Great American Presidents born from Bad Times

Great presidents born from bad times – Rick Barton shares his thoughts on the newly elected President. If greatness is bestowed upon the American presidents by the seriousness of the problems they face, then the coming months are likely to produce Mount Rushmore-like moments for Barack Obama.

Not since 1932, when Franklin D. Roosevelt prepared to take office amid the depths of the Great Depression, or perhaps since 1860, when little-known prairie lawyer Abraham Lincoln watched powerlessly as a swath of Southern states seceded from the Union, has an incoming president faced such a daunting set of challenges. Is Barack Obama as the new president of the United States of America ready to rise up to the challenges that lay ahead and thence forth be recognized as one of the greatest President of our time?



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3 responses to “Great American Presidents born from Bad Times”

  1. Hassan Abbas Avatar
    Hassan Abbas

    More likely he would be the last president of America as a sole super-power or even a super power.

  2. ms.shah Avatar

    Obama has landed as President of USA ,beyond expectation,without using the card of Black .His compaign was run on money but was driven by the conviction which this average ,hard working American has got.
    If any man deserved to be in this position that is Obama,his background,his family value,his name,his face,his religion draws everyone and offers relation to humanity in general.
    Has he realised why he has been given the most powerful position?He must rise above Clinton that is the target.

  3. Saaaqi Avatar

    O- Originally
    B- Born to an
    A- African to
    M- Manage the
    A- Americans