Letters to Univ of Stanford condemning Musharraf as “Big Speaker”

Musharrafs version of Democracy in PakistanGeneral (retired) Pervaiz Musharraf is scheduled to speak at University of Stanford on Friday, 16th January. This blog has since long been overwhelmingly against the actions and deeds of Mr. Musharraf starting from March 9th 2007 when he sacked the, then Chief Justice of Pakistan and more specifically after the imposition of Martial Law on November 3rd 2007, where he assumed himself to be above the laws of this land ie. the Constitution of Pakistan. All because Pervaiz Musharraf wanted to save his seat in power

I share with you three four separate letters that were sent to the University of Stanford condemning their decision to invite and honor Pervaiz Musharraf as a guest speaker, to teach the younger generation how to aspire to be a dictator like him, is probably the last thing that University of Stanford should teach its students. I believe that Pervaiz Musharraf in his final year in power caused Pakistan far greater harm then anything imaginable, having deliberately allowed crooks back into the country he bid adieu leaving Pakistan with a snub and a smirk when he said “Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz“. After all it is then that he wished us the worst, which is evident by the crooks he welcomed home


Dear Sirs,

I am a published author and historian from Pakistan. I guess when you chose our former President Musharraf as your Big Speaker you must have understood that you would be recieving some “hate mail”. I shall try not to make it sound like that, but you might be interested in learning that the announcement has taken away some credibility from Stanford in the minds of many educated Pakistanis, especially liberals.

You must be aware that the general impression in Pakistan is that military rulers in our country have usually been supported by American establishment, especially the Republican segments. Now many people are wondering if academic fora such as yours are not equally indifferent to democracy or, in fact, perhaps, just by some wierd chance, equally involved in curtailing democracy in whatever indirect, polite, socially-politically correct manner. Such as (s)electing an unpopular former President of Pakistan to be the Big Speaker.

As an academic who likes to look at things from several points of view I do not feel as much charged up about the thing as some others might be who would be writing you other kind of emails (I got your addresses off a rights acitivists group where it has been circulated to send you mass “protests”). I shall be curious to learn how the event goes, and will even relish, quite selfishly and unscupulously, in devouring any piece of “wisdom” that may, ironically or otherwise, unfold itself through that keynote address and gets circulated in the media. Yet, I do share the feelings and perspective described in the second paragraph of my email, and henceforth I may not be thinking about Stanford as a bastion of modern civilization anymore.

Pity ’tis, ’tis true, true ’tis, ’tis pity.

With warm regards,

Khurram Ali Shafique


Dear Sir,

I have come to hear about Stanford’s invitation to General Pervez Musharraf’s as the “Big Speaker” on January 16, 2009. While I understand that academic institutions are supposed to encourage dialogue and understanding, I would like to mention that by inviting, honoring and feting a military dictator who has overthrown an elected government, suspended and illegally amended the constitution, sacked the judiciary at will, and whose government has been involved in killing, kidnapping and illegally detaining Supreme Court and High Court judges, lawyers, journalists, political leaders, human right activists, students and teachers gives a certain legitimacy to him – and to his actions. And while this disturbs me as a person who believes in the rule of law and democracy it also gives an impression that Stanford University condones his actions – and is also impervious to the feelings of Pakistanis who have suffered under his dictatorship.

Therefore, I would request you to reconsider your invitation to General Musharaf. However, if you are unable to do that, then I would urge you to provide a disclaimer listing all his illegal and unconstitutional understakings in your introduction, just like Columbia University’s President gave when introducing President Ahmadinejad of Iran. This would not only clarify Stanford’s official position but also provide an appropriate context to the dialogue which can only lead to a more healthy and honest debate.
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Dear Mr. John Hennessy,

I am a citizen/resident of Pakistan and a lawyer by profession.

I have learnt that Stanford University has invited former dictator of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf as a ‘Big Speaker’. With deep regret I am constrained to say that, this is like adding insult to the many injuries which Musharraf has inflicted on the people of Pakistan.

