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Queen Rania uses YouTube to spread message of Peace & Understanding

Queen Rania of Jordan on YouTube

Queen Rania of Jordan has been Video Blogging for some time on YouTube sharing with the digital world her dedication to breaking down stereotypes about the Arab and Muslim worlds and an attempt to bridge the East-West divide. Recently she was rewarded the in the YouTube Visionary Award during the YouTube Live event last week. Her acceptance speech

I support her effort to build these bridges peace and understanding


  • freedom |

    Queen’s husband gets paid by Uncle Sam, with millions of USD, aint that sweet…..spread little love n peace…

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    cant we have messages of some respectable world leader rather than touts of america?

  • awais |

    Her husband is an absolute monarch..:P
    I think she should start at home

  • Sohail |

    Its quite unfortunate that people like Jordan’s queen will now represent Muslims or Arabs. Wonder if she knows what is Islam. We should listen to Ulm-e-Ikram instead of these american touts.

  • romav |

    How come if it’s someone speaking up against ground realities especially in the islamic world, they always get labelled as american agents? Are we that blind to our own faults? I praise the Queen of Jordan for her intellect and bravery.