Kashif Abbasi – Impact of talk shows in creating Political Awarness in Pakistan

Kashif Abbasi, from ARY One World was invited to an interview with ABN Chicago to discuss the role of Political Talk shows in creating Political Awareness among the Pakistani masses. It is definitely worth listening at least to the first hour of the show

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The discussion was to revolve around the following points

  1. Discuss the positive aspects of these talkshows. Are they creating awareness in villages autaaqs and deras.
  2. Discuss the negative aspects. What do the anchors do when they are 100 % sure that the guest is lying. Dont you think that it gives a wrong impression to the viewers.
  3. Are these shows politically motivated, do the anchors have a hidden agenda that they want to push.
  4. Are there some anchors who tend to lose partiality. How can the anchors address this. Also sometimes,the anchor speaks most of the time and takes over the guests. Sometimes it is the other way round for example Kashif Abbasi interviewed Hussain Haqqani and the guest took over him.
  5. Role of media in the Civil Society movement
  6. Are these shows trying to ease out tensions between India and Pakistan or they are being Hawkish. Also sometimes we discuss sensitive issues of national security on TV,is it good. Does the anchors follow blogging sites and pakistani bloggers ?
  7. Also why the TV Anchors use Urdu / English mixed language in the Talkshows. If we see Indian Talk Shows they speak very heavy Hindi although some of these terms are difficult to speak but still they use and they dont replace that with English for the sake of convenience.



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15 responses to “Kashif Abbasi – Impact of talk shows in creating Political Awarness in Pakistan”

  1. raza Avatar

    there is always talk talk and talk
    but no action!
    this is the irony of Pakistan

  2. barristerakc Avatar

    LOL..Great the ever wily ol’Sabahat Ashraf called…!!!!

  3. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ The seven lies or realities,
    what are you talking ?
    Pak media’s paternals live abroad !
    and the maternals are all PPP party
    what is your problem, mate ?

  4. ProudPaki Avatar

    some talk shows good, some are just waste of time, I personally like javed Ch, Kal Tak, Live with Tallat Hussain and Kashif Abbassi. however I hate capital talk of GEO or Meray mutabiq, actually truth is I hate GEO, heavily funded by VOA will always serve their agenda never speak for Pakistan for sure.

    Sad thing is that almost all our talk shows expose problems, unearth truth but never give solution and leaderless Paki nation left hanging in middle seeing everything bad happening before their eyes but unable to stop.. so sad

  5. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    Pakistan Media The CRAP!
    Waiste paper basket where there are no thoughts,no foresight,no responsibility and no conclusion.
    Even no recyling of thoughts.
    No consencus and no debate.
    Sheer waiste of money,cause of high blood pressure,dis-illusionment,depression,frustration and anger in public.
    Televisoin particularly private channles some are black journalism.
    No eductation,awareness,dialogue and forming of public openion.
    No creativity either.
    Black media ….
    Where is originality,where is the voice of common person,where are concerns of common person,where are our writers,poets ,debates on religion,society,culture,history?

  6. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    i am great fan of kashif abbasi. i think he is the most outspoken and brave talk show host but i also think that he is more rigid and ruthless in his questions.
    my humble advice to him is just ” SLOW DOWN” a bit and be more lenient.

  7. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    i agree with @proud paki in the sense that airing the transmission of VOA put some question marks on geo.however i must say that geo is the leader of pakistani electronic media which gave more sacrifices than any other and it’s role against wrong doing of governmaments is just great.
    i love capital talk and merey mutabiq.
    because these are most required shows in current geo political scenario.

  8. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    @farrah k raja!
    in technical sense you are right. but keeping the current geopolitical environment,never ending lawlessness, miserable conditions of pakistanis and rampant corruption of the govt officials in mind, you will easily realise that the behaviour of pakistani media is based on “REACTION” not the actions you suggested in your post.
    i believe that every thing in pakistan is unstable unorganised and dismantling because of that our media (excluding geo)is unable to play a genuine role except awareness and criticism.

  9. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    Dr Jawwad
    Your comment is very construcive and thought provoking.When will we get out of reaction.
    We are still angry at martial rule of Zia?
    Media people should give solutions or get people to some conclusion.At least they should tell people that yes! they do not like Zia,they do not like Musharaff but it does not mean that everyone in the army is like that.
    Or something to tell PPP supporters ,that you have your government now your frustration and anger should be over?

  10. VKA Avatar

    What one can do if some good anchors like Kashif Abbasi/ Talat Hussain / Javed Choudhary debated the topics nicely on any burning issues – but it never stop the attrocities, plunders, blunders, corruptions, nepotism, commissions, exploitations and so on?

    Best example is the marks enhancement of CJP’s daughter. There is no authority exist in Pakistan to check / monitor / generalize the evidence and take strict action?

  11. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    like Bhutto once said in his address to people of Punjab,
    Sailab aatai rahaingai aur hum bhee.
    (yanee badlai ga kuch nahein)

  12. iFaqeer Avatar

    Barrister Saab, I have been a regular contributor to that show for a little while. You should listen more regularly; it would be nice to have your feedback and involvement.

  13. readinglord Avatar

    Its mostly all crap and jingoism these days with only few exceptions like that of Talat Hussain, Bolta Pakistan, Hassan Nisar. The talkers usually cannot speak correct Urdu even due perhaps to lack of Persian grounding. They cannot differentiate even between ‘khudkush’ and ‘khudkash’ which have contradictory meanings to each other.

    The shows, especially those anchored by women, are sheer nonsense especially that by Qatreena. Her attitude is positively nauseating as she seems to be suffering from gender complex as mostly women anchors are.

    As it is, these talkshows are generally not imparting any lnsight or thought provoking knowledge, but instead are corrupting even the Urdu language of the new generation.

    Btw, why can’t we have talk shows in National Languages like Punjabi?

  14. Karim Avatar

    All these comments are really realistic. Its good to have so many talk shows. But I like Tallat for his extraordinary research, Javed Chaudhry for painting the right picture of the country and Kashif Abbasi for being bold. I don't like Hamid Mir for not being prepared for the show and Nusrat Javed for not giving any importance to the callers view point. I hate all the politicians and political parties of Pakistan as they are thieves; the difference between them is just the level of corruption. Pakistan can only come on the right path if there is some revolution is brough by some tough dictator. InshaAllah One Day.

  15. faizan Avatar

    where areyou kashif,i miss you,yourshow is the best .no anchor can take your place,come back please.