Sharif brothers declared ineligible for Elections

Sharif BrothersThe Supreme Court after prolonged hearing of Sharif brothers’ electoral eligibility case, finally declared today that the two brothers Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are ineligible for contesting elections which were held in February 2008.

This decision will actually throw into confusion Shahbaz Sharif’s position as the Chief Minister of Punjab and consequentially create a stand-off between PPP and PML-N, and their preparations for the Long March on 15th March in Islamabad. Though another case that must be brought to the Supreme Court is the eligibility of Mr. Asif Zardari as President of Pakistan who might have far more skeletons hidden in his own closet more then the Sharif bradran

Update: Pakistan Policy Blog sumaries the situation

Politically, the Sharifs and their faction of the Muslim League (PML-N) are isolated. Its major allies are those outside of parliament: the lawyers, Jamaat-i Islami, and Tehreek-e Insaaf. Zardari is politically secure. The Pakistani president has Musharraf-era constitutional powers (the hyperpresidency), a docile (though occassionally rebellious) prime minister, a healthy coalition in the center, a share in all provincial governments, a pliant Supreme Court, an army stuck in the barracks, and support of major Western governments. An influx of foreign aid could bolster his hold on power. Also, the PPP will likely be the largest party in the Senate after elections in March. Zardari — if he makes the right deals — could get a constitutional amendment passed that would fall short of restoring the presidency to its original nominal status. In short, Zardari could have his cake and eat it too.

While Pro-Pakistan questions th decision

Shahbaz Sharif will have to step down from the position of Chief Minister of Punjab. This will also intensify their involvement in the upcoming Long March of Lawyers on 16th March, 2009. This will have major implications on the political scenario of the country.

DeadPan Thoughts feels Justice needs to be served across the board

Personally I do agree that people with marked and murky histories should not be allowed into our politics anyways, but if this is so then why were they allowed to run in the last election. Why were they accepted as the “Chief Minister of Punjab” and why are some politicians declared “unfit” while others enjoy the protection of various deals brokered outside Pakistan.

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38 responses to “Sharif brothers declared ineligible for Elections”

  1. Sana Avatar

    Not a bad decision! same decision should be taken for Zardari and company so that we can get rid of these tried and tested corrupt politicians.

  2. Shafiq Rehman Avatar

    Both Shareef brothers are my favorite leaders in Pakistani politics and I am proud of this because they have some soft corner in their hearts for the Pakistan. PPP always looted Pakistan in their previous governments.

    By declaring them intelligible, Zard Govt indirectly supported the PML(N) for the next elections.

  3. M Junaid Khan Avatar

    This decision was totally political and i wonder who was the one who gave the final green light to it. Be prepared for another show down in Constitutional avenue.

  4. Syed Avatar

    Quite natural for the puppet judiciary dogra adalat to deliver decisions like this. They are there illegall though to give decisions like this. Now pakistanis can understand why zardari insisted having doger as cjp chief jhota of Pakistan.

    But let me remind do number president and thridf rated dogra adalat that public leaders cannot be restrained like this. These third rated chour judges of Pakistan will be no where whereas Nawaz sharif and Shahbaz Sharif will be therre soonerr than they expect. And then we would try these chour judges in public adalat Insha Allah.

    In March we will Insha Allah kick these chour judiciary out of the supreme Court building.

    Peoples might can not be challenged.

    Shame on you cursed chour judges of pakistan. Allah disgraced the doger chour when his pant went down and he was naked in front of the driver and security guard. See YouTube.

  5. Ahmad Avatar

    What else can be expected from DOGar courts? This decision has, however, strengthen that the sharifs are now changed politicians and are ready to put country first.

  6. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    They deserved it. Nawaz Sharif should also be tried in court for 1992 Military Operation and murder of Hakim Saeed.

  7. yaseen ch Avatar

    you both better mind u language sana and unaiza.

    Sharifs are pride of pakistan and next Prime minister is Shahbaz Sharif and time is very near ,so near.

  8. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Can't argue with the decision, given that the Sharifs were involved in the hijacking of an airliner carrying many people, not just the COAS. That's over a hundred counts of attempted murder right there. In a fair country, Sharif would be celebrating that he's not in jail.

    But at the same time, ALL OTHER politicians should also be held accountable. It is unfortunate that those with a stronger hold on power get away with their crimes. The same rules should apply to all.

  9. faisal Avatar

    This is really a bad news and bad for Pakistan.

