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Rebuttal to Ahmed Quraishi’s article, Lawyers’ Iftikhar: A Messiah Or A Pawn?’

Guest Blog by SM

In his recent article, Lawyers’ Iftikhar: A Messiah Or A Pawn?, written on Monday January 26, Ahmed Quraishi has committed a crucial cause and effect mistake while recounting the events related to the historic lawyers’ movement and the de-facto Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry. This article aims to expose the misinterpreted or intentionally distorted historical events.

  • The claim that Chief Justice of Pakistan alone could have removed Musharaf, let alone, have caused America to negotiate a deal with Benazir Bhutto and Asif Zardari seems preposterous. However, the assertion seems plausible and historically correct, if the fact is realized that the entire Pakistani nation rallied behind the one person who dared first time in the history of Pakistan to stand against a dictator. It was this show of power by the masses that brought Musharaf to his knees and even made America admit it was too late to save Musharaf. If an entire nation stands for a cause, who is any individual to claim that he on the right side? Moreover, there seems to be no logical validity that Chief Justice Iftikhar, being an ordinary citizen without his official powers, could have in any way influenced such a deal because he would have had gained him nothing specially while he was incarcerated.
  • Second charge against Chief Justice Iftikhar is that he became “one of the causes of NRO” because he destabilized the system. Destabilizing the system by definition means going against the system. It should be left to the judgment of the readers whether the person who admittedly abrogated the constitution, the very soul of Pakistani system destabilized the Pakistan or the person who tried to amend it even though he jeopardized his entire career and family is the culprit for the destabilization.
  • Another allegation is that CJ Iftikhar is responsible for the “promising gains” of economy and Pakistan is now paying in the “shape of Zardari-Gilani government.” Like any other argument in his article, Mr. Ahmed Quraishi has failed to show cause and effect relationship between CJ Iftikhar and the loss of economy while ignoring the root of the entire ordeal which was Musharaf’s confessedly unconstitutional emergency. Musharaf should have had realized that consequences of his actions especially removing the Chief Justice of Pakistan.
  • Mr. Ahmed Quraishi holds CJ Iftikhar responsible for electing Asif Zardari, a “blot to the dirty Pakistani politics,” as the president. Perhaps, Mr. Quraishi needs to retake, if he already hasn’t, Politics 101 where everybody learns that democracy is strengthened through democracy rather than the absence of it. And the very sole reason that Pakistani democracy has to start from scratch is due to the successive interventions by military, where Musharaf is equally culpable. In fact, Musharaf is even more responsible for improving the popularity of Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto over the period of eight years, when in 1999, the popularity of the two leaders had significantly plummeted. Nevertheless, Mr. Ahmed Quraishi by condescending the head of the largest political party in Pakistan is in fact condescending the majority of Pakistanis who support Peoples Party of Pakistan. Being a nationalist and a patriot, Mr. Quraishi has the right to disagree with the opinion but lacks the prerogative to look down on others choices even though when its what majority of Pakistan has voted in.

Moreover, Mr. Quraishi goes on to malign the character of Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Chaudhry, when the fact is Supreme Judicial Council is present to judge any such matters. An individual personal in no capacity can accuse the Chief Justice or even claim that those assertions are true unless they are institutionally proven correct. Therefore, it would serve no purpose to deal with Mr. Quraishi’s accusations here.

Nevertheless, Mr.Quraishi contends that the reason for a defected judiciary of Pakistan is the “disease that afflicts all third-world judicial systems: financial corruption.” Considering, the reason that the writer has presented, it gets very hard to find a reason Mr.Quraishi’s maligning campaign for CJ Iftikhar even though CJ, had openly refused any financial or any other influences.

Mr.Quraishi needs to better present his arguments grounded on firm facts than presenting loose opinions ubiquitous with invalid arguments. Chief Justice needs to get restored and Musharaf needs to be held accountable to restore the confidence of the masses of Pakistan.


