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Go Zardari Go

Guest post by Hira Memon an article written on her Facebook profile

Asif Ali Zardari, despite being a controversial figure, Pakistani Nation and PPPP voters both welcomed him with open arms to take over as our new and democratic President . But due to his undemocratic, two-faced and non-serious behavior he has now lost his reconstructed image in media and among the People of Pakistan . From the day first President Zardari has been closely watched and observed by the people of Pakistan . He has failed and has failed me and my family who very unfortunately and with goodwill voted for him . An illiterate and feudal, he also i guess considers Aiwaan-e-Sadar as an Otaack of NawabShah (Otaack is a drawing room type of room used by feudals and Landlords where they meet People of the village to listen to their problems and use this place for other professional reasons).

He lost his credibility among the Nation when he broke his promise with the People of Pakistan that he will declare the 3rd November 2007’s emergency unconstitutional through an amendment passed by the Parliamentarians of his Party allied with PML-n, then he gave a back door to General Musharraf,then he broke another promise with PML N—-a promise which was the base of friendly relations between PML-N and PPPP about re-instating the judges, then his decision about going to IMF for financial assistance, then his non-serious behaviour with women [ i would’ve hugged you to Sarah Palin and mujhe Madhuri Dixit achi lagti hai], his ignoring of US- Drone attacks in FATA and Tribal areas of Pakistan, his continuation of Musharraf Policies with US, His extra and unnecessary concessions to India on Kashmir Issue, his waving of BB’s picture at UNO…i mean it’s ok if he carries it in a Party Meeting or elsewhere in protests etc but it’s un-constitutional to hang it at the backside wall of Presidential office and it looks awkward to wave it in UNO…and the list goes on…but recently he has crossed the limits…

His recent confidence-breaking step is his and his Government’s Mulzimana behavior against the Indian Allegations…i mean NO one wants war…but sending your DG ISI and requesting China on Condi’s orders to unblock UN’s move against JAMAA-TUD DAWAA as a terrorist group is like Aa Bhaains Mujha Maar…

“According to foreign office sources, three resolutions seeking a ban on the JuD, tabled before the UN Security Council since 2003, had been put on technical hold by Beijing, while using its veto right being one of the five permanent UNSC members,” The News said.

“Each time the Al Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee of the Security Council tabled a resolution to include the Jamaat-ud-Dawa in the list of terrorist groups, China blocked the move, while seeking credible evidence from the United Nations indicating JuD’s terror links,” the newspaper added.

“The Chinese authorities reportedly used to intervene in the past on the request of the Musharraf regime. However, it had become hard for Beijing to vote against the move in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attacks and the evidence furnished by the Indian authorities,” The News noted.

Fact is that there were no evidences furnished by the Indian Authorities . China un-blocked UN’s move on JuD on special request from President Zardari who was pressurized by the US-Secretary of the State “Dr.Condoleezza Rice”, on her meeting with President Zardari on 4th December 2008 . President Zardari, who in his every statement remind the Pakistani Nation that my government will take every step with national consensus took this step without even consulting the PM or the cabinet,let alone the Parliament.

Now because of our beloved President we are declared as a Terrorist Country…Our scholars and journalists calls it a lead to a Global War on Pakistan, weakening of Pakistan’s stand on Kashmir issue and confiscation of our nuclear assets as being the 1st nuclear bomb of the ISlamic world by the World Super Power Alliance of US, India and Israel…

Our nuclear assets, Kashmir, our individuality, our economy, our institutions, everything is at stake…

President Zardari’s Government has failed…He has been unable to unite the nation…to bring internal political stability…or to resist the foreign intervention…

He has left no choice for PPPP supporters but to chant now GO ZARDARI GO


  • Asad Ali |

    @ go zardari go, but go anywhere, to India,USA,UK
    or Dominican Republic, BUT GO, take your band with,
    and don’t forget Salman “Rushdie” ki Taseer Rhum
    Baccardi cocktail !

