Pakistani Bloggers Discussion Forum Launched

Approximately two years back in 2006 we had initially launched a discussion forum to help bloggers in Pakistan, initially it was well recieved and were able to manage for a few months but it disappeared into oblivion due to neglect and lack of interest. It was recently after the series of blogger meetups that we had in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad did many of us feel the need to revive a discussion forum where fellow Pakistani bloggers can collectively help each other to compete with the world at large and maybe place the Pakistani blogging community on the global blogosphere.

This early morning of 2009 [Happy New Year to everyone] I have finalized the preparations of the discussion form being hosted at This flavor of the discussion board software has been deliberaly selected for its simplicty so that it is easy for everyone to be involved in any on going discussion

We hope that the community of Pakistani bloggers can now join hands together help & assist the new breed of upcoming, who might be gingerly stepping onto this platform for the very first time. While the forum will also provide a place for the advanced users to also share their experiences with everyone around.



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25 responses to “Pakistani Bloggers Discussion Forum Launched”

  1. destituterebel Avatar

    I just visited the forum (thanks to your twitter update), and registered, it seems simple and easy enough to use for everyone, good job and good luck with it.

  2. Abdul Qudoos Avatar

    just tagged you “”

    please visit, check and reply 🙂

  3. AamirRaz Avatar

    Nice effort, I must say!
    Hope the forum remains alive and kickin’ always.


  4. Muneeb Avatar

    I don’t think the current version or plugin what you are using would be a good idea, to what i feel using the whole thing is a bit uncomfortable. Sorry for being rude !

    If possible why don’t you put a Vbulletin and kick start the forums ?


  5. Sajjad Avatar

    Great effort. Thank you for setting it up and hope it helps bring us together.


  6. AEM76US Avatar

    In Waleed’s recent posting on his blog about tech predictions for 2009, he suggested that in 2009 we might see the arrest of a blogger.

    What steps could be taken now to discourage the arrest of bloggers and also to have an arrested blogger freed?

    To discourage, perhaps a voluntary code of conduct could be developed.

    To prepare in advance for the event that a blogger will be detained, law students and attorneys could be engaged in committee. For law students, it would provide opportunities to develop likely scenarios for which briefs and filings could be prepared in advance.

    These work products could be submitted as law school assignments and also posted to a public wiki. Whereas wikis usually seek to hammer out a single article on each topic, in this case of a blogger defense wiki there should be opportunities for alternate documents, perhaps with the original author having approval authority on suggested alterations.

    In software development, ‘use cases’ are defined in advance. The use cases are scenarios for how the software could be used. Likely scenarios could also be defined for how bloggers could be arrested. The scenarios could inform the voluntary code of conduct.

    Waleed’s original posting:

  7. Faisal.K Avatar

    cheeers and great work docter sahab 🙂

  8. Indian Avatar

    Long Live India….

  9. Indian Avatar

    We are peace loving country but you guys keep troubling us.
    If your government spend the same money on the Pakistan public then the country will have a better future.

    I am not sure about the pakistani public but all the your government is pathetic……full of Ass Holes.

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    Few preists in your country misguide pakistani innocent young generation & push them to Voilance in the name of JIHAD.

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    Now we indians are just posting a decent message in your forum….next would be an attack to bring down your countries internet network.

    I know you guys will take it as a joke….just wait & watch as Indian hackers are ready to

  10. readinglord Avatar

    What does this ‘blogging’ mean? I am a senior citizen of Pakistan and learned to use computer from my son and grandson about 6 years ago. I have been writing articles and interacts on different websites, especially ‘’ for a number of years. But don’t know what this blogging is meant to do now? Will some friend enlighten me?

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  12. bigtugboat Avatar seems to have stopped updating after 12 March. And trying to access returns a page full of warnings like this one:

    Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening '/home/.dibey/drawab/' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/local/php5/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/drawab/ on line 17

    I hope some measures are already under way to resolve this.

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  14. shahzaib Avatar

    I have just used the paki bloggers forum.It has provided a platform to discuss issues regarding blogging. A helping hand for promoting blogs.

  15. Khan Avatar

    Just checked this post about Forum of Pakistani Bloggers. Its a good effort and we can easily share our experiences and problems. So good effort.


  16. piskodrocho Avatar

    I want to listen good music!

  17. BlueHornet Avatar

    This looks cool so far, what's up people?

    If it's not just all bots here, let me know. I'm looking to network

    Oh, and yes I'm a real person LOL.


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