  10. Shah Khan Avatar
    Shah Khan

    As far as I am concerned, unfortunately Pakistan has gone to dogs… Pakistan’s biggest democratic party – PPP’s chairman/co-chairman were selected no democratically… more of a monarchy style; Ms Benazir Bhutto left a will, how sad is that. There should have been elections within the party to select the candidate for the key position of the party as well as the Prime Minister and Presidential candidates. We have an example that made a minority representative the President of the USA, Mr Barak Obama.

    Food for thought… what are we complaining about…

  11. fa Avatar


    Thanks for spitting your venom, is that all or do you have more of it?

  12. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    RE:Sharif brothers declared ineligible for Elections

    Dear Dr Sahab,

    What did you expect from Asif Ali Zardari. Meet Ghulam Ishaq Zardari

    Go through the Tribute to Asif Ali Zardari:

    Benazir Bhutto: Before her death – 11 [On the betrayal of Zardari]

    After Benazir Bhutto's Death – 4 [Violation of Constitution]

    After Benazir Bhutto's Death – 8 [Accepting the Turncoats in PPP Bloc]

    After Benazir Bhutto's Death – 6 [Zardari and Qatil League]

    After Benazir Bhutto's Death – 15 [Zardari and Qatil League]

    After Benazir Bhutto's Death – 13 [Haqqani]

    1. mohammad Jamil Avatar
      mohammad Jamil

      Hi Amir, this is jamil,ur classfellow…did u remember? recall ur memory. I tried a lot to find u on facebook but coulnt. Please send me email,

      Facebook? Jamil Khan


  13. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Supereme Court decission ,we must respect it.

  14. Arshad Avatar

    Time has proven again & again that Nawaz Sharif is GOOF, Zardari used him against Musharaf & Now after senate elctions. Zardari does,t need him any more. Fooled enough times, how many more times cud people trust him.

  15. WASIM ARIF / OTHER P Avatar

    Awab Bhai,

    This is awful news authored by Zardari and he has damaged the nation no end. My post titled Mr 10%’s Governer & Dog(gar ) Raj is well worth a read:… verner-doggar-raj/

    Feimanallah Pakistan


  16. fa Avatar

    @Arshad so NS is GOOF and what about the Pakistani Public who voted for AZ?

  17. adnan Avatar


    sure, why not respect the DOGar court.Because in their court you do not need to hire lawyer, just hire the judge.

  18. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja


    They say learn the law properly so that you can break it.

    Let us not drag courts into politics,politics belong to streets.

    I appreciate the fact that Shahbaz vaccated the offices.I would have further appreciated if Shahbaz and Nawaz would have asked people to restrain today.

    They should protest against GOVERNER RAJ.Fight Zardari not the courts.

    I also see a shift in the Pakistan Politics,Nawaz has become more Awammi.

  19. Syed Avatar


    What about May 12 incident? What about hundreds of killings that MQM is responsible for? What about the running away of altaf? What about the musharaf's attack on Bugti nad the children and women of Jmea Hafsa?

    You are lost and have no manzil. Quite understandably becos it was your sologan " Hamian manzil nahi rahnuma chahye". Soorry you got nothing. Does it hurt? Then u pinned your hopes in dictator musharaf. Alas he also was thrown in the history of dustbin and can't even to saddar market in Pindi.

    By the way is saleem shahzad still in MQM? Or once again ur leader when came to senses realized he had been placed by those who created MQM.

    Pittiable cratures you are unaiza.

  20. QaimKhani Avatar

    Jamhooriat PPP(Zardari group) style

    What else can you say!!!

  21. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    ab aaey ga na maza.

    ladies and gentlemen we just need a big push.

    lets mobilize the public and make zardai and pervez an example.

  22. rhea Avatar

    most comments demand in all fairness that justice be meted out equally and i thoroughly agree.. however, there are some questions i have..

    if supposedly we do ditch zardari and nawaz, who will govern? considering the razor-sharp political environment internationally the only one who comes close enough is Maulana Fazalur Rehman, who always finds a plus for himself regardless of the situation. but we cannot stand him, much less accept him as our leader.

    secondly, i agree that Nawaz is standing for principles of equality and justice.. but for one, he couldn't have chosen a worse time when India and America are breathing down our neck and two, he's fighting for institutional superiority before all but he's negating and challenging state institutions as well.. legally you either work thru the parliament to amend bills, etc or file petitions in courts.. street violence and upheaval isnt the way out. this is just dragging us deeper into the quicksand of anarchy. and again, looking at pakistan's challenges internally and externally, i expected Nawaz to be smart, to play on for the sake of Pakistan. but unfortunately he's given in for personal gain, popularity and is building momentum before the long march as well..all i'm saying is: for a while, Pakistan could've done without one more war that it has to fight amongst its own people, on it's own land.

