President Zardari ‘building’ Pak-China relationships

Not that it matters much, had he been privately doing it on ‘his private time’ it cannot be questioned, but as the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan on an official tour representing our nation, these photoshoots could be avoided.



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35 responses to “President Zardari ‘building’ Pak-China relationships”

  1. Usman Avatar

    Thori si sharab pee raha hoon…
    logoon ka khoon to nahain pee raha…

    Khoon pee kar raj chuka hoon…

  2. Usman Avatar

    How do you know its alcohol?

    It could be desai cola

  3. d0ct0r Avatar

    Although Chinese must be aware of the fact that he is a drinker but still i don’t think they would like to embarrass him by offering alcoholic drink in a public appearance like this(They must be aware that these images would be projected in Pakistani media and they do respect the sentiments of Pakistani public). Who knows maybe its just an innocent glass of apple juice..

  4. Arslan Avatar

    For God`s sake stop criticizing and show some sense of responsibility and delete this post the video below where Zardari returns the was also shown on tv channels..if u saw it ! and next time if you post something like sure to verify it from reliable sources.

  5. guYasir Avatar

    Arslan, He might gave his drink for some water mixing becuz he smelt b4 drink and felt too hard for drink and he passed on for water mixing becuz it seemed pure drink in fact the Greeks thought drinking unmixed wine led to insanity and Pakies aren’t use to it.
    Our leaders are also not very Sharif who refused to drink high class drink on their forun tours. They are only nominal sharif like Nawaz Sharif or Omar Sharif.
    Mix with water is easy to drink esp to Pakis. Z.A. Bhutto was a damn drinker so as his son-in-law. Z.A now turn A.Z

  6. khobar Avatar

    Those who are in high echelons are, in fact, feel proud to drink in social gatherings in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan or when they are abroad. These include most of the high ranking armed forces personnel as well.

    Whether Asif Ali Zardari is sipping alcohol it should not surprise any one. At least he has courage not to hide it from the camera.

  7. guYasir Avatar

    Arslan, He might gave his drink for water-mixing. He smelt 1st b4 drinking and felt too hard to drink thats why he passed on for sum water mixing,it seemed pure wine and pakies aren’t use to it, in fact the Greeks thought drinking unmixed wine led to insanity and we are not use to it.
    Our leaders are not Sharif who refuse to drink high class wine. They are only nominal muslims/sharifs like Nawaz Sharif and Omar sharif.
    Z.A Bhutto was a deadly drinker so as his son-in-law. Z.A Bhutto now turns A.Z Bhutto.

  8. Arslan Avatar

    i never said he doesnt drink..he sure does..and that video..its not complete..the complete one was showed on tv channels..i saw it on Geo..he clearly returned the glass to a person beside him (not shown in the video) whether he gave it for water mixing or just refused to drink it..its not sure..and for that reason this post shouldnt be here anymore..since its very doubtful whether he drank it or not !
    this forum is read by thousands of people around the globe and giving such a negative impact on them showing our president drinking wine and that also not sure is surely condemnable.

  9. noha Avatar

    yeah rite could be root beer too…duh!

  10. d0ct0r Avatar

    From this picture it is quite apparent that he is taking a sip of whatever it actually is..

  11. guYasir Avatar

    dOctOr, he smelt 1st then he passed on according to Arsalan and in my opinion he gave for mixing and later on movement didnt capture so hard to tell what exact happened whether he drank or not but post isnt bad it should show dis image our image already rotten like a wine so it duznt matter while its being shown on mass media where there millions watched it so why not here?

  12. KarimG Avatar

    Well…if we have not learned enough tolerance on a blog to allow a message that is neither obscene, profane nor unreasonable…than sure enough our fate will remain in the hands of the likes of Zardari!

  13. Barrister Ali K.Chishti Avatar
    Barrister Ali K.Chishti

    As they say you can take a Paindoo out of his/her realm but you cannot take the Paindoo out of a person. Cheap / Small talk!

  14. Saad Faruqui Avatar
    Saad Faruqui

    cmon guyz it could be apple juice!! as long as drinking doesnt hinder his decision making abilities, we should be fine with it. after all we are an “enlightened” and “moderate” nation!

  15. YLH Avatar

    I am very disappointed in teeth maestro… this is hardly any issue of national importance really.

  16. mast_paki Avatar

    you are right . he is returning glass because they r offering
    Him Sharab
    but Zardari want Sharaab with Shabaab!

  17. KarimG Avatar

    Sorry Don Zardari, can’t have this. We are a Muslim country, we demand to be ruled by non-alcoholic thief.