I correctly remember that in November/December 2007 when the Pakistani lawyers and human rights activists were languishing in jails, the Supreme Court Bar Association of the U.S. praised the role of Pakistani lawyers and also said on an occasion that this is the real work of a lawyer i.e. to fight for supremacy of the constitution and to uphold of the rule of law. Ironically the president of the U.S. Supreme Court Bar at that time was a Stanford Alumnus. We felt honoured by the fact that lawyers in the U.S. held discussions and arranged walks to express solidarity with us. However, I fail to understand why a great educational institution like Stanford felt compelled to invite Musharraf as Big Speaker. Musharraf is directly responsible for:

  1. Getting 48 Pakistanis killed on the streets of Karachi on May 12, 2007 when the Chief Justice of Pakistan was scheduled to visit Karachi on an invitation by Sind High Court Bar Association, Karachi. On that day, containers of National Logistics Cell (a Pakistan Army controlled institution) were placed for blocking the roads which allowed the local mafia to kill innocent people, some of whom were injured and were pulled out of the ambulance and shot. On the same day, Musharraf held a rally in Islamabad which was attended by the entire bureaucracy (they were compelled to do that) and from behind a bullet proof glass placed on a pedestal 50 feet high he said “this is the show of people power“.
  2. Illegally imposing emergency in the country on November 3, 2007 as a cheif of the army staff, who has no right to take any such measure under the constitution.
  3. Sacking the superior judiciary of the country.
  4. Targetting, arresting and torutring lawyers and human rights activists.
  5. Introducing despotic legislations to allow corrupt politicians to prevail.
  6. Conducting state sponsored abductions of Pakistani citizens.

Sir, how would you feel if Timothy McVeigh were accorded a warm welcome by some university in Afghanistan?

In the name of those Pakistanis who were tortured, imprisoned, abducted, killed during Musharraf’s regime I request you to please withdraw your invitation to Musharraf who goes down in our history as any other self centered tyrant.




I would like to bring to your attention with all the passion inside my being how i feel about Stanford honoring Musharraf as a Big Speaker. I am a Pakistani and a truly patriotic one to the bone. I feel offended that a prestigious institution like Stanford would honor in any way or form a dictator, a tyrant, an oppressor who is responsible for illegal coup de tat and annihilation of a democratic government in my country.

Musharraf has commited every evil known to man and has destroyed all vital institutions in Pakistan. He has spread lawlessness, crime, an undesirable civil war, hunger and successfully brought the country to a brink of fatal collapse. He has harrassed and arrested most civil rights acivists in my country repeatedly during his tenure, kidnapped innocent citizens via intelligence agencies, squashed the media, ruin the judiciary. He has plunged the country into a vicious cycle of suicide bombs and despair. There are no words that can describe the evil, vindictive, illegal rule of Musharraf. To honor him any way will be an insult to all Pakistanis everywhere!!! This cannot be stressed enough.

How would you feel if an army general took over Washington and plinged your country into martial law!! I am sure you would not want a Pakistani University to award him with a great speaker award, no matter if he orates like Churchill!!

Yasir Swati



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50 responses to “Letters to Univ of Stanford condemning Musharraf as “Big Speaker””

  1. Lone Wolf Avatar
    Lone Wolf

    Crap , Musharraf rules and should come back as the head of state. He is the only one under which pakistan can prosper. not under CIA , Saudi and Russian agents like you 🙂

  2. Monz Avatar

    the letters are great…and although i think its vitally important that we write them…I have been in situations like these at our university and unfortunately whats going to happen is that the university representative or chancellor or president is going to stand up and say “we recieved a lot of opposition from different parties on bringing musharraf to Stanford”, but Stanford as an institution belives in freedom of speech and giving everyone a chance to explain his or her story.. verbatim

  3. Nomi Avatar

    I condemn this act of nonsense. We donot need any enemy to disgrace our country. we have several within. If musharaf is not allowed to speal there, then who else is capable of representing Pakistan. Could Zardari or Nawaz sharif give any sensible lecture in international universities. We have got only professional and educated leader so far which is Mush. Rest of them have not even been to any intermediate college.
    And sending such emails would do nothing but disgrace our country.

  4. Mo Avatar

    Pakistan has suffered greatly because of corrupt lawers. Last thing you want is for people not to have freedom of speach. Lawers against expression clearly shows where they are coming from. Stanford should tape this event and provide the vidoe on their web site as it is a closed event.

  5. barristerakc Avatar

    following is a letter: which we send.

    Dear Sir,

    Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on behalf of all Pakistanis & Americans to call former President of Pakistan, General Pervez Mushraff as one of your “BIG Speakers” and I hope he will be a star attraction at the prestigious Stanford University. The news I am getting is that all the chairs are sold which is great.

    Honorable Sir, The reason for writing you is to warn you about the negative propaganda spread by Islamists living around the world against President Mushraff because of his co-operation with the United States in Pakistan(s) national interest on combating Islamists terrorists like Al-Queda, Taliban(s) and other organizations who worked from Pakistan & Afghanistan to destabilize the world.

