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Poem For Barack, Michelle, Sasha, and Melia Obama

barak and michelle
m and i share your concern
for the privacy
and well being
of sasha and melia
may your children
get good education
and medical care
and grow up
balanced individuals
ready to take their place
in the affairs of our world
unlike the children in gaza

let me add briefly
am disappointed
at your silence
you did speak out
as president elect
on other issues
is apartheid,
ethnic cleansing
and loss of civilian lives
not important for you?


  • Ramla Akhtar |

    Barack Obama is not even the President of the United States yet. Barack or no Barack, it is unwise for any human anywhere to overstep their authority.

    Wisdom is given to humans to use it. Decades or even centuries of emotional exhortation has led nations – and esp Muslims – nowhere. What are we now? No more than very able victims who blame the entire world. Is this the character Allah would have wanted to cultivate in a Muslim? Or is this a disease of our own character that we have glorified?

    Let us reflect on the word “Islam” – which means submission. What is submission? It is not rebelling from the condition Allah has put you in. Each condition is created by Allah to bring out the best in a human’s character. The condition is not to reach conclusions – if it were, Allah would NOT have repeatedly asked humans to leave things to Allah! Our job is to make an effort, and change ourselves, not to attempt to reach our favorite outcome in our chosen frame of time.

    A new President has been elected by the USA. He has not even begun his term, and the world has started a chorus of how he has failed. Shame on us that we have to rely on those who we condemn in the same breath. What does that say of our character? And why would someone who has not even got to office and has already started facing whining attempt to change the world? It requires a great deal of grace and nerves from any man of character to proceed despite this utter rebellion of people about him/ her.

    Let’s give others a chance and above all – put our attention where is it badly due: on developing our own character rather than being international wimps.

  • Ramla Akhtar |

    In Barack’s statement yesterday, he said he will have much to say on Gaza after January 20th. Until then, he says, George Bus is the President of USA, and any official statement should only come from him. That, I reckon, is the kind of democracy and governance we have been wishing for in Pakistan. Yet if look closely at our political discourse it will be clear that we ourselves call for Lone Heroes (“Just give an order, Mr. President/Premier, you must act now!“) – and then proceed to decry authoritarian action. If we want democracy in the world, let’s also get used to its speed and method.

    What are Obama and his family going to do? Start crying and protesting? Unless Israelis AND Palestinians choose to create a bond of trust, no one on Earth will be able to solve their problems. A few million people know the solution to the conflict – that is not the issue. Getting the solution enacted by the relevant parties is the task. No amount of praying or protesting from the Muslim world is going to change a thing. This is *not* the character of a mujahid – one who strives. This is the character of a weakling who chooses to be expedient.

  • farrah k raja |

    Ramla good word of advice.Muslims should stop hating and seeing the world from prejudice.
    Israel is hostage to Terrorist Fanatics.There are peaceful Jews,shame is they are sidelined by butchers.
    Generations of slaughter is not a way to freedom.I am glad Kashmir freedom movement has become peaceful.
    Palestine must not be hostage to Hammas.Neither should be Afghanistan to Extremists.
    Islam and Muslims have to reconsider their relationship while reading about history they must read the history of Arab world after World War II.
    Obama,cannot do anything alone untill people themselves will be ready to help themselves.Hamas must stop fighting Israel.
    Palestine liberation is possible.So is Kashmir.
    Suicide Bombing or voilence would not get us anywhere.
    I have high hopes for Obama and World.Muslims should not think Terrorism is a way to Liberation.No but Freedom Movement is.
    People it is more likely that our voice will be heard if we learn to negotiate.
    Children of Hindus,Jews,Christians,Budhists and Muslims are children only.There should be peace for all of them.
    Everyone has a right to live a life free of fear.
    I am sure in all religions and in all people around the world there are peaceful people ,Obama and Hillary are one of them.
    We must not let aggressive people to rule us.Particularly people of Pakistan should concentrate more on their country.
    Arabs would not come to save us.We have to save ourselves and secure the peaceful future of our coming generations.
    Best of luck Obama,World wants peace and most of it all Pakistan wants it.