  18. qpatel Avatar

    Well, he is a father-figure for the nation to follow.

    Peo aur bhool jao kah bijli nahee hai, pani nahee hai, mahngaeee hai aur insaaf naheee hai.

    Peo aur bhool jao sarey gham. Pakistan ko chalana itnaa mushkil hai kiaa hoaa jo do-ghoont pee lee to.

    Peo aur yaqeen karlo kah adaltain theek hain…

    Peo aur yaqeen karlo kah ham azaaad hain…….

    Pooraa Pakistan peetaa hai, kiaa hoa sadar nai bhee peelee to.

    Yai Muslmaaan, kisee ko surooor main dekh hee nahee saktey.

  19. pinto Avatar

    nadanon yai koee sharab thoree hai,
    inn paak hathon main jaam thoree hai

    jo pee chukey hon masoomon kaa khooon,
    unkey liey sharab haram thoree hai

  20. Arif Avatar

    First they defended Zardari saying its a Apple Juice, then they said its a root beer, then they say he did not drank it but pass it on !
    What rubbish !!

    Its quite obviuos its a wine , given in a wine glass and then zardari and china premier “cheers” it. Then Zardari took a sip , I think so he was also drank when he met Sarah Palin.

    But very wisely said above

    nadanon yai koee sharab thoree hai,
    inn paak hathon main jaam thoree hai

    jo pee chukey hon masoomon kaa khooon,
    unkey liey sharab haram thoree hai

  21. Nadcracker Avatar


    Wah Wah Wah!

  22. Khan Lala Avatar

    In Fact it is apple juice and not wine. for detail pls check this link

  23. Khan Lala Avatar

    in fact he is doing it in private. and although it is not wine but suppose it is wine then what is objectionable. you made a criminal and corrupt person your president. then what else do expect from him and pls tell what is islamic? the political, legal , educational and economic system of pakistan? our rulers?

  24. Le Mystique Avatar

    We didn’t make him our leader Khan Lala. Thanks to CIA, Musharraf, the NRO, the american-backed deal, we were gifted with a so-called democracy which is nothing but another puppet of Uncle Sam.
    When your real CJ is out of his office, and criminals get their sins washed away with a single signature of an autocratic military ruler, the result can be anything excluding a real democratic process.
    And lets not forget that CIA is good at: toppling one government and getting elected another. Those who want to know more should study how CIA removed a democratic Iranian government in 1950s to put in place their own puppet.

  25. KarimG Avatar

    People voted for PPP knowing full well that this Dakait will be at the helm. Lets not try to get out of this and deflect the blame. Lets reflect and ask the right question, how is it that we the people whenever given the chance vote for these clowns, again and again?

  26. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @ good to see some poetic talent on this blog,

    well Ladies & Gentelemen,

    Alcohol, Behoodgi, Fahashi, Uryani, Awaargi, and other
    corruption is the part and parcel of
    S E C U L A R I S M

    Aik filbadih sher kaha tha aik aur blog par
    Mulahza ho

    Pila pila key, Rindon nay mujh diwanay ko,

    Siwa’ey hosh ke rakha nehein kahein ka

    Rafay Kashmiri

  27. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @ qpatel,

    where the hell you got this secret rhyms sent
    to Zarbhutt by his Pir-e-tasma pa ?

    You guys must understand Pak-Politician’s problem,

    Pinay ko, muyassar ne ho agar pani,
    pitah hon mein, tum chillatay ho kiun

  28. Saaaqi Avatar

    Iss kay baad jo huwa uss ko batanay sey mulk aur hakumat kay unnder qiyamat burpa ho jayee ge!!

  29. imran Avatar

    i am not a big fan of zardari in any way, but i watched the video clip, he just smelled and when he realized it’s alcohol he put it aside, in this very pic he was just smelling …. as i watched this clip on Geo Tv sometime back!!!

  30. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @ Saaaqi, bas kar, ne khol “PP” kay saray pol,
    Yeh Khumaar Mufta hay subh tak uttar ja’ey ga

  31. Shoiab Safdar Avatar

    Your Governor Punjab Also found of Alchol!
    check out here!

  32. Shoiab Safdar Avatar

    sorry again misspell

  33. Pakistan Zindabaad Avatar

    May Allah’s Laanat Be on Those Who not only Voted for The Skum Kafir Shia Kontrolled People Party but Are Still supporting them. And the Usman guy, You are kafir And hell Bound, May Allah Guide oyu to The right Path And If U dont kome TO the right Path My Dear Brother May Allah Damn You.

    Wake Up People Laanat On Those Who Drink Alkahol, salaam All