a president who is smart, calm, cool, collected, and respectful. Sorry but McCain’s hotheaded and Palin is just not smart! She badly lost the debate because she didn’t even answer questions. A real white supremecist.