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Iftikhar Chaudhry being prevented from entering Supreme Court Building

CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry, Aitezaz Ahsan and Kurd are being prevented from entering the Supreme Court Building and the gates have been closed and barricades placed manned by rangers standing at alert

Civil society and lawyers are gathering together at CJ house

More updates to follow as the issue develops


  • noha |

    yeah i agree with Freedom. We got a lot to worry about than these judges!!!

  • FizDosani |

    if we please stop highlighting any more justice issue.
    i really dont care its like a drama for me!
    Iftikhar Ch. Sb Aitzaz will now work for you

  • guYasir |

    We shouldn’t worry about wukla cola movement led by Ifthikhar Ch. The movement was late but true fight against tyranny. The Judiciary and Democracy/Parliament works in a parallel way. isn’t it?
    Without strong judiciary there’s nothing gonna come constructive in our country.
    despite the fact our judiciary lies at #3 in corruption according to TIP 2006 survey yet i still believe that wuklacola movement was positive.
    Unfortunately the judiciary is infiltrated and subverted by Plutocracy so they plutocrats headed by Rothschild dy-nasty got Carte Blanche to make rules under the guise of bureaucracy/democracy.

  • guYasir |

    The movement later got politicized by democratic aka kleptocratic parties like Z & N parties.
    These ruling kleptocrats handicapped judiciary once again to conceal their past, present and future misdeeds.
    Nawaz Sharif yelling for restore purged judiciary despite the fact that in his own rein there was an attacked on supreme court building. wasn’t it?
    This is all drama in world theater by world leaders including current financial crisis in order to consolidate their power on currency which has now come to its final stage.doom doom
    Yeh sub kuttay kay bachay hain. they’ve got satanic souls and devil democracy with $debauch$.

  • Muneeb Hashmi |

    I think we should be ashamed of ourselves. We as being a Pakistani are so good at breaking the promises that the one who does not do that is being told to change the way. We know that BB said that her Chief Justice in Iftikhar Chaudry, but his party even being in power failed to do the same. Instead we r asking him to change his way. On the other hand Our ‘Beloved president’ who is a champion in breaking the promises is given the highest of regards. So shame on us. The Lawyers’ Movement as we see today could be a great example of this Urdu saying:
    Museebat k waqt Gadhay ko bhi baat banana parta hay

    Museebat or kaam poora hoo gaya. ab aap ka raasta alag hamara alag.

  • guYasir |

    Zardari is a kleptocrats no doubt in my mind becuz developing countries billionaires are mostly kleptocrats.
    Pakistan’s Super Rich People in which Z lies at #2. Kya Zardari 2 No. hai???
    He always lies and doesn’t fulfil his promise which start making him unpupolar in his peoples.
    I’m damn sure he was invovled in BB murder in order to free from cases and also got 100% seat
    US was behind him and US also doesn’t wanna restore Ch becuz Ch was goin to open cases of those missing persons whome Mush handover to US without trial.
    That was the real reason of his purged and He also had a mess with Shortcut Aziz in Steel Mill issue.
    Ch case is still pending becuz US no longer wanna see him again as CJ of Pakistan so as Zardari who’s scare if he comes then his cases can be reopen.
    Allah curse of those who chose him esp Altaf Hussien who 1st gave call to his presidency in order to aviod ’93 situation of karachi.

  • twitter |

    “More updates to follow as the issue develops”

    What happened to the updates?

  • KarimG |

    Reading some of the comments here confirms that “Sheeple has a short attention span and even a shorter memory” that’s why it always ends up on the knife blade and gets eaten.

    Job well done Zardari & Co. May GAAD give you unlimited STRENT to butcher this willing sheeple!

  • Muhammed Ali Khan |

    Nice to see democracy is soundly working on this board too, is that why my comment was deleted?

    This Slah Kutha Kanjaar put the entire mulq into danger without reeping any of the benefits. He gave bribes to get his son into medical school, which was unconstitutionally convenient for him, when Musharaff dismissed these charges, three months before the democrazy fiasco.

    Allah can save Pakistan, because Pakistani Americans like me aren’t sending a dollar home until an honest politcian like Musharaf or Imran Khan come into power again

  • Sarah |

    There are some questions always bothered me, if some one have the answers
    please share with us:

    1, Why Iftikhar Chaudry only raised Steel Mill privatization issue? Why not
    other privatizations? What were his and his team’s stakes in that deal?

    2, In his whole career, what he has done to facilitate justice to poor
    people of Pakistan? Did he do anything for the lower courts when he was
    Chief Justice? Why he did not change the system when he had the authority?
    Do you know to how many people he gave justice in his whole career?

    3, Why he is not responding to the accusations against him mentioned in the
    reference? The reference was filed by the Pak President of that time to the
    Supreme Judicial council – that was the constitutionally right and the
    correct step. Why did Supreme Court illegally interfered in the matter of
    Supreme Judicial Council and hijacked the reference? Where is the judgment?

    4, Why particularly he involved himself in missing person case? do you know
    who are these missing persons? If the way it was described by the media and
    other sources to the common man, then many of us should be missing.. why
    only few people were kidnapped for money.. why not more and more.. do anyone
    of you personally know any one of the missing person?

    5, Why Iftikhar Chaudry demoralized Pakistan’s premier agencies and insulted
    them? Why a proper campaign launched against ISI after this event? Why so
    much hatred for Pak Military and other intelligence agencies being spread
    under missing person campaign? Where are proves? Do you have any prove/evidence that
    Afia Siddque was handed over to US by Pak forces? (Please don’t refer us to
    blogs – we need to see real thing)

    6, Most important question: Who is financially supporting Lawyer’s movement?
    How come they are so organized with so much funds available? Why media gave
    him So much coverage? Do you think they were doing that without any benefit?
    Think again.! Only Geo Tv claims 100,000 PKR per min air time.. how they have broadcasted 30-40 hours long lawyers’ live telecasts without any monetary benefit? Who financed this huge organized movement to derail Pakistan?

    7, If Iftikhar Chaudry is so patriotic Pakistani then why he does not care about the innocent people currently crying and waiting in Jails for their proceedings and justice? Why Iftikhar Chaudry just need his restoration back? Why is he so hungry for power? What is his agenda?

    8, Do you think if Iftikhar Chaudry is resorted, the clashes between institutions specially intelligence agencies wont happen? Can someone please
    study the behavior of these so called lawyers? Do you think they can save Pakistan or destroy it completely?

    9, Do you think if Iftikhar Chaudry is restored he can remain impartial and
    unbiased? How about the political parties supporting him? How about the
    lawyers supporting him? Do you think this for Pakistan?

    10, Since this movement has started, Pakistan became a joke to international community. Since March 2007, Pakistan is going down… everything has been ruined. Why Iftikhar Chaudry cant see this? Why he has taken Pakistan so far
    that there is no way going back?

  • KarimG |

    Sarah, all your points are valid and the issues you are raising are absolutely correct. I am also very uncomfortable with this image of Judge Ifti being holier than thou….BUT and it is a big BUT, we have a situation where perhaps around an unworthy character a worthy cause has gained momentum, it is the matter of in absence of any thing else that is better, it is that idea, an honorable idea of justice, regardless of the fact whether he personally has always executed it or not, he has come to symbolize it, people suddenly talk about fairness, due process and justice, and by GAAD it is good trend to have…don’t ya think so?