    These new-born Islamists, “clean shaven mullahs” are on an invariable operation to undermine and disrupt “Strategic Alliance” and co-operation between the great countries of George Washington & Mohammad Ali Jinnah, United States of America & Islamic Republic of Pakistan respectively. And these Islamist will go in any length to disrupt President Mushraff(s) tour to the United States so precaution is needed; as one of them could try to make an attempt on the General’s life.

    Honorable Lordship, I understand that you know better then anyone else: that the former chief justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Chaudry is an “Islamist & Religious Extremist” by heart and has ordered the release of many suspected terrorists and terrorists who had been involved in terrorism against the people of Pakistan and the world; because of which the former Chief Justice, Chaudry had become so unpopular even within his own clan that he has lost support from 95% of the sacked judges (who had recently taken fresh oaths and are working freely as honorable judges of their respected courts); apart from loosing his political masters from the corrupt, sexist and right wing : PML-N & Imran Khan(s) Tahreek-e-Insaaf who publicly advocates deals with Taliban’s & Al-Queda

    Lastly, I would again like to thank you on behalf of the great people of Pakistan & United States to invite President General Pervez Mushraff who is a hero to many liberal and moderate Pakistanis and Muslims around the world and who had been the catalyst for change apart transforming the economy and promoting freedom of speech within Pakistani Society.

    Best of Luck,
    Warm Regards,
    Ali K.Chishti.

  6. Amanullah Kariapper Avatar

    Lone Wolf: I suppose the “Russian agents” bit was an inside joke… if not, you seem to be stuck in some weird time capsule… the Russians folded in 1992-3! And thank you for sharing your profound insight into Pakistani and international politics. Perhaps you would like to present your ideas to these people: http://tobateksingh.blogspot.com/2008/07/lakht-e-jigar-this-is-what-they-have.html

    Monz: No need to be so despairing. I think the suggestion in the second letter proposing a Columbia style disclaimer is only fair. If Stanford’s President does not have the moral courage to do it, it may be taken as an indication of his support of or complicity with America’s policy of “humanitarian imperialism” [1].

    Nomi: One does not need to be highly educated to be a great statesman. What is required is heart and great intelligence. The black slaves of Haiti who threw out the French and successfully defended their liberty against the British and then the generals of Napoleon had probably not read more than a dozen books between them [2]. Yet they showed far more restraint and bravery in the face of a campaign of terror by the French and British expeditions.

    [1] http://www.amazon.com/Humanitarian-Imperialism-Using-Human-Rights/dp/158367148X
    [2] http://www.amazon.com/Black-Jacobins-Toussaint-LOuverture-Revolution/dp/0679724672

  7. Salman Avatar

    Kudos to Ali. K. Chishti.

  8. Rockfella Avatar

    i am sure the guys at Stanford would be laughing their heads off at this copy n paste letter….. cause as far as i know there are no “Honorable Lordship” in USA……..

  9. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    AKC – I’d like to see your letter to Univ of Stanford for Mr. Altaf Hussain — that would be priceless to read !!!

    @Rockfella – ROTFL – you just nailed this one onto AKC’s forehead – Good one

  10. barristerakc Avatar

    @Teeth Maestro,
    Praise those of your critics for whom nothing is up to standard .LOL wops, someone’s not happy!!! Mate the problem with you lot is that although you advocate freedom of speech but in reality you practice just the opposite which accounts to hypocrisy and nothing more.

    As far as the “lordship” is concerned; everyone’s a “lord sahib”, (“lard sahib” to you people) who honors our “Sher” Mushraff – the greatest leader Pakistan ever had after Jinnah and Liaqat Ali Khan…..

  11. barristerakc Avatar

    wasay, reality hurts innit lads..! 🙂

  12. Rockfella Avatar

    i must say its good to see that Barristerakc you are making conversation here and presenting your side of view instead of the garbage you usually haul at KMB.

    But then again i read your comments (or letter as you say you have sent to your Lordship) …

    You just called everyone who is not a supporter of MQM/Mushaarf as ” new-born Islamists clean shaven mullahs”

    and from your context i read “an invariable operation to undermine and disrupt Strategic Alliance and co-operation between the great countries of George Washington & Mohammad Ali Jinnah, United States of America & Islamic Republic of Pakistan respectively.”

    keep it up dude, you are surely going to find a lot of friend in Israel. May i suggest that you now advise Mr. Altaf Hussain now immigrate to the Zionists land where i am sure people pretty much share the same views as your.

  13. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ New thugs cabinet has taken oath in AJKashmir

    what the hell is MQM terrorist doing in Mirpur. ?
    beat them and throw them out !

    you rock well dud
    wasey akc the khoon rang pakar reha he !!