  23. Freedom Avatar

    Sharif removed dog mushy, Zardari is next, A spineless man, like mushy, who cant even get FIR against his own wife.

    God Bless Nawaz, Pakistan is behind you, May God Protect you.

  24. KarimG Avatar

    Sharif brothers declared ineligible for Elections


    Now lets see if we can get rid of all the Cheries, Chamchas on all sides, Babar Be-Awan, Sherry Cherie, Jahanngir Bedard, Farouq Nalaeq, Rehman Dakait and Asif Luciano…. and for the good measure I would throw in a handfull of Mullahs, Moulavis and Chaudhries in the mix!

  25. fact finder Avatar
    fact finder

    Sharif brothers declared ineligible for Elections


  26. Syed Avatar

    zardari and doger on the pat from mush have really under estimated people of Pakistan. We Pakistani also have rights and we do not deserve leaders like Zardari, mush and Fazul Rehman. Awakening of people started after the NO of CJP Iftejhar Ch and then media enlightened the people and people responded. Now people can not afford to have another dictator like mush in the president house.

    The peoples movement has to be now converted to " GO ZARDARI GO". And if peoples might with Allah's Help can make the dictator in uniform run, who is zardari? A corrupt of highest order, a chracterless and insane person. How can he remain president with hatred and conspiracies in heart.

    I just pray that the movement gains momentum and is able to make Zardari run but not before he is made accountable for the loot sale of Pak Steel production going below market rates to his friend Laljee. Besdies other appointments he made by selling them to people. Zardari knows that he is playing his last inning and therefore is determined to loot Pakistan's wealth mercilessly and then he will try to goto his hiding place in Dubai or in Europe / USA.

    The SMS these days circulating on cell phones are the sign of hatred that people now have against the corrupt zardari, mush's puppet.

    We have to win our war for Pakistan and we must win it Insha Allah. Providing we all mobalise and demonstrate peacefully. It is our country and we must not harm its property and money for we are struggling to save the same from looters and plunderers. do not forget Naek, Khosa and Abdul Qayyum besides doger zardari and his team. The day is not far off when their bodies will be hanging on the constitution avenue of Islamabad and people will see the end of those who betray their nation.

  27. Jiyo Avatar

    Thanks very much to SC for putting its feet at the tail of 2 donkeys called Lassi brothers of Gawalmandi. Great job.well done. please revert the decision of their pardon by musharaf as well.

  28. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar


    then you should pray for the failure of the lawyers movement because i am dead sure if the judges of supreme court reinstated.nawaz will put all the "BHANDS" and "BACHHA JAMHOORAS" along with circusing monkeys of current politics behind their well deserve place, the "cage".

  29. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    and imagine what will happen with "KALIYA" from london and his deputies and gangsters,the thuggs of karachi.

  30. Jiyo Avatar


    You are forgetting your belongings to a nation that did not dare to come out on the roads when its most famous and popular leader was being hanged, it didn't do any thing when the most powerful and a "brave" PM(who could not tolerate a few days behind bars and signed a deal) of pakistani history(who was not afraid of US like mushy and mr 10% but signed an agreement to cease fire in kargal at just one bark of clinton) was kicked out with his family, it re-elected the thuggs of Gawalmandi and Nawab Shah knowingly their past. Do you think that a Few handful Black

    Sheeps under the leadership of white zulf fox will be able to reinstate musharaf's ex pet so called honest iftikhar chaudhary? I cant understand why reinstatement of iftikhar chaudhary is related with nawaz sharif coming as PM and putting all whatever you have called behind bars. it seems to be deal between both of them. by the way, i dont have any connection with the party of London's Kaliya and neither i m a jiyala nor i m a maja of gujrat or diesel eater of dera ismail khan bla bla bla.i am a pakistani and pakistan is my party and i will be more happy if a same decision comes for mr 10%.

  31. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    "i am a pakistani and pakistan is my party"

    then mr abdul hameed dogar must be the secretary general of this party.

  32. Jiyo Avatar


    you should be a member of this party as well but unfortunately you are planning to be a member of nawaz's dreamt Punjabistan that will never come true.

  33. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Actually, the good doctor dreams of Talibanistan, not Punjabistan.

  34. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    thats really very funny.

    i am an urdu speaking person from karachi.

    do you understand the meaning of true pakistani now?

    hey denial!

    welcome back

  35. don Avatar

    please support nawaz sharif

  36. Latest Gadget Avatar

    I think, Khadam Punjab should took stand in favor of Punjab people who are suffering 18 hours loading shading and other cities like Islamabad Karachi only 5 to 6 hours .