  • guY-sir |

    Good Analyze Teeth Well Done
    I went in Nawabshah way 7 yrs back with my frnd who had died in last dec He was goin to be an MPA from PPP ticket and after cumin back from BB funeral around 7:30 PM.
    Probably Jatoi group had cover from 3 sides up front and right and left and they started straight fires from front my friend was driving his car and was 1st in exit line and was slightly down due to straight firing so all of sudden from right side there’s one fire hit and killed him at the point and many other gone injured but mY frnd got died and I was in capital and couldn’t attend his funeral. He was mY bosom frnd and V did MBA 2gether
    SO im tryin to say that they sindhi have divided among ’emselves. They are mix like Sindhi Baloch and Makrani and their Races like Zardari, Jatoi, etc etc and they have deep enmity 2wards each other in order to gain control of Politics.
    I spent mY day in Nawabshah in 42 degree and where I stayed Nawabshah Electrical University was full of Goonda Gardi
    And I never went again and I spent scarey day there.
    As I already said that BB murder was Orchestrated in order to create reason for democracy to which US on immense pressure to stop Military-Dictatorship in around 2003-4
    Well Zardari was either went alone or being called by World Masters alone and had set few meetings with him US-Republicans gave him BB wife-murder Plan in return US will give impunity from his corruption cases and will give President seat lo lo lo
    He has been put us on our heads bY those who wanna crush [Islamic System] which elevated by Talibs and according to Eric Margolis He who spent most his life with Talibs and Al-Q guys has said that in Talibs rein there was no Opium production in Afghan neither any Havoc since US invaded it Afghan Opium trade is 91% high and Havoc dun ask!
    I guess Nawaz SHarif would be better choice right now and as One Amreki newspaper said Nawaz popularity goin UP
    Go Zardari to ur wife she’s waiting u and Ya contrived her murder Go Zardari Go and Let me Handle I can Handle all UA$$ by being Soul Super Of the WOrld’s instead of sole
    sole Vs Soul
    Nawaz Vs Zardari

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    people like zardari, nawaz shareef,altaf hussain,fazlu and others don’t go by themselves. you have to send them with the force.
    any way this should be most popular slogan go zardari go with all the politicians.let the people of pakistan rule on pakistan.

  • guY-sir |

    Most are among us either rubes or dupes and dont know the real pic that Humanity is under Occult attack and reach 2 its large stage
    The Occult Evil is so monstrous and Vicious one cannot imagine that it does exit….its coming 2wards us

    The Marxism aka Communism aka Fascism is behind all previous and current wars and also behind US-UK-Israel Imperialism.

    The average Communist Jew or non-Jew was an idealistic dupe. Marxism, equality etc. were just window dressing to hide the real agenda: the destruction of race, religion, family and nation; the accumulation of all wealth and the enslavement of mankind. The methods have changed but the agenda has not.

    The average Zionist is also an idealistic dupe. As many now realize, “the Jewish Homeland” was simply a step toward world domination, “an incident in a far reaching plan” to use banker Louis Marshall’s words. Christian Zionists are the biggest dupes of all. [judas-lovers-salay]

    The same ersatz idealism infuses the world government movement, which is full of pious opportunists who have sold their heritage for a seat at the globalist banquet.

    In many cases, the charge of “anti semitism” and “hate” are devious attempts to outlaw opposition to Tyranny. Let’s not kid ourselves. We are facing a diabolical Evil, ruthless, vicious and cunning as well. Jews and non-Jews must join hands to banish Lucifer and declare that only God is God. He is Moral and we serve Him instead of Obama.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    can’t you talk in english?
    your posts seems like chemistry formula.
    don’t you think that you are exaggerating zionist issue?
    i know they have loathsome goals and they govrn the most of the system behind the curtains but there are many things whcih are beyond the control of the most powerful group in the world.
    lets clear our minds and focus on those matters which zionist can’t control.

  • Asad Ali |


    India and Israel together against Muslim Pakistan
    you have any opinion or comment ?

  • farrah, k.raja |

    Can we do it people!!
    Can we get rid of Zardari and save ourselves!!
    Are PPP people satisfied and had enough of him yet?
    I am ready for this anyway !Zardari was the biggest poll rigging of people vote in the parliament,he became president by offering ministries as a bribe and loads of horse trading.

  • anon |

    the stupidity of pakistani people and speically of PPP voters is endless. Let the f***in democratic system grow some roots. Were you blind before the elections that you voted for zardari? and are you so blind that you cant see what the sacking of another civilian govt so soon would do to democracy in pakistan? You gave zardari mandate for 5 years so now you must wait for the sake of democracy in pakistan. For Gods sake let the tradition of democracy develop in pakistan. wait 5 years and then pass out your judgement for the current govt. This does not mean that you dont criticize the govt meanwhile. do that by all means but dont try to destabilize it. pressurize it to do what you want but even the thought of drowning an elected civilian govt before it completes its term will be the death of democracy in pakistan forever. this is the last chance pakistan has.