  • Asad Ali |

    @ EHUD(US) Barack, shame on you, you have your

    chief of staff White house an Israeli Terrorist
    Zionist, a Neoconnard !!!

  • Ramla Akhtar |

    @ Farrah: Hear, hear!

    Now I will continue this a bit further.

    What is the Muslim creed? La ilaha Il’Allah. No god, but Allah! Tawhid. Oneness.
    What is the primary Muslim faith? EVERYTHING COMES FROM ALLAH. Every-thing!

    Further we believe:

    1. Like people, like rulers.
    2. Like actions, like results.
    3. To change the world outside, change yourself.

    What says the Quran? Chapter Az-Zumar (Troops) says:
    Ch 039- Verses 011-013:

    “Say: I am commanded that I should serve Allah, being sincere to Him in obedience. And I am commanded that I shall be the first of those who submit. Say: I fear, if I disobey my Lord, the chastisement of a grievous day.”

    This is addressed to the Prophet, and then secondarily to each and every person who reads these lines. “I shall be the first of those who submit.” What does this mean? That I shall change myself first.

    Pick any book of character and wisdom in the world – whether you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Zen Buddhist, Zoroastrian, secular humanist, etc. – this is what it comes down to: CHANGE YOURSELF! Change your neighborhood. Change your city, your country, your world in that order. What you can’t handle, leave it to Allah/ collective consciousness/ evolutionary systems. This is the way.

    Everything else is just rhetoric aimed at constantly confusing others so that they cannot bring us to task. An attempts to create a faux ethic. It is time that those of us who can see the light emphatically reject all forms of nonsense because the humans and our planet have had ENOUGH! Nations are destroyed when there is none amongst them who dares to tell the truth and everyone colludes on untrue ethics.

    If Obama – a quarter-baked Muslim – has to solve Muslims’ issue, then shame on being a 1billion+ strong (weak?) people.

  • Asad Ali |

    @Ramla Akhtar,

    your silence would have been more valuable, rather

    than selfflagellation and self-condemning. You are one

    of those Israeli Genocider machine tool, speaking but

    ” logic” Israeli Logic. Your Sagesse is so outdated and

    exhausted, only consolidating Israelis and European

    Catholics worried only about Palestinians Cathos !!

  • farrah k raja |

    Ramla !!
    Brilliant!!I join hands with you hundred percent.This is true Islam.The flag of Islam is always white.Peace is the only way forward.
    Peace for everyone.Let us harness and direct our energy and save it untill we are really challenged.
    Pakistan is not aggressive country.We are a peaceful Nation.
    We got Pakistan through negotiation.Jinnah was an open person,he understood British ,he understood Hindus,he understood International Laws.He negotiated on our behalf.
    Pakistan was delivered on the wings of dialogue and negotiation.
    Come on people ,Peace Be Upon Our Prophet (Muhammad) and Peace Be Upon his Followers.

  • farrah k raja |

    On some issues we have to think peacefully.We need to built our country ,welfare of people would not come through IMF.
    Welfare will come through our own persuite of peace and building our personal Defence strong.
    When we talk peace it does not mean we role back army ,we roll back ISI.We must built them strong.We must have NCC training but our leaders must work on peace for people of Paksitan.
    No not shaking hands like Zardari is doing but Peace on our terms.
    We must not be aggressive ,we have to act like mature people and negotiate with USA.
    We must not let it happen in Pakistan what is happening in Palestine.It is happening so because of personal dominance of Islamic countries,Syria,Egypt,Jordan in the region.
    We must collaborate with China.Another peaceful country.Europe is another hope.To offer a prayer in MAsjid-i-Qartaba we do not have to take up arms.
    Protest and march can get us there,why take up guns.

  • Adnan Siddiqi |

    I Hate to admit that I agree with Ramla but she’s making sense in above comments. Condemning others and whining will not bring anything fruitful. I dont get how placing a badge or banner of “BOYCOTT ISRAEL” on a blog system developed in PHP language(owned By jews) and run on servers of Intel and SUN(again by Jews) would make us credible?