  • guYasir |

    Peoples are dying and industries going close jobs cutting and we are having a [greatest depression] after 1929.
    Its a serious condition to think Judiciary I don’t even wanna talk about Judiciary becuz it came at #3 in TIP 2006 survey in Pakistan.
    Judiciary has been handicapped and there’s no Justice
    All Masons and Freemason holds Top Judicial seats and they’ve debauched everyone even they debauch currency.
    I’m tired of this Wuklacola movement and politics.pk which is dirty not in pk but everywhere it sucks and make sick.
    Everyone is dupe and a pawn in this chess game. World is like a Chess Game invented by Indians and playing by Plutocrats who holds the purse strings and make us pawns.
    The world gonna resemble repressive third world country soon governed by IMF+UN+WB = 000 for us and for ’em trillions dollar superrich. son of Mammons

    Ifthikhar Ch ain’t Pawn neither Messiah rather Mason whose job was being sacked for Greatest Crusade.
    New O of U will be more vicious than B towards Muslims countries esp Pak but he might do well for African Countries which are real 3rd world countries and I’ve no shame to say that we are among them. How? you ponder yourself.

  • Asif |

    Though Ahmed Kurashie is planely wrong on blaming the CJ, the fact of the matter right now is that we have as the absolute ruler of Pakistan a highly corrupt individual who has little morals and even lower credibility. If anyone thinks that the nation of Pakistan would progress in any way under him then no one can stop the dreams. In terms of power, isn’t the 17th amendment still there? isn’t the judiciary still under the thumb of the president? Isn’t the entire so called democratic setup under the whims of the president? Does anyone really believe that there would be fair transfer of power while the incumbent is in the presidency?
    Though the lawyers movement is to be commended, it will be a huge failure if it gives up on its principles. The reality of the last year is in front of us. It is evident from our airports to our train stations to our police conduct. The sucking up of foreign exchange is also evident. We need an alternative very quick and the onus is also on the civil society and the lawyers to save us from this accidental disaster.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    pervez musharraf is not just the name of a person it is proved to be an ideology. you can sack the person but you can not eradicate the ideology whcih deals with the stakes of the group of the people.
    in recent days i saw many beliver of this ideology.they are from different political parties, different ethnic groups, different religious back grounds (they even fight each other) but amazingly they have one thing in common, a unanimous consensus that CJ iftikhar chohadry should not be reinstated.
    the article is so ridiculous and non sense and shows spitefulness.

    thank god that it is not zionist this time 🙂

  • Sophia |

    In normal circumstances I would have said “Ignore Ahmed Qureshi” as he is no more than a pawn in the hands of establishments. But in these times of extreme economic depression and political uncertainity, these pawns of establishment are spreading their baseless propaganda and misleading people by their twisted logic and they should be stopped. The piece by Qureshi is so void of any logic or political sense but one wonders that how alot of money behind a stupid can make him look like an intellectual.

  • guYasir |

    One mosquito might say that thank god it is not Kleptocracy this time around 😉
    My emphasis on above msg is that Credit Crunch is artificially formed and will ruin Yuppies same like in 1929
    History does repeat itself becuz many tells a lie about History.
    Zionists was in my way becuz their recent Gaza genocide and teeth was posting alot about it so i obviously talk abt zionists and their demented century old plan known as Neo feudalism aka Neo fascism aka NWO.

  • guYasir |

    Karachi Khatmal he who said that I should open a blog Kleptocracy.orgy
    KK yar K means Kleptocracy was in my way becuz since AZ turned our president I’ve no better word for him to say except Kleptocrat/Kleptocracy.
    It is obvious that my word was perfect for AZ when Jemima wrote article that BB was a Kleptocrat in a hermes scarf.
    so is there any doubt that AZ is a Kleptocrat?
    Aur haan k for k@k@ came in my way becuz since UK legalize sodomy ive no better word for UK= U K@K@
    Plutocracy came in my way becuz without Mammon no rule and banking system is unnatural for our body and souls. It tarnishes civil rights and waging gratuitous war on us.
    We should think to redefine Monetary system otherwise we will be perished Here and Hereafter.