  14. Rabayl Avatar

    I’m no Musharraf fan but I do think that he his a decent orator and will not embarrass us at all by speaking at Stanford. He once was interviewed by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show and he maintained composure and had a sense of humour too. There’s a Pakistani speaking at Stanford as a Big Speaker and that’s nice enough. Don’t worry, he’ll do a sensible, balanced job. It is an another matter that he destroyed Pakistan but alas.

  15. Khurram Ali Shafique Avatar

    Awab, thanks for posting my letter. And, lol, in the same breath I got branded as Russian agent and an Islamic extremist: two honorifics which I have been missing all my life!

  16. Malik AMAN Avatar
    Malik AMAN

    u know what Zardari would die to give a speecvh like musharraf does but that son of a biatch can’t even think from his head .and one man to rule all Muaharraf .

  17. Ahsan Ali Avatar
    Ahsan Ali

    Whether you agree with Musharraf or not, he has a right to speak at any engagement. On the one hand you espouse democracy and freedom of speech, but on the other hand you are trying to prevent another person’s freedom of speech. Irony.

    I believe President Musharraf has done more for Pakistan and Pakistanis in his 9 years than any other person since Jinnah.

    If you are an Indian, this site completely makes sense as Indians are on a propaganda mahcine to bash Pakistan, Pakistani people as terrorists, Pakistani army as un-loyal, and ISI as a rogue element. Their agenda is to undermine the Pakistani security infrastructure.

    If you are a Bhutto supporter, have you every gone to the Bhutto lands? Just take a look, how unfortunate the people are, they have had Zulfiqar as PM/FM etc., then their Benazir was PM two times. With all this leadership, there was virtually no money spent on the people they represented.

    Musharraf is Pakistan’s best ambassador. As Pakistanis we need to support and engage with the best we have to offer the world.

    Finally, you are bad mouthing Pakistan and Pakistanis in the international press. This is un-productive and highly disrespectful. It provides a poor image of your character and subsequently of Pakistanis broadly.

    Those are my ‘freedom of expression’ thoughts.


    Ahsan Ali.

  18. rockfella Avatar

    If you supported Musharraf you are responsible for what is wrong in Pakistan today:
    1) You supported Musharraf
    2) Musharraf gave NRO
    3) NRO gave Zardari
    4) Zardari causing instability.

    If only you had supported the lawyers:
    1) Judges still functioning.
    2) NRO declared unconstitutional
    3) Zardari, Musharraf behind bars.
    4) Pakistan stable.

    Lesson: Never support a military dictator.

  19. shy-guY Avatar

    Nawaz Sharif chose Mush and he was the one who purged Nawaz. I guess Nawaz was kasoorwar to gave us Mush.
    Nawaz and BB both were elected twice democratically yet didn’t finish their tenure and gave pak a Dictator.
    it seems that world politics is controlled same as our economy is also controlled who holds the purse strings
    It is also an opportunity to create more debt and enrich the Plutocrats and their corporate allies
    Nawaz had to made better decisions but his sacked was done by U’s since he went for atomic bombs.
    9/11 also gave Mush a chance to foster his rein in the hands of west and he sold out his faith and his fellow citizens only price 5000$
    lanath hai Mush aur Bush dono per

  20. Syed Avatar

    Musharraf has been thrown to the dustbin of histroy now. Thanks Allah and the lawyers movement. I am full of praise for the brave lawyers.

    Mush was a pet may be a kitty of the US and Jews. he tried hard to impress them. Besdies he gave free hand to MQM to buy their support. so MQM supported it. Now that Zardari is in power, so MQM and Zardari are bhai bhai. Why MQM wallas still keeps cribbing?

    Musharraf was a filth, a Mir Jaffer of the present time. His supporters are presently bathing the dogs of gora men and would do “just anything” to please them.

    I challenge Chishti and his like to invite Mir Jaffer Mush to the dinner of APNA or any free / independant forum. Have a free question & answer session and you would be able to see the true face of the filthy dictator. he will start fuming and will probably punch some newspaper man or some one from the audience.
    Remeber he used to wave punch. I challenge him to come and wave punch in the Hyde Park any evening and see the result.

    Traiters have always spoken the laguage of their maters well. They do not understand any other language. His masters discarded him and so he is “Farigh Musharaf” now.

  21. Aamir Ali Avatar

    Musharraf was the best leader Pakistan had since Jinnah, and all his major policies are still being implemented. Stanford should invite such great men.

  22. Tesfa Avatar

    Official Press release of what exactly happened.


  23. Monkey Avatar

    It’s Stanford University, not University of Stanford.

  24. minhaaj Avatar

    Cheap western ethics and shameless educational values. Its stupid to contest the decisions of those assholes.