    I have been reading about “reasons” of Jewish success and it didnt surprise me that their bonding with religion and “Promised Land” gave them enough courage to excel in every field. Their best minds join ranks of Rabis and then they preach to emphasize on education. Here we ridicule Molvis and Islam to show ourselves Modern and progressive. Jews don’t do that. No wonder we are getting what actually we deserve. This humiliation is not something which is unexpected.

  • Ramla Akhtar |

    @ Asad Ali:

    A shame if being on the right side of ethics (1400 years new, and as old as humanity) puts one on the wrong side of Muslims. I assure you, though, that by now, many Muslims see the flaw of our “Chosen One” thinking.

  • Asad Ali |

    @Farrah Raja , to Ramla Akhtar,
    Pakistan was obtained in 1947, The hindus
    exterminated 5 millions of muslims in Bengal, UP
    and Punjab, their fault they were muslims ! few of
    the victims had opted for Pakistan.


    fatalist have their ancient logic, Qadariyah !

    today is Ashourah, Ummayyads are still there, but

    is Hussain’s stand a mere rhetoric, the wrong/right

    side of ethics ?

  • Ramla Akhtar |

    @ Asad Ali:

    Tell me O Wise One. In your opinion, would Hussain today be looking up to the US President for help? Or would he have taken the wiser way to build his might before he engaged in battle (as his grandfather did) – or if it came to battle, marched into it valiantly rather than composing poems addressed to a Christian President’s family?

    Thank you for strengthening the argument that there is much lack of integrity in the Muslim stance. For instance, it’s takes you less than a few hours to first call a reference to Islamic principles “ancient logic” and then take cover behind Ashura.

  • Ramla Akhtar |

    Now I shall not return to answer every comment – I conclude on the note that before we go on strengthening our victim’s rhetoric any further, let’s learn to focus our attention on building our spiritual – mental – physical might as a people.

    Mr. Asad Ali: live up to your brave name. You are roaring in all the wrong places right now. That won’t help Gaza.

  • farrah k raja |

    No right side of ethics is not a rhetoric.Nor the genocides are acceptable but we cannot go on raging or inviting wars.
    I personally feel we should have a seat in Security council.
    Why not Pakistan is such a responsible Nation.
    Our army has served in UNO Peace Keeping mission.We have fought with US and rest of coalation forces.
    There is no Muslim Country in security council,Pakistan deserves it not only for Pakistan but for other small countries like Bangla desh,Nepal,Palestine and rest of the Islamic Countries.
    We as a Nation deserve this representation.

  • farrah k raja |

    We must avoid wars to build our country!
    Note I will again emphasise,Defence should not be compromised.It is difficult ,for past thirty years ,we have been hungry but we are alive.

  • temporal |

    thanks for all your comments:)


    long time! how are you? hope all is well!

    ok, now business…you have taken this in a different direction…

    there is no argument over the most important factor in jihad…jihad-an-naf’s…the struggle and strive for and against the “self”…

    but here am perplexed and intrigued…in a sense yes this is an appeal…but it is also musing and wondering…barck obama has ridden a tsunami of public support and goodwill…and since he has been “speaking up” on other matters while “there is only one preesident”…i do not think it behooves him to hide behind this mantra and remain silent…

    his every word and gesture is being watched…and even though it is a matter of days for him to assume the presidency…the matter of young innocent children dying cannot be put off even for a few days imho

    a right word…a gesture….is all that is needed…not a policy statement…that would warn the offenders to slow down, retreat, or stop this one sided travesty

  • Basit |

    For all those who’d jumped onto the Obama bandwagon, I think this event makes it pretty clear that American foreign policy always stays the same, no matter what. They will always be friends of Israel (and what do you expect when several of the advisers and senators have Jewish connections). Look at how the Gaza massacre is being covered in the US media (btw, I’ve been surprised to see a much balanced coverage of this in the UK media).

