1971 All Over Again – PPP repeating History !

Circulated from the Emergency Times Mailing List, originally Ibitians by Syed Ali Hameed

Zulfiqar Ali BhuttoIn 1971, the Chairperson of the PPP, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, refused to acknowledge the mandate of the people of East Pakistan and prevented a democratically elected government from functioning. Notwithstanding the mess that our “great” army had left us with, it was the PPP Chairperson who had adorned complete dictatorial stature and threatened to break legs of anyone who would attend the assembly inauguration session in Dhaka. Bangladeshis resisted and eventually took up arms and fought for independence. Pakistan had lost its most populous province and split into two.

Today, another PPP Chairperson has engineered a verdict that refuses to give the democratically elected government its right to function. Zardari is doing exactly what Bhutto had done in 1971 – eliminating all challenges that may come in his way to become another “Civilian Martial Law Administrator”. It was Sheikh Mujeeb, the rightfully elected leader of Pakistan, who was the biggest challenge to Bhutto’s throne. For Zardari, it is the rightful Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, who will not only revoke the NRO but also put an end to the stretches of today’s corruption.

Similarly just as Yahya Khan had called on the services of the army under the leadership of General Niazi to suppress the resistance, the rangers have been put on the command of Musharraf’s right hand, Salman Taseer.

This is not to suggest that the other parties are angels. Far from it. How can we forget our own history. PML-N had been dictatorial in its term from 1997-1999, MQM still terrorizes people of urban Sindh and JI still promotes religious hatred and bigotism. However none of them one can match PPP when it adopts dictatorial attitudes in the hide of being democratic.

Let’s hope another separation movement does not start and Zardari is democratically removed before Pakistan splits into two yet again.



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61 responses to “1971 All Over Again – PPP repeating History !”

  1. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    I do not understand how come a democratic party which always comes through elections like Altaf Hussain can accept to take side with this decission of court to discard people vote.

    Peoples'vote are votes,they cannot be flaunted off.

    Why institutions of Pakistan and leaders (all parties)as well feel they are independent of people's will.

  2. Amjad Alvi Avatar
    Amjad Alvi

    Please do not distort the history.

    ZAB never said that he will break the legs of those who will go to East pakistan. He said, who ever wants to go there, go, but if any member of my party will go, I will break his leg. Yes sir, there was question of party discipline. That is why Mian Nawaz Shareef got the defection clause amendment passed through the assembly in 1997. And do not forget, all members of PPP won their seats because of ZAB.

    What about the Governor Rule which Mian Nawaz Shareef imposed on Sindh in 1998? It was legitimate because it was imposed on Sindh by a Punjabi??

    1. SirajIslam Avatar

      i think zulfiqar…was the one who splits pakistan////////   thats it

  3. babar Avatar

    pakistan ki mujoda surte haal main ye daikh ne main arha hay kay PML.N jo kay pakistan leval ki party thi ab ye jag punjab jaag ka naara lga kar sirf punjab laveal ki jamat baan gai hay

    or kia nawaz sharif ko apnay waday yaa hain jo woh mukhtalif dor main awam or digar siasi jamto kay sath kartay rahay hain kia on ko 1998 ka sindh main gavernar raaj yad nahi ?

    lakin afsos aaj pakistan ki girti hoi surte haal or maishat ki surte haal ko daikh te hoay pakistan ko bacha ne ki baat karni cahi ye na kay punjab ki siasat kar kay mulak main buharan peda kia jay ??

    pakistan ki awam buhat paresahn hain sub ko Altaf hussain sahab ki tarhan mafahmet ki baat karni cahi ye

    babar clifton karachi

  4. fatema Avatar

    pakistan will break into atleast 4 more pieces..it is sad but true.we always ignored the truth about 1971 calling bengalis traitors etc..but in my opinion they were the wisest of every1 else..they knew that its better to leave pakistan now the 40years latter.