  25. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @Aamir Ali,

    Bhutto’s zurriat claims he was the best after MAJ
    Mush-shits say he was the best after MAJ !
    Mashkook Qaumi Mafia (MQM) says Altaf mongol is the
    best after MAJ.
    ANP kay laundaybaaz say Batchaa Khan is Sarhadi Gan…o.
    Sherry Rehman replaces Indira Gandi ! (new report)
    PTV’s Barlas replaces the biggest donkey in the media !
    infact all of them are infested germs, please don’t
    insult Pakistani nation in her ordeal !

    @monkey bhai,

    what difference does it make ? ninkumpoops are the same
    everywhere !!

  26. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    General Musharraf’s Key Political Support which came from these very elements [for example Sipah-e-Sahab and Lashkar-e-Jhangavi] against whom he was lecturing????


    1 – During Zia-ul Haq’s rule, General Pervez Musharraf, then a Brigadier, was assigned the task of suppressing the Shia revolt against the Sunni-dominated administration in the Gilgit region. Musharraf used Pathan tribesmen from NWFP and Afghanistan along with his troops to silence the Shias. In the wake of this operation, hundreds of Shias were butchered and displaced from Gilgit. The operations were widely reported in the Herald, a monthly magazine of the daily Dawn in its April and May 1990 issues. It is also said that the Wahabi Pakhtuns who raided Gilgit under Musharraf’s command were led by none other than Osama bin Laden.[1]

    1 – According to a Herald report of May 1990, “In May 1988, low-intensity political rivalry and sectarian tension ignited into full-scale carnage as thousands of armed tribesmen from outside Gilgit district invaded Gilgit along the Karakoram Highway. Nobody stopped them. They destroyed crops and houses, lynched and burnt people to death in the villages around Gilgit town. The number of dead and injured was put in the hundreds. But numbers alone tell nothing of the savagery of the invading hordes and the chilling impact it has left on these peaceful valleys. [1]

    2 – Another point against General Musharraf being a liberal is that most of his political support over the last eight years has come from pro-Islamist conservatives. For those that might have forgotten, the one vote that allowed the pro-Musharraf coalition to win a majority in the National Assembly came from the late Maulana Azam Tariq, leader of the sectarian Sipah-e-Sahaba. [2]

    3 – Musharraf has plainly given the religious groups more free rein in the campaign than he has allowed the two big parties that were his main rivals. In Jhang city, in Punjab province, Maulana Azam Tariq, leader of an outlawed extremist group called Sipah-e-Sahaba, which has been linked to numerous sectarian killings, is being allowed to run as an independent—despite election laws that disqualify any candidate who has criminal charges pending, or even those who did not earn a college degree. [3]

    4 – And while the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan and the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi stand officially disbanded, their most militant son and leader, Maulana Azam Tariq, an accused in several cases of sectarian killing, contested elections from jail – albeit as an independent candidate – won his seat, and was released on bail shortly thereafter. The fine line between an outright violation of the law and its insidious subversion by those who appoint themselves its custodians has been blurred so often in Pakistan’s chequered political history, that is has now become par for the course. The irony is when the architects of that subversion or violation are those who frame the laws themselves.[4]


    References and Notes:

    1 – The Problem of Kashmir and the Problem in Kashmir: Divergence Demands Convergence Strategic Analysis/Jan-Mar 2005 [1]


    2 – VIEW: End of a liberal alliance? —Syed Mansoor Hussain [2]


    3 – General’s Election By TIM MCGIRK / KHANA-KHEL With reporting by Syed Talat Hussain/Islamabad Dated Monday, Oct. 07, 2002 [3]


    4 – For The ‘General’ Good By Sairah Irshad Khan [4]



    U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee the judicial dispute is “something that we believe the Pakistanis themselves are going to have to sort out.”

    U.S. backs Pakistan judicial reform and mum on judges

    By Paul Eckert, Asia Correspondence Reuters Thursday, February 28, 2008; 4:00 PM


    During his Senate hearing on Thursday, Mr. Negroponte said, “I think we would, as a general proposition, urge that the moderate political forces work together, and of course President Musharraf is still the president of his country, and we look forward to continuing to work well with him as well.”

    U.S. Embrace of Musharraf Irks Pakistanis By DAVID ROHDE Published: February 29, 2008



    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The U.S. has a puzzle to crack in Pakistan.

    The Bush administration wants to ensure military pressure is kept up on militants in the lawless tribal areas, but U.S. support for President Pervez Musharraf risks deepening anti-American sentiment among a public already fuming over Islamabad’s role in the war on terror.