  • farrah k raja |

    I am so impressed by the language and official draft of grievances against Ahmed Quereshi’s article.
    Only the writer forgot he is speaking to the people and not the Supereme Court.
    My language is not so great neither I am a scholar but I do hold an openion and that openion is;
    Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry did make Land Mark decissions.He was able to make those decision because he was given freedom to.
    The same Judiciary hanged our Prime Minister Bhutto.
    People in proving that Musharaff is a dictator forget to see he had all the power to hang Nawaz but he did not.This is respecting the life of other person.
    I fully agree that the Reception which Iftikhar Chaudhry recieved ,it was well deserved.
    I further agree that there was man handling but I disagree the way whole of protests started.What have those strikes ,beating and killing brought to the country?
    Musharaff had already allowed Nawaz ,Benazir in the country,the cases against them were taken back.
    Elections were takingg place so actually what was the whole point of all this mass demonstration.
    I am extremely angry at people of Pakistan,if it was for Justice where are the people now all they have to do is stand outside peacefully Supreme Court until Iftikhar Chaudhry is re-instated.
    Musharaff was brought down it is a trade mark of PPP and it was led by trade union leader Aitzaz Ahsan.So ok General Musharaff resigned to the will of people.
    Now is Democracy I want CJ Chaudhry to be re-instated.Why not?It is after all the will of people.He deserves it.
    Why not?
    If he is not re-instated I want people to re-think what is Democracy?

  • farrah k raja |

    Dr Jawwad
    “pervez musharraf is not just the name of a person it is proved to be an ideology. you can sack the person but you can not eradicate the ideology whcih deals with the stakes of the group of the people.”
    Pervez Musharraf is a phenomenon.I need a courageous and a bold leader to lead my nation.Who knows exactly what are millitary,geographical and strategical strengths and weaknesses of my country.Who knows what are International issues and can have a political dialogue,negotiation and can win Pakistan as many friends as possible from US,Europe,Islamic countries to China.
    Pakistan is an Ideological state fell short of its stature,because of its leaders like Nawaz ,like Benazir,like Zardari like Zia.
    After Bhutto ,Musharaff has shown a lot of guts and dareness to challenge us,the Nation.
    The Nation is so bent to hate him.It is upto Nation to make up their minds .
    Fact is US didnot attack Pakistan until he was in power.
    Fact is India didnot blame any attacks on Pakistan until he was in power.
    Fact is Suadia ,China were more open and compassionate towards Pakistan during his time.
    Fact is people had better life during his time.
    China is not Democracy,Dubai is not Democracy and Saudia is not Democracy.
    I miss him so often ,when I see Pakistani politicians and journalists harrased around the world and blammed for what ??For being Pakistani.
    I refuse to be appologetic for being a citizen of Paksitan and I refuse to be appologetic for being Muslim.
    And yes Musharaff is the alone person who spoke to me through his press conference that ,”We are not Terorrists and we are a defiant Nation”
    That means a lot to me.This one sentence made me able to face the whole British society and live proudly after July Seven.
    This is what is called leader.

  • Momekh |

    I have written a little somethin somethin about Ahmed Q’s article on my blog – probably for the first and the last time, I figure (LINK: http://tinyurl.com/cqt5gx) We do not need political arm-chair critics who take such an unbelievably pessimistic approach towards pretty much everything.

    God bless and good luck to us all,

  • Faisal Khan |

    I would like to place a bet with all those who are blinded folded. Justics Chaudhary will NEVER become Chief Justice.

  • Farooq |

    Dear Farrakh K Raja

    I agree Musharraf is an ideology and Phenomenon which we have seen before in thsi country in the times of Zia and Ayub Khan…The ideology is to Subvert the constitution , prolong your own rule , make the Fat Cow( Army ) Fatter by feeding the Generals, Kicking the ass of bloody civilians and making up a catchy slogan like

    Ayub —– economic development and Asian Tiger Bullshit
    Zia Ul Haq—- Islam, Afghan Jihad
    Musharrf —- enlightened Moderation and ( Destroy) Pakistan First

    I am not a fan of Nawaz and Benazir and i absolutely dislike Zardari but the matter of fact is that only a democratically elected leader ( ref Nawaz) has the Balls and courage to say NO to USA president and proceed with Atomic detonation….
    Third rate and coward Military Generals like Musharraf Wet their pants on a single call and Take about turn on the National Policy without consulting any one…

    US did attack Pakistan during Musharraf era but we owned it.. we never had suicide blast before the era of musharraf… we never had Atta and sugar crisis before Musharraf… We never had 70 member cabinet before musharraf… we did not have a bastard president claiming proudly that he had earned millions in bounties by selling his country men to USA…We never had Lal Masjid Massacre by Pakistan Army before Musharraf… I am glad that he is gone but i am angry that he did not get what he deserved… Death Sentence under Article 6 of the Constitution of Pakistan….

