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How they waste public money

Guest Post by Naeem Sadiq

The Nations Pride, a waste of money?

The first accomplishment of our federal minister for post offices and defender of the belief that burying alive of Pakistani women is healthy for the society, was to place a half page coloured ad in all national newspapers (Dec 09, 2008).

The ad estimated to have deprived the national exchequer of Rs 2 million, must be preserved in the national museum for future generations to learn how our rulers wasted the tax payer’s money for their personal publicity. It has large portraits of Mr Zardari, the PM, Bilawal Zardari, and the minister himself. Ironically the heading under these pictures reads “The Nation’s Pride”. There are two yet more noble sounding clichés at the bottom ” Living for humanity, dying for peace”, which one finds very difficult to relate to this postal department ad.

The issue is not so much the absurdity of this ad. The issue is how our rulers use national resources to carry out personal image building. The ordinary people must increasingly demand that the government should not be allowed to place such wasteful newspaper ads. No pictures of government employees, politicians or their children should be a part of any ad made out of tax payers’ money. Specific and useful information to public should be the only reason why an ad may be placed by the government. A citizens’ committee should be appointed to report any ‘personal marketing’ and other unethical traces discovered in the government placed ads


  • guYasir |

    The contemporary world is name of Money and Honey. If you’ve money then U can have Honey.
    The material world literally is organized to steal our souls from God. Like spiders, the central bankers, who serve Lucifer, spin this money out of nothing in order to ensnare us in a web of debt. And like spiders, the ultimate plan seems to be to devour us, body and soul.

    Mankind is in the grip of a diabolical force that constantly strives to legitimize itself through deception. You can’t overcome this demon. But you still control your personal life. Ultimately, the battle is for the soul of humanity. Why not begin by defending your own soul?

    The occult elite controls us with sex and money- the North-South of the mind. The courtship stage is a period when sexual feelings are strong so two people will bond and start a family. Sex/romance was not meant to become a lifelong preoccupation and panacea.

    The same is true of money. The stock market is a giant casino addicting millions. The central banking cult has unlimited funds. To make us feel good, (while it trashes civil rights and wages senseless war) it makes the market go up. To fleece us, it crashes the market. Don’t be a puppet like a Politicians who are perverse and debaucher’s.

  • freedom |

    its no longer public monies its “Khairat Monies” from quarterly begging trips. Easy come Easy go….

  • farrah k raja |

    the sad thing is we see all this ,read the words but cannot relate to any of it,and I am thinking what is the point of writing??

  • farrah k raja |

    On my second thoughts ,I want to thank you for bringing this up,we should be reminded constantly and we must docuement how our resources are plundered not to educate masses but to propogate the so called leaders.

  • guYasir |

    Our leaders are bunch of cowards whose aim is to serve their master malevolent agenda no matter its go against their own public. The recent attacks on Mumbai is none but result of perverse-policies of westerners and indians 2wards muslim-masses there’s alot of Indian atrocities in Kashmir which resulted in Mumbai attacks.
    Pak are too passing from these attacks as in Marriott our collective life is a fraud and a charade to fulfill Judea-Masonic agenda for one world government.
    We’ve been fighting a war for the past few yrs, which is the harbinger of Armageddon. The world is going to fight, whether they like it or not, I’m sure. Sept. 11 was a watershed event, and things will never be the same. The battle lines have been drawn btw believers & unbelievers.

  • farrah k raja |

    Your first comment read it again and yet again.
    Very deep thought or analysis ,I think very close to these lines.My conclusion for my personal self is material and matter cannot win over my spiritual self and thinking self.
    It is good that you are posting your stuff here but it is extremely imporatant that you keep a diary of this.
    The thought process.You must remember conciously when you decided material is useless because very soon
    you will be reminded matter is so very important for survival.
    Important is we do not allow matter to take over our spiritual self.People when we are sad without reason that is the time our spirit our conscience is speaking to us.
    if you have time have a conversation with yourself.

  • farrah k raja |

    we must try to avert the war ,it is useless.In present circumstances we should be vigilant and ever so ready to face it.Thinking it would not happen will be like living in fools paradise.

  • guYasir |

    matter is so very important for survival.its true but matter only useful here not for hereafter life. Here’s the divine exam hidden God wants us to establish his rules and regulation instead of IMF rules which is perverse and persuasive. if u go for matter God will give u here alot but wont give u anything hereafter.I feel like that
    Well i post my comments and i dont comments on anybody comments I request to all readers that give their comments and donot comments on other comments esp on mine rather try to observe/understand what im sayin and do things straight from ur very own inside
    No one can avert the current war it has been written by divine Armageddon will be occur without war system cannot be changed our last prophet also fought several wars in order to establish Allah rules on His earth
    I’m gonna go to take part in politics im goin capital and will stay in parliament lodges and ill see how to change the system pray for me thats what all i want 2u

  • KarimG |

    People people P E O P L E…. what do you expect, you make the son of the owner of Bambino cinema, who is under all kinds of indictments and found guilty in Swiss court your president…the time to choose has come and gone and I heard you scream Jiyeh Bhutto Sada Jiyeh…well Sada Mubarak! Sorry if it sounds like pouring salt on the wound…BUT he is there because we deserved none better.

  • readinglord |

    Where is the Audior Generl, the Constitutional Watch Dog of the public money? But he is so toothless that the dictators did not bother even to bring him under their PCO. He can, of course, bark and the new Chairman of the PAC can take note of the wasteful expenditure and try to give more powers to the Auditor General.

  • Asad Ali |




  • Asad Ali |

    @ just watch PTV Capital view ” hommage to BB” at cet
    18.00 trying to reincarnate BB as a saint, listen to
    “the day BB was killed the birds in my window stopped
    singing ”
    The mirassis & bootlickers of PPP singing on taxpayers
    money and public services ! ! unbelievable,
    it can only happen on PTV, they have taken whole hour
    to sing elogies to their crook defunct leaders
    kaghazi shaheeds fanatics