Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry recognized by the New York Bar

It ironic that our Judiciary is being recognized world over whilst our own leaders fail to provide the people of Pakistan an independent judiciary.



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9 responses to “Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry recognized by the New York Bar”

  1. Arshad H. Zubairi Avatar
    Arshad H. Zubairi

    nice pictures and he looks smart. I made a request to him that kindly remain there and not to come his MANHOOZIST back to Pakistan.

  2. Teeth Maestro Avatar


    Can you help explain this news report

    MQM-backed LGs exempted from audit
    : http://twurl.nl/al3ubp

  3. Arshad H. Zubairi Avatar
    Arshad H. Zubairi

    Dr Sahib, Dr. Sahib, Dr. Sahib, Dr. Sahib….
    what can I say……… one should be thinking like half glass fill of water instead of half empty. Always think positive, we are exempted cos as Government have already conducted City Government audit every year and the city government of other cities were at that time exempted from the audit that is why expemption order were issued.

    Now can you explain me about the BIG question marks on the attitude, behaviour, character, politics and other life related issues of MR. IMRAN KHAN?? Now a day he try pretends to become a highly practicing MUSLIM. Do you know what is the Islamic punishment of person who have a “NAJAIZ” child?? kindly elobrate the same…………….

    If you, Mr. Awab Alvi, pretend to be a big blogger around the world then it is your responsibility to be remain un biased and not to bring your inner feeling on your blog.

  4. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @Arshad H. Zubairi,

    and what is wrong with now a days he try pretend to
    become a highly practicing Muslim.

    BTW, what is the “lslamic ” punishement of person
    who have a ” NAJAIZ ” child ? yes who can tell us
    other than this,

    1. Taubah, immidiate marriage, repaire, Nikah.

    2. Every Child who comes in this world is pure and
    a muslim. Azaan and Iqamat in his/her ears thats it
    with sunnats and Bakras two if girl one if boy.

    unless you guys want to burry them both alive,

  5. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    I think it is the best time for Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry to talk about Aafia Siddiqui, one of the several missing persons he was concerned about!

  6. Nadcracker Avatar

    What is it with MQM and their allergy to Imran Khan.

    Whenever they are questioned about one thing or the other, they jump their guns and go on and on about Imran and his Illegit child.

    What has backing out on an audit got to do with Imran having a child out of wedlock?

    I strongly disapprove ‘Zinah’ being a muslim but I fail to see the connection between the news clipping and your rebuttal.

  7. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    @unaiza fatima!
    right! but please ask altaf hussain to demand repatriation of afia siddqi with reasonable amount of compensation and written apology(i belive nothing can compensate the physical and mental trauma on dr afia).
    as you know she is a daughter ok karachi also and urdu speaking person.i hope altf do not have any bias in this case.i hope keeping the circumstances in his mind he will condemn america on this appalling injustice.

  8. Junaid Avatar

    @arshad zubairi
    what is punishment in islam for a killer, rapist etc
    i wonder when do you guys would get out of Bhai giri and making a mountain out of a mole ummm may be in coming election.

  9. Barrister Ali K.Chishti Avatar

    Awab, Shah’s new auditing ploy started by Baba is to sort out and control the nizams of Interior Sindh since they are mostly members of the opposition parties……why blame someone else’s fault on MQM? You should ask Baba aka Chief Minister the question…

    There’s a Persian saying and forgive my Farsi (I’m out of practice!)
    ab kay yeh ja bamoonah’, maygandha!
    Meaning: when water remains in one place it, spoils!

    Imran Khan is as relevant to Pakistan’s politics as Maulana Bhashani, Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan and Air Marshall Asghar Khan- you can argue about Maulana Bhashani but the other two were definitely well meaning men with a habit of pissing in the wind and getting themselves wet along with their handful of followers …… Imran Khan is their present day gadhi nasheen ….

    The IK needs to understand the rules of the game, as an outsider shouting against the powers that be, based on his celebrity value (the apathy factor which doesn’t work in politics)he will achieve nothing except for being a “niche” in attaining the desires of the powers that be at various times. He will be used and discarded as a whore.He needs to figure out how to become a part of the mainstream politics using whatever means necessary and then play the role that he is playing on the outside at this moment. Imran Khan also happens to be a neophyte and the sad part is that most of the people I talked too will tell you that they wish they could vote for Imran Khan, but they can’t – the guy doesn’t know what he is doing ….

    Awab, could you update us as to why exactly JTI lads kicked Imran Khan out of Punjab University? Again – I think both are ideologically aligned? No? Mardoodi Doctorine?

    Someone just mentioned something similar happened to Imran at Karachi University Campus in 2001-2002 again JTI….