Dogar may be appointed Chief Election Commisioner after retirement

Musharraf Zardari DogarThe News is reporting that Supreme Court Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar is likely to be appointed the chief election commissioner (CEC) after his retirement in March this year replacing the incumbent CEC, Justice (retd) Qazi Mohammad Farooq, who retires in mid-March after completing his three-year constitutionally mandated tenure. Dogar is set to retire on March 21 which is his retiring date on reaching the superannuating age of 65 year.

Qazi Farooq was appointed the CEC on March 15, 2006 by President Pervez Musharraf who had ironically replaced Justice Dogar, who worked as the acting CEC for more than a year. Its apparent that Asif Zardari still chooses to carefully appoint his ‘yes men’ in strategic designations.



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6 responses to “Dogar may be appointed Chief Election Commisioner after retirement”

  1. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    that will be nice.
    is it mean that we can see the election in this year?

  2. Ahmed Kamal Avatar
    Ahmed Kamal

    Great country this is!

    Women killing supporter becomes Education Minister.
    Dictator supporter becomes Chief Election Commisioner

  3. Osman Avatar

    What do you expect…

    wink wink… if zardari or PPP are losing the election..
    wink wink… only a few votes barha to saktay hain..
    wink wink…

  4. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    elections!!good news.

  5. Ahmed Kamal Avatar
    Ahmed Kamal

    No election is not a good news. This adventure always use MY hard earned money that I pay through taxes.

    But then I don’t like the current situation either!

    Praying ….