    US Support for Musharraf Causes Anger By JASON STRAZIUSO The Associated Press Friday, February 29, 2008; 6:12 AM



  27. Amanullah Kariapper Avatar

    To Aamir Mughal: many thanks for the information shared. This is a valuable lesson in current history.

  28. Haris Avatar

    He is the priceless asset of Pakistan he has been most democratic leader of who gave up uniform and resigned as civilian President by the conspiracy of so called honest media. We have to understand only 1/4 of population cast their vote in last year election since they were well aware of outcome and feudal hold in such system . He is the one such leader who hasn’t left behind his family legacy and now again we have one’s husband and other’s brother as heads and its high time to understand his words about democracy that it’s not the label but it’s the essence that makes the real difference.There were all foreign nationals who were handed over to USA and claimed head money but propaganda is being set for missing Pakistani nationals.

  29. Zara Avatar

    I smell jealousy here as people like Nawaz Sharif, Zardari or the ex-CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry can never be honoured like this. Musharraf rules and inshallah he will be back.

  30. Ameer Hamza Avatar

    I am sure Musharraf did many good things for Pakistan. Much better work than those at the helm today. And those who were before him, in the name of democracy. He was a dictator but he allowed free media to explode. Everyone is right that he sold many Pakistanis to USA for millions of dollars whose audit reports are not available. But Bhuttos, Raisanis, PMLs and Mullahs of Pakistan (especially Mullah Fazal) also cannot provide any audit reports.

    Therefore, I refuse to go with this idea of mailing to the university. He is, in all sense, better than those who are present now.

  31. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    I am sure Musharraf did many good things for Pakistan. Much better work than those at the helm today. [Ameer Hamza]
    Dear Hamza Sahab,

    For your kind perual [the ‘Good Work of Musharraf’]

    Listen to the audio and listen carefully that your Favourite Aali Murtabat General Musharraf had almost ignited the Ethnic War in 2007.

    Would you like to explain this???

    صدر مشرف صحافی پر برس پڑے


    پاکستان کے صدر جنرل ریٹائرڈ پرویز مشرف نے خود کو انسانی حقوق کا آزادی اظہار کا علمبردار قرار دینے کے بعد حاضرین کو اس وقت حیرت میں ڈال دیا جب ایک چبھتا ہوا سوال پوچھنے پر وہ ایک پاکستانی صحافی پر برس پڑے۔

    ایم ضیاء الدین نے کیا سوال پوچھا تھا؟ سنیئے بی بی سی کے کاشف قمر کے ساتھ ضیاءالدین کا خصوصی انٹرویو

    وقتِ اشاعت: Friday, 25 January, 2008, 20:46 GMT 01:46 PST


    Listen the BBC [Urdu] Audio of General [Retd] Parvez Musharraf and then compare the present setup [no doubt the present setup is not up to the mark] but still it is elected by the government and also note as to how Mr Musharraf addressed a Senior Correspondent from Pakistan. I wonder where was that ‘courage’ [which he showed to M Ziauddin of Daily Dawn] of General Musharraf when he took the Infamous Telephone Call of Colin Powell [Former US Secretary of State] after 9/11 and bowed like slave. Listen the tape and I leave it the Forum Members to decide:


    Later that same day, while addressing 800 Pakistanis at the Hilton Hotel, Musharraf took things a step further. Speaking in Urdu this time, Musharraf said that journalists who ask these kinds of questions should be hit (audio from BBC Urdu).

    The Committee to Protect Journalists quickly condemned Musharraf’s tirade. The editors at the Guardian and the Telegraph expressed shock. Pakistani students in London threatened legal action. Musharraf’s thuggery is an important part of the story. But it’s not nearly as critical as the journalist’s question.


    1 – Musharraf – hits out at Journalist for tough Questions

    Posted by Teeth MaestroJanuary 28, 2008


    2 – Pakistan’s Prisoner Problems 14 Feb 2008 by Annie Jacobsen


    Shaheen Sehbai, Ansar Abbasi and Ahmed Quraishi – 4


    Shaheen Sehbai, Ansar Abbasi and Ahmed Quraishi – 5


  32. Syed Avatar

    Only two types of people (besides poor MQM walas)support mush. One lesser educated and others suffering from inferiority complex. Pak has been so brutally ruled by the military dictators for so long that any general, however low in character he may be, is considered to be good.he speaks english fluently and our “mummy daddy group” and burger families fall for him.

