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The Pakistan Test

An article appeared in New York Times discussing the tender situation that confronts Pakistan, Nicholas Kristof has presented Pakistans’ case well, more discussion on Pakistan follows on his blog. Nick has offered four solutions on how Barack Obama might help bring Pakistan out of its present problems. First is to slow the money supply to Pakistan as it just needs the political will to stop the insurgency not hard cash, Second is to ease trade barriers so that Pakistani industries develop. Third is to put pressure on India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue and the Fourth is to focus on education Question: Do you agree or would you have more so list out as suggestions


  • Unaiza Fatima |

    Where in the world is this “Independent Judiciary”
    In most of the countries, Judiciary is bound to take decisions within national interests. Every institution works within its pre-defined domain and capacity.
    What these rioters-cum-lawyers are demanding is not an “independent” but practically an “uncontrolled” judiciary, dictated by thugs like Aitazaz and Kurd. Iftikhar Chaudhry took oath under Musharraf’s “dictatorship” and grew leaps and bounds till he was kicked out of office. Only then lawyers started street scene and sabotage in the name of movement.

  • Rafay Kashmiri |

    @ these four are nothing but modern day new

    baby-pampers changing routine, add

    1. stop meddling with Pak-China affaires,

    2. Stop supporting torrorism in Pakistan,

    3. Stop encouraging world most active corrupt
    regime in Pakistan.

    4. Stop buying out opposition lota members,

    5. Stop penetrating into Kashmiri Politics thru
    Indian Machialvelli,

    6. Stop playing even in 2008 the role of Uncle Sam,

    7. Bring Bush’s administration to open trial with all
    his other complices.

    8. Stop buyingout Pakistani journalist, newspapers, TV

    9. Grant green card to Pervaiz Hoodbhoy, so that he
    should get lost from Pak.

    10. Stop being masturbated by Indians Terrorists.

  • farrah k raja |

    If they want to listen to us,USA must find some other way to tackle Terrorism.
    Military and force is not an answer.
    Three Islamic countries in a row,Iraq,Afgahnistan and Paksian.By God if these people are not given hope and a life ,it would be end of terrorism but begining of barbarism.the hatred,the divide the split which USA has brought to Pakistani people and Islam starting from the Time of Zia until today is beyond reconciliation.
    Can USA answer this to Pakistani people :Why its millitary started JIHAD in times of Zia to help USA and why this Jihad has turned against Mujahideen in Afghanistan today in the name of Terrorism.
    We are human beings and USA has distorted our whole origin ,our basis of whole civilisation.
    How does USA address this.
    KASHMIR RESOLUTION is welcomed,without any arm twisting and without any dictations for once USA has to rise above the challenge and asure peaceful deliverance.
    We the people of PAksitan are human beings our response cannot be judged,only half a century ago we sacrificed half of muslims to get to this country,we do not mind if in the name of Islam rest of us are slaughtered .CAN USA STOP PLAYING WITH OUR FAITH AND TERMINOLOGY.
    USA we have won wars for you.It is our people and army men dying in Bajour,what is the price tag for each Pakistani soldier and each civilian ?
    How many died in 9/11 ?The price is two nations for death of those.Terrorism was an act of few.Why two nations had to pay the price of few?
    And your re-conciliation is four points?Perhaps you are thinking beggars cannot be choosers.
    May be president of Pakistan is a beggar.Not rest of the Nation.
    For once put your one hand on your heart and extend the other for re-conciliation.Come to us as a friend .
    We need roads,we need schools,we need hospitals,we need libraries,we need prosperity,we need freedom ,most of all we need PEACE.CAN YOU DELIVER US PEACE?

  • Muneeb Hashmi |

    -Mr. Nicholas Kristof has allegedly pointed out Israr Ullah Zehri and Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani as “two men who would fit fine in a Taliban government”, I strongly condemn that because I do believe that these 2 guys would have been the first to oppose Taliban and lastly these bags of S**ts call their acts as “centuries-old traditions” where as Taliban didn’t follow any traditions, they followed Islam more than anything, and they would have never done or even supported acts like these 2 damned souls have done.
    -More than anything he has praised his government funding into Pakistan’s literacy program

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    arrangement of funeral of pakistan in advance.
    because no body will come for fatiha.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    let me explain!
    america is like a disease.
    a cancer or virus.
    which always need a friendly environment or host to make it vulnerable to destroy its host to satisfy the inherent criminal tendencies of the people who run the america behind curtains.
    this is the reason because of that henry kissinger once said:
    you can survive of enmity of united states of american but you can not survive with amity of USA.

  • romav |

    Here we go Kashimiri and his father Jawwadkhan spreading the hate and lies all over the internet……I guess this must be your past time since there’s nothing else much to do in Pakistan if you’re not blowing yourselves up ehhhhh? Bismillah.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

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    i am waiting for you there. i have a silk to whip your monkey butt. be a man and talk to me on that forum.
    teeth maestro is not for the asses like you.

  • romav |

    I’m honored you’re going to use silk on my arse….what an honor. I know teeth maestro is not for me, it is for talibans like you and your son kasharami.

  • romav |

    one thing i agree with you kashmiri, the world should bring bush and his cronies to trial at the hague.