  • Arshad Khan |

    I seriously doubt Zardari came to power in an honest way. I don’t think he is going anywhere anytime soon just like always in Pakistan. Until he has screwed up alot more just like what Musharraf did and his “Predecessors”. Regardless if he is taken down sooner then five years I wouldn’t call it a blow to a democracy. Not that I am in favor of democracy.

    “Go Zardari Go”

  • Tipu Sultan |

    I think Hira Memon ,you are in a hurrry ,hurry of what? How can you judge and give a final statement just 3 month old child progress. your article might have suited here if u wrote it after full 5 year term of Zardari and u didnt wrote one after 8 years of Musharraf ,atleast zardari is an elected. You dont have right to ask him to step down just after 3 months.Its totally ridiculous.

  • Dr. Afzal |

    Well This guy should not be president after all. His credibility is controversial from day one. Our president should be above board. No controversies should surround him. He is not even fit to become a union council leader. His politics are just at that level. He is not a stateman but a corrupt politician. Like the joke that circulated that we make people who served sentence in jail president. What a country. or should I say what people of a country

  • Asad Ali |

    @ anon,

    what naive, failed arithmetical you are, or want to be,
    the democracy was already there in Pakistan, the thugs
    like PPP, MQM and ANP does’nt want that it should
    function, Zardari can be removed and replaced in
    20 minutes, no problem, what is your problem ? was
    he elected ? does MQM ANP or PPP have elections in their
    on brothels ? come on, give me a break !

  • Asad Ali |

    @ hey Anon, one more thing even taliban groups
    and JUI F fanatics
    have democratic elections in their own parties !

    And I repeat again PPP, ANP, MQM never had elections
    within their parties, how can you expect they can
    run democracy ?

  • VKA |

    Since President Zardari has no intellegentsia and no wisdom hence a right person to serve Pakistan ……ashamed on all those politicians and members of assemblies who whole hearted supported and voted for such a man for this high profile post.
    It is therefore time for us for masses of suppressed Pakistani to raise voice for the ouster of this unwanted person from the Presidency otherwise God knows some more “technical faults” would bring havoc to us as what one can visualize and generalize byu seeing the ever change in the regional political situation .

  • Rabia |

    Asad Ali,
    so by the process of elimination, I take it you are a PML supporter.

  • KarimG |

    Oh No…No No No…..not so easy. He is not going any where, you wanted him, you got him. First of all, I have some sympathy with the way he must be thinking. I mean think about it. He must be saying to himself, whats freaking wrong with these people, every body who comes to power (or their wives) steals, so I did too, every body who comes to power (or their wives) they kill, so I killed too, what did I do that was so bad that I had to spend eight freaking years in the prison. And look at my determination and honor, I did not bend or break, so I had it coming, it is owed to me, I deserve to be the president. Now, another thing to consider, with all this news of global financial meltdown, this persecuted S.O.B. must have lost a few millions, don’t ya think so…uh, so how do you think he is going to make up for all those loses…do you guys stop and think that poor Bilawal and the other kids have lost their mother a.k.a Shahadat on the path of democracy and for AWAM, they have a life style to maintain, so dream on…”I am not going any where, Aiwan-e-Sadar is mine, I am keeping it”

  • Asad Ali |


    no, I belong to that quiet opposition, victim
    of savage rivalries between believers and
    anti-believers, non-believers against those WHO do not
    want to believe in other’s Gods, ideology Gods,
    “In God we trust Mafia ”


  • proudpaki |

    This whole new political structure is curse to Pakistan, Zardari as Pakistan president wasn’t in my wildest dream, this is not a conspiracy but fact that it wasn’t possible without killing of BB. Why on earth all those who support this govt can’t see that BB’s killing is still a mystery? Why GEO investigate wasn’t allowed to go on air couple of days ago? 18th Feb elections were staged and preplanned.

    But bottom line truth is that; we Pakistanis deserve it!!!

  • Momy Khan |

    Zardari….. so called president of Pakistan, a harsh fact for all the Pakistaniz.I don’t understand y ppl gave vote to PPP…. i think Musharraf waz better then these politicianz who call themselves democratics who don’t knw da meaning ov democracy.
    Zardari is responsible for BB’z murder cuz he wanted a post n he got it n now he is sucking Pakistan.
    we should throw him away Go Zardari Go hv sum pitty on Pakistaniz v don’t need u n ur leadership.