    His other achievements can be read here



    As far as Justice Iftikhar is concerned i respect him that he had the courage to say No in front of a Pack of Rabid Dogs on that fateful day and the nation stood behind him



  • farrah k raja |

    Dr jawwad
    @my remarks about pervez musharraf was highly negative.
    Of course I know that.But I am positive about him.
    I do not know why but Iftikhar Chaudhry did not affect me the way Musharaff did.Maybe because I live abroad and I am more interested in Leadership.
    Iftikhar Chaudhry is not a leader,he is an hounarable CJ.He should be re-instated.
    I do not support Musharaff in a dogmatic way.I do think that yes he could have done better .I also think it is people like you and me who were silent before and rest ,if CJ was man handled it was because of us.
    Musharraf is definitely a better choice than Nawaz and Zardari.
    I mean at least COMMON SENSE should be the basic criteria.
    Which discrepency though?

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    “Appearence can be deceiving” farrah k raja!

    just because he is in uniform with medals on his chest??because he can talk in stronger tone????
    because he portrayed himself as commondo leader??

  • moazzam |

    the definition of a nation is where the people and their property ar protected by the goverment…..
    for the government to function the judiciary which is one of the three pillars has to be functional… would you call this a functional judiciary…
    the issue is not one musharraf or one zardari it is who is in control ….. who protects the pillars who protect the people who protects the rulers…. the army steps in because it sees a weak administration namely the police if your police wernt a bunch of ill equipped underpayed individuals they would be there to protect the people the judiciary and the administration…. make your departments accountable and your administration strong if the police were treated like any organization with a proper human resources depart a severance package and retirement etc they wouldnt be this corrupt. No one wants to be corrupt its a condition a disease remove the need for it and you can prevent it we need restructuring i am not downplaying Justice Iftikhars Campaign it is bringing the issues to light and one key issue is a need for an independent Judiciary but we also need social and administrative restructuring……. fight for your freedoms but know what they are too ….

  • Saif |

    If you supported Musharraf you are responsible for what is wrong in Pakistan today:

    1) You supported Musharraf
    2) Musharraf gave NRO
    3) NRO gave Zardari
    4) Zardari causing instability.

    If only you had supported the lawyers:
    1) Judges still functioning.
    2) NRO declared unconstitutional
    3) Zardari, Musharraf behind bars.
    4) Pakistan stable.

    Lesson: Never support a military dictator.

  • moazzam |

    i totally agree with that but i just wish you would empower the right departments.. every time the army stepped in the state fell… if you would have and empowered police and someone to protect the state a one man show wouldnt come in empower the people educate them we need liberation from ourselves what we have become a pack of wild dogs who need a new leash everytime sorry for this example but we need social change democratic change and structural change

  • farrah k raja |

    Well !
    I will talk about Democracy when at least 60% people are ready to vote.I will talk about Democracy when a School Teacher ,NGO worker ,a Bus driver can contest election.
    If government is of Fuedals ,and Industrialist Nawaz ,I will vote for a General because he was a poor middle class like me .
    Becharai Captain aur School teacher ki tankhuwa main kiya faraq hai?
    Reality is people who talk about Democracy and change should know not even 30% are ready to vote for Nawaz and Zardari?

  • guYasir |

    Encore from mY previous post
    Every1 thinks that he’s God like if you see in cricket matches where spectators bring posters like Sachin is God.

    Matthew Hayden retired recently on his retirment there’s a poster says Hayden is God. our speedstar Shoaib Akthar thinks he’s god so as Afridi both are useless to our cricket since 2003 WC.
    I/we ain’t Yahweh rather Yuppies means human beings created to worship One who creates everyone and everything.

    He didn’t create for Game Theory or bloodsheds or Mammon rather made us for God Theory but U’s [judas lovers] but We are followers of Allah Agenda instead of Amerikan Agenda.