    However, as someone else pointed above, it’s harsh to condemn the West when Muslim countries (in particular, Egypt and Saudi) are accomplices in this massacre. We really need to get our act together before we criticize others.

  • farrah k raja |

    US is not friend of Israel,Israel is extention of US ,it is a US base.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    i think otherwise.i believe that us is an extension of israel.

  • Asad Ali |

    @farrah, your’s of 8 jan @8.35 pm

    four years ago US state department official was on visit
    and I asked him why Pakistan should not be included in
    Sec. Coun. of UNO as a nuclear power, the answer was
    we prefer Egypt the most faithfull arab among arabs.
    We have to accumulate power everywhere by all means !
    No. Farrah dear, I am a convinced, anti-pacifist !

    as you have the intention not to return to answer all,
    again, fatalism is a disease,
    Hussain RA proved it to the world, who were Ummayyads ?
    were they not muslims (so called)Mighty power, did he
    fight to defend pacifism ? for us Obama or Clinton,
    Olmert or Tony blair, EU or USA they are all offshoots
    of Evil, it is as simple as anything, the armed Jihad
    is in rigour today in Kashmir and Palestine,ca you prove
    the contrary ? all the three forms of Jihads are in one
    way or the other IN RIGOUR in our lives, can you say that
    the third form of (armed) Jihad is not valid today ?
    what can deprive you & me to perform that, to save my
    family, my religion, my house, my country,my own life ?

    WHY HUSSAIN SACRIFIED EVERYTHING HE HAD ? why did he not kept silence and be clever to respect OBAMA????????????
    be diplomate and save his skin and left out of Kûfa in the
    darkness. Ramla, do we have to be Hussain or as Hussain
    just before defending our lives, children, home and faith ?

  • Asad Ali |

    @ ” what has happened to you ? why don’t you
    fight in the way of Allah in support of men,
    women and children, whom finding helpless, they
    have repressed; and who pray, ” O Allah ! liberate
    us from this habitation which is ruled by tyrants “.
    Sura An-nisa 4 : ayat 75

    Ramla what do say to the above ?

    Do you believe in Jihad ?

  • farrah k raja |

    One,”No” is not enough to detter me.There are other nations and countries we should work with them.Anglo French are more sympathetic and future is Europe not US.
    East is emerging.Russia is aggressive cold war may be over but new phase begins where US has real challenges at home,hungry nation is angry nation.
    It is not a miracle that Obama has been elected.Politics has come to play into the hands of middle class.
    Obama has a dignity and respect and if he did right things he will be elected second time.The right things are Justice for human beings in general.
    He can be a President not of USA alone but of the world.
    We can present our case again.
    at least we must let the world know we want peaceful solutions but if there is war it is not because of people of Pakistan it is because US is so bent on it.
    US has created a thesis in the Arab World starting from II world war,it is time for anti thesis.
    Muslims of Africa,Arab and Asia are not so dumb glablistaion and reprocurssians of US actions will emerge in its own anti thesis.
    George Bush J and senior has been taking world to third world war.If it started at Georgia,it would be unstopable.
    Ukraine stopped gas supply last week to Europe.
    Let us see what comes out of it all.Again I will say let us make Pakistan strong.

  • farrah k raja |

    you can see in the advertisement above in the right hand side corner, Obama is for sale,Tee shirts,his Presedential ceremony ,seats can be won like in a lottery ,people have to buy the tickets.

  • farrah k raja |

    Asad I believe in Jihad but not in hijacking planes and suicide bombing

  • Asad Ali |


    please don’t deviate, nobody is talking about
    hijacking or even suicide bombing, just takeup arms
    and go and get those ” embedded ” across the border,
    our enemies, they are all there !!! instead of talking,
    talking welcoming drones against those invisible
    ” Terrorists ” who are no one else than Mossad, Raw,
    CIA, Khad and Takfiris. We are brainwashed, not only
    by those evils but also by our Politician traitors.