  • Asad Ali |


    no we pakistanis don’t deserve it, they deserve it,
    who ? those who manipulated people, split Pakistan,
    the nature take its revenge sooner or later,
    you remember, secession of Pakistan was against nature
    Bangladesh was created by three thugs
    Z.A Bhutto
    Sheikh Mujib
    Indira Gandi

    one was hanged like a dog
    the other was lynched in his own house with his kids
    and the last was riddled with bullets by her own guards

    they are governing us, people can not be judged because
    of their incapacity, in this case nature decides the
    time to take them, in the meantime, our incapacity costs
    us a lot, yes we are killed, sold, bartered, negociated
    humiliated, bondaged. Because we elect them, we don’t
    listen to good people !! simple as that !

  • proudpaki |


    I strongly believe in Islamic verse that, nations will get the same leadership as they deserve. Its pretty much clear that the leadership we have now is only because we deserve it.

    I do agree that Bhuto family got what they deserved, same with other 2. but did it change anything for common pakistani? no, nothing.

    Doesn’t that rings a bells that in this critical situation there’s no one out there protesting against bad governance, against Indian aggression?

    India thrown our celebrities out, broken all contracts, Indian team slapped us. Yet if I am not wrong in every house people are wrathing Indian movies, dramas, even my own mum can’t feel happy unless she don’t watch some bullshit called kumkum on indian channel, our cricketers are still considering honor to be in IPL, Our actors running to Bombay for solidarity, and so on.

    Electricity situation is like we are living in stone age, bills are sky high, fuel prices are out of common range, being once an agricultural country, people are not getting flour to eat, after all this I did not see a single protest as a nation, just few riots.

    After seeing all this, I must say that tough lesson will be taught to this nation once and for all. We have took everything for granted and now its time to feel the pinch.

    If we did not deserve it, we would have cleaned up this mess long ago as a nation. I am afraid we are not a nation anymore but bunch of people living in a land not bothered about anyone else.

  • Sajjad |

    In a country such as Pakistan, one must think twice before chanting “Go xyz go”. We did it with Musharraf (whom I supported by the way) and instead we got a far worse Zardari.

    What will come after Zardari when he goes? Another, possibly much more brutal and corrupt general? God-forbid, the Sharif family again?

    Not that I wouldn’t want the current imbeciles gone, but we seriously need to think about what will come next.

  • Asad Ali |


    your first para, contains everything,

    ” you are governed by people who are worse than you ”

    this is punitive, unless we have one sincere muslim
    among us Allah keeps on descending His mercy,

    we hav’nt arrived at a collective punishment which is
    undeniable fact.

    I think it was you who talked about governance of
    Umar ibn Al Khatab’s (RA), oh yes, oh yes,
    I think we need him now !the world needs him now !!
    history speaks about him the 6th world known reformer
    and an excellent and just administrator.

  • KarimG |

    Well lets put it this way, its not all mine but nevertheless putting it together makes sense…

    Dictatorship: Getting the government we deserve
    Democracy: Getting the government no better than we deserve

  • akash |

    my question to the writer of this article… why we pakistani people never want to let DEMOCRACY GROW?….. Constructive Criticism is an essence of democracy…but criticism by depleted minds in name of honor…is a sin created by so called educated well groomed ILLITRATES of karachi elites. Advice to my friend…..i respect your opinion..but disagree with your conclusion. You have given 9 years to a dictator….seems like you dont have patience to give 9months to a democracy?…

  • Asad Ali |


    try to understand, the world powers don't want

    whether it is 9 years or nine months, the agenda

    is the main problem, the democracy got pregnant

    after decades of efforts of Pakistanis, now after

    nine months we know well that the new-born will be

    a handicaped, asking for abortion is in the interest

    of motherland's life, comprendo ?

  • Bangash Khan |

    Mr Zardari is the democratically elected President of Pakistan. You folks wanted democracy, you got it. Now live with it.

  • SajidArain |

    zardari sahab please leave the seat this is not for you.It is the mmistake of the whole pakistani nation who selected you for the same post.please go Zardari go ……otherwise people will let you go.

  • SajidArain |

    I suggest mr bangash to please see into my first statemet sir then you will better understand who is ellected and who begged for president.

  • aftab asghar |

    zardari shaib mare DADA Abu na aur mare Abu na Sari Zindgi PPP ka sath dya lakin app na hammara kam nae kya ma na 3-year GOVTschool ma teaching ki app mari kuch help kr ma furthur study krna chahta hun