    My 1st priority is your Monetary system must redefine becuz you hold the purse strings and can bankrupt anyone without Justice ye created Great Depression and now Greatest Depression. USsury is rampant with Political and Economical Corruption.

    2nd your illusionary democracy must replace by Theo-democracy then World can turn “benign” place to rule instead of “belligerent.” wars and depressions even recession is rampant.
    You’re the biggest mass murderer of mankind on both sides holocaust and war on terror.

    if i rule the World then world would turn Benign place I’m pondering how to accomplish. I’m working on my Hyperthesis;)

    Note:Freedom lies to obey LORD, the One, the Creator, the Eternal: WOrship Him and make His law instead of Game theory (chess) players laws otherwise we will be perished Here and Hereafter life
    SO Choose Your Life.

  • farrah k raja |

    I am surprised ,”MILLITARY DICTATOR”.Well Musharaff is a lebrator!!

  • farrah k raja |

    Dr Jawwad
    Democracy and politicians are a huge disappointment in Pakistan.In Musharaff I see a potential if we did not had to deal with USA Terror crap we would have done better.
    It is not Martial Rule which does not allow civil people to come forward,it is PPP chairman ,it is Muslim League Nawaz and Q which never allows other people to come forward.
    So this perception is wrong that Martial rule stops Democracy.
    Martial Rule of Ayub gave Bhutto.Martial Rule of Zia gave people Nawaz.
    What did PPP gave after Bhutto ,Benazir,Zardari and than Bilawal.
    After Nawaz ,it is Shahbaz,after him it is their son.
    Why ?When will it be a turn for people in the street?
    Well if after two years Musharaff decides to come back and he should and if all the tickets given to middle class,it is a Revolution.

  • guYasir |

    Nawaz and BB made terrible mistakes like BB she who started needless operation toward Mohajirs and created mayhem and her bro lost his life during her rein and her 10% who’s not her rather our 100%
    And Nawaz did when he started Kargil issue and called Wajpae at lahore once he demolished Babri masjid and other various issues in last sacked of Mush during his journey.He shud’ve waited till he landed but he did it in the Air which caused his purged in my view
    Mush came he started the journey with motto that I’ve no magic stick to change Nawaz dirt.
    But he did make effort to do sumthin for public.pk and gave us Roshan Khiyali aur gave women 33% seats in assembly and gave us Elahi and Chodary
    They’re feudals and Mush was behind their back and ruling and was seeking and fulfilling US demands yani do more.
    Mush cannot be backed. I’d vote for him but the all demo parties yelled to toppled Military Mush Dictatorship.
    And now democracy is come but yet we are not satisfied and seeking new and reviewing past rule
    Mush gave MQM a full rein and gave Mohajir a tremendous support in every field which was being suppressed by PPP in 90′ Mohajir will rule Pakistan soooon which can be good for Pakistan politics and for its public.Jinnah was from Karachi and I too so ruler of the country must from Karachi instead of interior S/P
    say no to PPPs and PML-N/Q

  • dr.jawwadkhan |


    my remarks about pervez musharraf was highly negative.

    my question is why i see discrepancy in your last two posts.

    cj is a symbol of freedom, courage and rule of law……why?

    because he was the first judge in the history of pakistan who said "no" to a military dictator.

    there is a diametrical difference between the character of CJ and pervez musharraf.

    your admiration for pervez musharraf made me laugh.you know the reason.

  • guYasir |

    Money is needed for survival but seekin lucrative lives creates corruption.
    Power is corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Why? becuz Plutocracy are behind at our Politics and Economy
    Which has been designed to steal our souls from Creator.
    Leading us toward darkness where our divine spark gone fused
    We’ve been divided and seeking solace in current circumstances, How when Power/Plutocracy is corrupt based on ancient feudal system invented by Pharaoh.
    Are we either Pharisees or Pharaoh or Pakistani?
    Choose Your P’s from above but dont choose PPPz

  • Ayesha Ijaz Khan |

    Very good rebuttal—Ahmad Quraishi is so incredibly annoying and has been a big Mush fan and anti-lawyers for as far back as I can remember. Why not publish this (at least in the form of a letter) in the same paper where Mr. Quraishi published his initial article?