    They have earned some money through back doors and are enjoying the luxeries of this world and therefore consider any one who surrenders without fighting, a hero as he saves their lives, wealth & properties.
    These are complexed people and idealize western life style and culture. mush the traitor was also from the same cult. He proudly got phtographed with puppies in his lap. These puppies wud be licking him all over now.
    It is the biggest punishment for a dictator to be shown the door, and he is gone mad. Allah SWT Knows How to punish His Traitors. May Allah SWT save Pakistan and take mush the traitor to task, Ameen.

  33. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ what a bunch of naive ninkumpoops who either have

    their eyes shut or have MQM’s chashma-e-nabinah !!

    Khatam-allaho-ala-qulubehim, wa-ala sam’ehim wa ala
    absarihim, ghishawa !!
    the wrath of Allah is inevitable.

    you don’t have to be a mullah to read attentively
    the above and look into the mirror. justification of
    one evil to another one !! its horrible !!

  34. hamzah Avatar

    if nawaz sharif and zardari are the new face of democracy in pakistan then i say hell to democracy!!

    Musharraf’s 9 years are the best years of pakistan.
    Zardari, benazir and nawaz can never match him in any aspect.
    Musharrafs Govt was far more democratic than the current govt. shaukat aziz had more power than the current pm whos best described as zardaris left nut.
    Democracy has and will always fail in pakistan as we lack the basic fundamentals for a sound democracy . majority of the voters do not even understand the term democracy, it is simply a tool to put feudal lords in power.
    In pakistan anything can be bought. from judges and lawyers to media. anything can be bought. The lawyer movement was pml n funded agenda which brought down musharraf and is now being used to bring down the current govt.

  35. Bangash Khan Avatar

    @Aamir Mughal

    Musharraf was not the one who was bombing pipelines in Baluchistan or training 12-year olds to be suicide bombers in FATA. He took action against these criminal elements because it was necessary, and it is a testament to his policies that they are still being implemented.

  36. Sadia Azhar Avatar
    Sadia Azhar

    Musharraf is a great leader. He is an honest man. He is better than coward Nawaz Sharif, recist Imran Khan and Fruad Zardari. Those who are against him are senseless.

    Long live Musharraf

    Sadia Azhar

  37. Immi bhai sux Avatar
    Immi bhai sux

    Teeth maestro is an idiot. What’s the point of this stupid post of yours? Jealous that Ifti Chaudhary wasn’t called to Stanford for sweeping the toilets?

  38. Jibran Avatar

    Musharraf has been the best thing which happened to Pakistan after Jinnah and Z.A. Bhutto. A great leader who is a true Pakistani. May God bless him always and give us wisdom to honour such jewels of our history. I am previleged to have lived in the times when he is around.
    Long Live Musharraf

  39. Syed Avatar

    Youe enemy’s friend is your enemy. Mush was the puppy of usa. his masters were jews and christians. he served them with full zeal and aest. he butchered his own people to appease his masters. he sold Pakistani and our muslim brothers to USA against their constitutional rights. The trator degraded army as an institution using it to strenghten his rule and opression of the Pakistani nation.
    He was a laughable personality if you could get out of your inferiority complexed thinking. He was the law and and he made sure what he wanted was done. believe me MQM walas kay ilawa he does not have any support in Pakistan. And MQM walas eyes are blinded by Allah SWT. They cannot see a thing becasue they ” Had a disease in their hearts and Allah Has increase their disese.”
    They feel like “yateems”. They had not thought of a world without mush the traitor. So take pitty upon them and bear their hue and cry.

  40. Riaz Haq Avatar

    The editors of Stanford Daily have criticized the less-than-civil questioning by “enraged Indian nationalist” after President Musharraf’s speech at Stanford University last Friday. The Stanford student body clearly did not present itself well. Instead of an intellectual and political discourse worthy of Stanford, they brought dishonor upon a highly regarded international institution of higher learning.

    The session was characterized by catcalls and vicious attacks on Musharraf when “enraged Indian nationalists and other emotionally charged students questioned everything from the legitimacy of Musharraf’s rule to the inherent corruption of the Pakistani government”. The response was “equally defiant” from “finger-wagging” Musharraf. In the end, the session “contributed little to the debate” and created “an intellectually stifling atmosphere for those hoping to foster authentic debate”.

  41. Sadia Azhar Avatar
    Sadia Azhar

    Those who are writing against great Mr Musharraf on this forum may be Indians.

  42. Syed Avatar

    Poor Indians did not know that the traitor mush had actually been working in Indian interset. Look how critically he has harmed the national soverignity and put the entire country on complete chaos and path of destruction. Look at N.W.F.P and NA and Swat. Whats happening there is a proof of the dictator’s acts of foolishness, cowardness and loyalty to his master bush. Now i realize why people called him Yahya Khan the second (Sani).