    Obama’s designated chief of staff white house is a
    zionist Israeli terrorist ?

    you are losing coherence in your comments !!

  • farrah k raja |

    I am not loosing coherence,the perception of Terrorism in my mind is different from yours.
    I am introduced to this word in Europe because of JUly 7 and 9/11 in USA.When I refer to Terrorists it is that and nothing else.
    Yes I do not wish Pakistanis or Muslims to commit suicide attacks.
    Case of Palestenian ,Iraqis and Afghanis is different.How can we say their suicidal act is not right if a man looses his whole family in a bomb attack what is there for him to live for?
    Regarding your comment,Asad Ali on January 10, 2009 @ 11:59 pm :
    fighting India in case of war is definitely Jihaad and fighting against USSR was Jihaad and fighting against USA at present is Jihaad.

  • Asad Ali |


    yesterday’s demonstrations everywhere in Europe
    proved that its American war in Palestine, in Iraq
    and in Afghanistan and now in Pakistan, Americans are
    under very heavey pressure with guilty conscience.

    a short historical reference about terrorism !

    this was invented by crusaders, to collect funds,
    support and recruitement in whole Europe, they used
    terrorism those who did not cooperate, or could’nt
    invest, bombing their entire cities, villages,Duchy
    castles, etc etc. after losing crusades, the methods
    crossed over to the other side of mediterranean and
    was adopted by Egyptian Fatimid rulers, ended up in the
    horrible utilisation of those methods called in arabic
    Al-Unf, please check with the period of Hasan Bin Sabah
    Hashishin assassins(Ismaili) late 11 century.

  • Asad Ali |


    yesterday’s demonstrations everywhere in Europe
    proved that its American war in Palestine, in Iraq
    and in Afghanistan and now in Pakistan, Americans are
    under very heavey pressure with guilty conscience.

    a short historical reference about terrorism !

    this was invented by crusaders, to collect funds,
    support and recruitement in whole Europe, they used
    terrorism those who did not cooperate, or could’nt
    invest, bombing their entire cities, villages,Duchy
    castles, etc etc. after losing crusades, the methods
    crossed over to the other side of mediterranean and
    was adopted during Egyptian Fatimid rulers, ended up in
    the horrible utilisation of those methods called in arabic
    Al-Unf,by Hasan Bin Sabbah. please check with the period
    of Hasan Bin Sabah Hashishin assassins(Ismaili)
    late 11 century.

  • farrah k raja |

    Thanks Asad
    I will give a read to the Islamic references you have made .I think as George Bush leaves the White House this term will be history.Europeans cannot put up with war they have seen the destruction also Europeans have true experience of Crusades.
    No they would not take up wars on board.You would have noticed Anglo French see Arabs in completely different prospective and the basic peincipal of harmony between France,Germany and England is being anti war Nations.

  • Reality Check |

    OK is NO ONE noticing here that this is an exceptionally badly written poem? I mean I empathize with the sentiment and all, but the so-called ‘poet’ has written a couple of sentences about what they feel vis-a-vis Obama’s silence on Gaza,

    and then they’ve broken down the sentences at various places.

    That’s the poem! This is one of the worst poems I’ve ever read. And I should know, I teach poetry at University of Portland in Maine.

  • temporal |


    do you specialise in bad poetry?…have you read them all and consider yourself an expert? is there any room for doubt or revision?

    on second thoughts…are you an over the board obama supporter?

    thanks for your opinion:)

  • Asad Ali |

    @reality check,

    please go ahead and elaborate, this ” prose ” sort of
    Doubt and revision are principly elaborated in
    the most severe and straight forward verses, temporal’s
    second photo,though a shocking, shameful, and ugly for
    the so called US ” civilization ” does not openly and
    courageously condemn ” baby killers “, children
    bleeding, softly versed in a naive simple poetry,
    500 children genocided and exterminated, in and outside
    their homes, hospitals, clinics and schools,
    this is not a poem, its just a temporal sentiments based
    on soft language, fearing the anger or reaction.