  • guYasir |

    I don’t try to be scholar or orator. The tune i speak might touches my phratry like our country renowned scholar/orator Dr. Israr Ahmed and I’m His nephew and I’m proud of it.
    2nd I’m reader of Mr.Makow, Mr.Margolis and Michael Hoffman etc who are truly exposing West and their demented policies.
    3rd I belong to a pious family and im the one and last who is ravisher becuz system makes me weed-smoker, drinker, debaucher despite ive wife but ive no physical peace despite ive money to buy anythin but no mental peace ulta huge loss in business why? becuz system is sordid full of k@k@. U’s do k@k@ on system and tarnish it.
    Justice isn’t there it is being suppressed and no human laws rather animal laws which says kill and rob any1.
    Can ye differentiates btw human and animal lives/laws?
    Wannabe human or animal? Choose yours

  • zindari |

    Ahmad Quraishi is a good writer but he is not honest and not truthful. He is spreading false propaganda.

    • Farooq |

      I agree ….. He is always reminding us that what a wonderful person That third rate military dictator…. (Aaaahh what was His name????? Haaah ) Musharraf was …. and we dont need democracy here but some form a military run model like Bangladesh…. He may be a good writer but he sucks

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    @farrah k raja!
    in spite of flaws and loopholes there is no alternate of democracy. like other systems democracy is just a tool for achiving some thing depends the sincerity on the hands who use this tool.
    why democracy couldn’t be successful in Pakistan is another subject. Obviously we were not ready for that.
    we have worst literacy rate in south asia even sri lanka and bangladesh have a much better.
    our history is full of corrupt people who see the politics as a highly profitable investment.
    these corrupt people since the independence stuck to the foundations of paksitan like a leech, persistently sucking money and resources.
    like india we did not do land reforms and allow to grow the feudal class. When army saw the corrupt politician ruling the country they thought that they have power why shouldn’t army rule this country? and then beurocrates in a similar way.
    why because we were not ready for the most prescious gift of modern time i.e the right to elect a govt which deliver
    like any other form of govt democracy in pakistan should allow to take its due course and allow it to evolve according to the needs of common pakistani man and society.
    the best thing about the democracy as we all know that in democracy we can change after 5 years. in military dictatorship we can’t.
    the marvel of democracy is that it refine it self if democracy is allowed to work with out interruption.
    The current form of govt is nothing but persistence of previous form of personal government (military democracy)
    How can we bring the changes?? I must say we have no option but a revolution in which every plunderer, corrupt and traitor should be trialed and punished after that as a nation we have to focus more on education and especially political science. we must allow our institutions to grow and work according to the law and then allow our democratic govts to use substantial amount of power and freedom.

  • umar farooq |

    iftikhar muhammad chaudhry is the chief justice of pakistan and who ever will come in our way he will be crashed.
    musharaf went and now its turn of mr 10%
    there is no room for the people who are corrupt and time has come that now there would b justice in this country.

  • guYasir |

    Dr JK Sahib
    Aap k bottom weechar/soch is pretty good that we should focus on anthropology and lets our institution to grow work according to the law but no law only la.la. money and honey
    Our laws matches with Animal laws which allow to rob and kill anyone.
    We should derive our science from Koran and make civil laws according to it tenets otherwise hard to get out from our plight and in my view Civil War will be occured soon which will create Revolution in itself
    War is another name of Revolution or social change we cannot get rid of wars becuz seekin Revolution means seekin wars and famine.
    Are we ready for it? do we go for another election then selection and then perfection?
    no perfection rather perversity prevailing which makes us Animal instead of Human.
    Are we Animal or Human? Choice yours

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    guyasir sahib!
    why i see hopelessness in your posts.the need for correction,reforms and order grows when there is chaos,disorder and mess along with the need the will to correct the system grow proportionately.
    for me the problems of pakistan are way too complicated but i believe in “if there is a will there is a way”
    i believe in people of pakistan.i believe they have capabilities to coup the situation like this what we need a genuine leader who have love and passion for pakistan and people of paksitan.a leader who is above all cheap kinds of fenticism and bias.

