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Lahore Bloggers Meetup

Its seems a large number of Bloggers are aggregating today at LUMS @3:00pm today to talk extensively about citizen journalism – follow CIO Pakistan for live blog / twitters and updates or even Facebook page

On twitter you can follow the following Hashtags to be sure that you are getting live updates #LBM08 #Lahore


  • Hiroshi |

    That was great listening to the success stories. Got some new points about Adsense and Blogger.net. Was a great meetup. Teeth Maestro was also discussed there by Mr. Badar.

  • Talkhaba |


    Would you share the details of meetups? What was the response? How many bloggers attended the meeting? What was the agenda? What were the agreed points? Was there any presentation regarding discussion on Pakistani blogs? Urdu English ratio? I m curious pls share with us

  • Hiroshi |

    Hmm! Response was marvelous, 100 people came, mostly bloggers, some freelancers. Just 3 days before the event, at Facebook this event was posted and round about 100 bloggers gathered all from Pakistan. Islamabad and Karachi bloggers were brilliant. Agenda was to promote blogging and to discuss the ways of how to earn by full time or part time blogging and how to start blogging. Success stories were shared.

    More details are here, buddy.

  • farrah k raja |

    Good work,I am all enthusiastic about it.Keep growing .
    We have not discovered our potential yet!!!
    Best of luck for all future endeavours!!