  43. rockfella Avatar

    @ Sadia Azhar
    Those who are writing against great Mr Musharraf on this forum may be Indians

    Perhaps you forgot that the people who are writing FOR Musharraf are (former) Indians. Pls do some history research and then come back.

  44. barristerakc Avatar

    Ah, so the cat is out of the …

    I think “American Dependence” is not such a bad thing as far as you do not compromise your national security. I know most of the European leaders are actually waiting for Obama to announce US policies so that they could mold there policies accordingly. America is one of our biggest trading partners and apparently our biggest donor.

    As far as Mushraff(s) support is concerned its not only limited to the “Mohajirs” but he’s loved and still adored by the young and forward thinking progressive Pakistanis around the world and particularly in Urban Pakistan.

    The proof that Mushraff Sahib made policies in Pakistan(s) National Interest is that; the Pakistan Armed Forces still carry’s it on and in fact owns it especially with regards to the war against terrorism and taking non the Islamist thugs.

    I am sure: Obama(s) right policy move of sending more troops to Afghanistan will work as a cushion for both ISAF, Pakistan Army and Afghan Army fighting against Talibans in Afghanistan and FATA.

  45. Khurram Ali Shafique Avatar


    You say, “most of the European leaders are actually waiting for Obama to announce US policies so that they could mold there policies accordingly.”

    Let’s not forget that Great Britain received aid from the US immediately after the Second World War, and haggled to get more (see Volume 1 of Harry Truman’s autobiography). Jinnah, on the other hand, curtly refused the American offer to recieve such favors.

    Jinnah’s formal reply to the US Ambassador on February 26, 1948, actually stated, “I can assure Your Excellency that after having emerged from an eclipse which lasted over a century and a half, the people of Pakistan desire nothing which is not their own, nothing more than the goodwill and friendship of all the free nations of the world.”

    See details on my blog in the entry for December 24, 2008 Details: http://republicofrumi.blogspot.com/2008/12/jinnahs-reply-to-us-ambassador.html

  46. barristerakc Avatar

    yes but the reference was to our monetary policy and not to our foreign policy . Right from the beginning our founding father send it’s representative to the US for financial and military assistance. So if you really have to look up and analyze US-PAK relations; you have to understand the Post-Second War world order.

    After independence we saw ourselves as “natural allies” of United States as opposed to the Soviets and then there was Indian Congress’s leadership who was closer ideologically to the Soviets and Ofcourse there’s this religious factor. American help was obviously not as visible because of Americans just being too busy implementing there Marshall Plan in Japan and restructuring Middle East and rest of what’s East Asia today. In time obviously, we joined the Baghdad Pact, CENTO and SEATO and more. These were smart moves by our founding fathers or we would been seriously smashed by Indians in 1965.

    As for the US-Pak Relations, unfortunately as of today US still remains as a super-power which we have to listen to them. Let’s not forget that Talibans are as much as a treat to world peace then to Pakistan(s).

  47. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ MAJ’s formel reply is not clear for Barrister, even
    further confirms himself, and who wrongly quotes
    ” Right from the beginning our Founding father send
    its rep.to US for financial and military assistance.”

    It was Prime Minister Liaqat Ali who went to USA to
    ask for assistance, financial and military,
    as the representative of Post-Jinnah Govt of

  48. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ Barrister,

    your such a fidel an faithfull to Uncle Sam,

    ” Talibans are as much as a threat to world peace
    then to Pakistan(s)”
    it stinks boot Polish. spit shine !!

  49. Muhammad Haroon Marwat Avatar
    Muhammad Haroon Marwat

    M sy musharaff
    pahle chahat………..!
    come back barbie……!
    u r da only one who can rule here in pakistan….1

  50. Syed Avatar

    MQM & dictator’s lovers exposed. MQM joins the cabinet.Do you still have the face to curse zardari?

    We do. Because we stand on principals. We hate the dictator , his supporters and anyone who adopts the policies of the dictator thus proving Pakistan is still enslaved by USA.

    Musharraf the filthy dictator sold the nation to US for his personnal gains. Mir Jaffer of today. We hate you.

    “I am not planning to enter politics at the moment”.
    The coward dictator said in USA. HA HA HA!

    Everyone knows you can’t. Because you only indulged yourself in politics while you were in uniform and could use army’s institution to fulfill your filthy designs and evil rule.

    I dare you now come and wave a punch to anyone just anyone in Pakistan. Will you dare? I know you can’t. Because I know you from your army days. Know how coward you were.
    You should be hanged for the famous Kargil adventure of yours rascal, puppy of the usa.