  • farrah k raja |

    I am glad where I am lost in the fog of ideas ,you shed some light.Agree with what you say.I am glad to notice that we are both looking forward to see correction in the system.
    What method we adopt to achieve this is important and how is the question.
    We have Good Lwayers,We have better politicians and we do have better Muslims and role models,We have educationists the problem is media does not allow them to speak.
    It is Hamid Mir and Hameed Gul and Shahid Massood and that is it.For Democracy we have Bhutto & co who think it is their Birth right and who can challenege them.They are anti army because they think they are invincible and only threat they have is from milittary.
    Media is extremely important in this.Revolution can work immunity for all,elections on non party basis ,I do not know how to get rid of Feudals.Land reforms maybe.Parliament and Ministers should be taught or given crash courses regarding Human Rights,Pakistan should have one consistent policy regarding Education,infra structure, Industrialisation,Human rights,towards Peace .

  • Syed |

    Farrah Kh

    We have seen the proof of courage and strategical foresight and sense of the dictator mush during Kargil war. If you are honest and believe in your so called leader, please support forming of independant comision to investigate Kargil episode. And I am sure you will see that you have been cheated again on this front as well.

    And I would advise to all people to study Book of Allah and you will find answers to all of your questions and doubts. If you are a true believer and have faith that it is the Devine Book of Allah, you will surely be guided by it. Onlly requirement is that you have Faith in Allah and a re honest to find the TRUTH.

    Democracy is the best solution to people’s problem. If democracy fails, again democracy, if it fails again democracy. In our case supported by our knowledge of Islam and Quran democracy can deliver extra ordinary results within no time. Just try it.

    Indian example is in front of us. And be rest assured military solution is no solution at all. Military objectives are of temporary nature and not permanent type. After military gains it is the civillians who form the long lasting policies and then follow it up.

    mush may be an ideology for some special people who want their sisters and daughters to race in front of gents in shorts. And drinking and gambling and bribery is the normal norm. Yes for such type of people mush the traitor presents a very big attraction. Even selling your brothers and sisters to USA for dollers, is another ideology to be proudly followed by some special people in Pakistan. So you be happy with your thinking till the DAy you stand in front of your Lord and account for your deeds.

  • farrah k raja |

    after reading your comments ,I am quite irritated in a positive way.(irritated there is no quicker way)Good to know one thing though everybody wants Democracy and it seems everybody does have a realistic picture of the leaders we have.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    is this new change in teethmaestro really necessary?
    it seems that dr sahib did not like the liberty of every thing.
    with out vulgar language teeth maestro will be biryani with out masala?

  • azhar aslam |

    Farah, Jawaad, Farooq, Syed

    Guys what are your suggestions for Pakistan ? please give us your thoughts on that, rather than on personalities. Are we capable of developing and implementing a system that is so strong that it produces strong leaders, not one at a time but one after another, and in addition, due to itsinherent strengths, it does not need a strong leader all the time; and finally can generate one as and when needed?

    any ideas ?

  • farrah, k.raja |


    Strong systems produce nothing ,it is the strong people who bring strong system.

    We have the system be it Democracy or Martial rule,the problem is Masses do not have the awareness of their rights.

    Masses have accepted poverty as their fate.Four months into recession France and British worker has started to protest against migrants working .

    The system is fine ,we the people have to stop selling our vote .Army rulers know now they cannot rule Pakistan ,public has told them.

    It is time public should tell feudals they are not allowed in assembly and nor are Sarmia dar.

    Uptill now these feudals and Industrialists run away from country because of army the day they will run away because of public that day it will be Democracy.

    Z.A.Bhutto cultivated Democracy in Press clubs and in Universities ,Zia undid it.Musharaff once again has cultivated Democracy in the public through press and colleges ,it will evolve eventually.

  • readinglord |

    'Ik nukte wich gal mukdi aey'

    I have only one question: Why not the person who corrupted the Constitution with his abominable PCO and those who bowed to that PCO are punished instead of punishing the Cj Iftikhar who refused to bow to the 'ghaasib qassab', following the 'Uswa-e-Hussain'?

    I wonder why Iftikhar who is no doubt the constitutional Cj of Pakitan walked straight to the supreme court to occupy his seat when he was freed by the order of the PM?