Hillary Clinton eyeing US Secretary of State job

It seems Hillary Clinton is set to accept the job of US Secretary of State offered by Barack Obama, who apparently is reaching out to former rivals to build a broad coalition administration. It might be a good move as it would really bring in the best of what the Democratic party had to offer in these elections. I had believed that had if Hilarry Clinton been in the running for the elections this November she would have easily out gunned McCain. What one still has to figure out is her position on the deteriorating situation in Pakistan.



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2 responses to “Hillary Clinton eyeing US Secretary of State job”

  1. Arshad H. Zubairi Avatar
    Arshad H. Zubairi

    This is the best new Mr. Zardari can get in present situation, he can sacrifies Sarah on Hillary. Now Mr. Clinton should be very close to his wife when ever she visit Pakistan as here we have a MACHO man waiting for her.

  2. farrah, k.raja(SHAH) Avatar
    farrah, k.raja(SHAH)

    Hillary Clinton ,YES ,YES and YES
    If anyone deserves that position in USA that is her.
    Not because she is Clinton,not because she is woman but because she has the brains,experience ,guts,maturity and she is best when it comes to do the job.