  5. Amjad Alvi Avatar
    Amjad Alvi

    It is really sad. I am 58 years old. I was 20, when I saw pakistan breaking into two. We all were responsible for that tragedy, we, who were living in this part of country, because we did not stand against the army rule, because we accepted one unit just to crush the majority of the bengalis. But, instead of realising our mistakes, we made ZAB a scape goat. Who was ruler of Pakistan in 1971? GENERAL Agha Muhammad Yehya Khan. Every body knows how powerful an army general in Pakistan is. And he was not only CinC, he was CMLA and president also. Nobody could stop him if he decided to convene the assembly session. Who was collaborating with the army to kill the Bengalis? Not a single PPP man, but sir, Jamaat-e-Islami's Albadar and Al Shams, Muslim league, Pakistan Jamhoori Party of Noor ul Amin, and some other right wing parties provided 'Razakars" to Army to kill Bengalis. But sir, keep saying that it was Bhutto who dismembered Pakistan.

    In September 1071, perhaps on 1st September, Bhutto asked Government to hand over power to people's representative in both wings. He inaugrated and released his book, "The Great Tragedy" the same day. Have you read this book? No? it is ok, no need to study sir, keep saying it was Bhutto who dismembered Pakistan.

    When Ayub Khan imposed martial law on Pakistan, there was a jugde, Mr. Justice Muhammad Rustam Kayyani. He was Chief Justice of West Pakistan High Court. He was openly criticising Martial Law, he was openly preaching for supremacy of Law. He was a man of character. He never got favours for his sons or daughters. He never took oath on any PCO. Ask the lawyers, all of them, including Kurd, Aitazaz, Malik, Tariq, all of them, do they know his date of death? Have they ever remebered him on that day? had they ever announced to follow his foot steps? Shame on all of them.

    Mian Nawaz always talk about charter of democracy. Clause 3 a and 3 b says, any judge, who ever took oath on PCO, will not be involve in selection and appointment of new judge. Ok, On 9th march, Mr. Ch took bath in "Aab-e-Zamzam" and now he is a "pavitar" judge. What about your Presidential Candidate sir? Justice Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui took oath on PCO in 1981. And Mian saab was trying to make him president, who is appointing authority of a judge. Ans still he is talking about Charter of Democracy. Shame on him.

    I agree with Fatima, we r a hypocrete Society. Now we will face the consequences. There is total anarchy in the country. Our present condition resembles the situation after death of Alamgir. Like those days, total anarchu has gripped our country. May Allah save our country, but chances are bleak. But do not worry. let us live in fool's paradise. let us think that we are an atomic power. we will crush our enemies. Let us drop 1st atom bomb on PPP. For last 42 years, we spent all our energies to crush that party, we did nothing positive, we were concentrating crushig this party, but it is still there. let us drom our 1st atom bomb on it. and hence, save our Pakistans.

  6. iFaqeer Avatar

    Amjad Saahab makes a wonderful point about Justice Kayani. We need to remember our heros.

  7. Mudassar Avatar

    You people need to grow up, and start reading some history books in addition to your course books, which are 70% biased,and before accusing ZA Bhutto you should have to realized that because of his efforts you guys are still free and not a part of India or any other nation,he is the one who started the nuclear program bear all the pressure of western world,make you the first and last Islamic state with atomic power, decades have passed,and today can you name any other Muslim nation with nuclear bomb? no you cant.

    but it was ZA Bhutto who made this possible, but what we gave it to him is an execution!

    and still cursing him! if you try to read some of the history books, you will find Ayub Khan as the main artist of the fall of dhaka, and also if you guys dont know the language controversy was the main problem for which we are still fighting,and whose idea was this to make Urdu as the national language?you know whose idea was this, and it was disastrous bcoz of which decca falls, and also many riots including the one in sindh between Urdu speakers and sindhis,and for your info there are many countries with more than one official language, like switzerland with 3 diffrent offcial languauge, so now you tell me who was the cause of fall? Quaid Azam, who give the uni language idea?and also check the mujheeb 7 points which he want to be accepted at all cost.

    just correct you history before Pakistan becomes history.

  8. Engindy Avatar

    На громких заголовках и шумихи можно делать и не такие успехи.

  9. Ali Avatar

    سلام علعکم

    Jo Duniya Ka ghaddar (Munafek) (hypocrites) hay Wo he Pakistan Ka sardae hay

    Allah Hafiz