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The event has now been closed – you may replay the events here and they will Inshallah remain a documented in history to have been the day when the People in Pakistan stood up for what they believed in

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77 responses to “Long March LIVE updates”

  1. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    i know right now the MQM workers and supporters are feeling like orphans. because they are looking a true struggle when leaders are struggling along side with people.on the other hand Quaid e tehreek(the great bhagorha) not only have run but also became the british national….so pathetic

  2. maya Avatar

    nahi yeh jang hay….phalay yeh pata chalay k iftaykhar k bahal hanay say hamay kia faida ho ga sab k sab apni jaib bharain gay …

    asa he to nahi hona hay

    1990's may MQM k sath jo jo howa..aaj lahore may us ka 1 % b nahi howa hay aap logo k karkono k sath.. aap log q cheekh rahy ho


    us waqt q nahi uthay????

    acha nawaz shreef nay pakistan loot kar chala gaya…apni jaibain bhar li us waqt q nahi uthay????

    yeh b kuch nahi….

    yeh batao kargel ki jeti hoi jang har gaya pakistan is ka kon zimay dar tha ….

    kia jawab hain aap k pass????

  3. maya Avatar

    aray DR sahab aap ki party say bari rally hamari party nikal ti hay…….

    log hamy support zada karty hain….

    aap ki rally.3 party ki mustarka rally hay or MQM ki akay ki rally is say kahin zada bari hoti hay….

    yeh nawaz takla haram zada or sath sath shabaz haramzada dono to kuch b nahi hian lotayray hain lotayray

  4. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    not so fast maya.keep watching tv. this time it will be a big gathering

    regarding your party, the problem is that

    1)your leader has escaped

    2)your party became the B team of dictators,plunderers and thugs.

  5. Hasan Avatar

    I cant sit at home anymore .. I wish I was in Pakistan … taking part in the rally with the lawyers …

  6. huma Avatar

    i only wish if i could kill zardari.he is a cheater,looter,and a great disaster to our nation.he just needs money,money &money for every thing.he wants his share in every profit that any company earns.Nation is sick of asif zardari,asif barbadi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. maya Avatar

    nahi may nahi manta abhi b jo fasla howa hay galat howa hay yeh wokla haramzaday or yeh 1 nawaz shreef kaminay brotheran nay bola hay k pakistan ka har ek sharee wokla ki tahreek may ham-qadam tha,… magr karachi ka koi b sharee nahi tha agar karachi nation say alag hay to karachi ko alag kardo or lay jao pakistan apny andar srf karachi pakistan ki tan hay ko kuch b nahi tamam moaash hamaray hanth may hay poray pakistan ka….

    jo galti ki hay woh mano phala ghonay tako phalay pakistan ki awam k sath nahi karachi ki awam k sath….

  8. TK Avatar

    So what are the conlusions now?

  9. Pakistani Avatar


    You are traitor, I wish if you will come back to this page to read the comment, If you think no one from Karachi was in the long march, this is your mistake, my whole family went to Lahore to take Part in Long March, it was a national movement, but unfortunately due to your stupid Quaid's Falsafa you people missed the opportunity to be part of the movement. If you think you can (this is what you have been planning since 1984) separate karachi from rest of Pakistan, you are living in fool's heaven. Go and Cry with your Quaid about stupid issues and try to declare a fight between the provinces, but we were always Pakistani Mohajirs and we will always be. You are traitors and you will always be. A suggestion for you if you have guts and some common sense, go and ask your quaid following questions:

    1. Why for just 4 ministries they have forgotten the martyred workers of 12th May.

    2. Why for just be part of provincial Government they have forgottent 1992's (if they say those were there workers or innocent peoples, although they were not, I have seen my self how brutual were Mohajir's were)

    3. Who killed key peoples of Karachi Operation? Is that what your Quaid teaches you? Take law in your hand? and do not go to courts (now I know why you are not supporting lawyers movement)

    4. Who killed his brother? Why the murder of his brother was never investigated? When MQM claims that they have there own secret agent's division why they were not able to find the killer of your Quaid's brother?

    5. You say you are mohajir? And who is killing Haqiqi's and ST's Mohajirs?

    There are many more questions but I doubt if you can go to 90 and ask one of them, because you don't have any thinking nor any sense you just blindly follow that stupid Quaid. May ALLAH help you see things as they are before you wastefully give your life for your Quaid.

    Your Quaid's Moto = MQM = Meri Qaum Marey

  10. Pakistani Avatar


    ALTAF bhai Pakistan ayengay bhi nahin.. woh phattu jo hein… Let me tell you a universal truth, he will not come to Pakistan until there is a single Haqiqi member alive, because he is a traitor and Haqiqi will not leave him ever. For me you both suck but at lease Haqiqi's leader has guts to stay in Pakistan. By the way, if you don't know, go and ask your elders, woh kya seen tha jo Altaf Bhai kay pillow kay neechey say parchi nikli thee? Lol Hillarious.. Phattu

  11. lhr Avatar

    NZ turned out to be a true leader yesterday and led his people from front, it was a great effort on his part to turely motivate and mobilize the people of Lahore who are otherwise known for their laid back attitude

  12. maya Avatar

    you know…karachi is only for mahajir no panjabi and no pathan…mahajiron nay apna khoon bhaya hay..woh sala do takay ka admi takla sala.or woh b sattay baz LONDON may ja kar har mumkin koshis kar k b ALTAF BHAI k kelaf kuch b nahi kar saka ulta karachi ki galyo may badnam-e-zamana ho kar beth gaya…agr kisi ki g–d may tappar hay ya is kanay dajjal(Iftakar bosri ka)is may b tappar hay to ALTAF BHAI ko london say la k dakkao pakistan…

    agr iftakar emandar hota to jab tak woh post par tha tab us nay q nahi quom ka sath dia????sala r-ndi ki nasal..

    or yeh taklay brotheran salay harami do do dafa mulk ko loot kar chalay gay ab b agr in par yakin hay aap logo ko to ap say bara jahil shaks dunya may koi b nahi hay…

    ALLAH nay bheja upar dia hay Guthno maynahi..

    kam say kam ALTAF bhai nay mulk ko to nahi lota hay…

    is ran– ki nasal nay to mahajiro ko gatar ka kera samjh rakha tha…or jo log muslman muslman honay ka bol rahain hain na k phalay muslman hain, 1990's may woh muslman nahi thay jab maray jarahy thay mahajir….

    Iftakar ki waja say 12 may ko karachi may katal-e-aam howa …pir b begarto ki tarha betha howa tha yeh airport may phat rahi the is ki k airport say bahr nikalty sath he is ko mar to nahi dia jai ga…Iftakar Qatil hay Qatil..sab say phalay to is k upar case hona chaiya 302 k tahat saza-e-mout dayni chaiya is randi ki nasl ko…qayamat may kana dajjal aii ga na to woh pakistan may aagaya hay…andha sala

  13. maya Avatar

    Haqiqi is not a party of mahajir……

    agr hoti to MQM ki jaga haqiqi hoti aaj…

    us may koi b aap ko mahajir banda nazar nahi ai ga..

    ek bat batao muslim league Quaid-e-azam k zamanay my jo the aaj woh itnay tokro may q bat gai????

    q sab k nazarya alg ho gay???

    panjab may he pata nahi muslim league ban gai???

    Q Q…

    kafi sawal hain meray pass in ka jawab hay aap k pass

    takklay k door-e-hakomat may lahore ko q banaya gaya bar-aks karachi ko degrade kia gaya???q

    karachi phalay chapital tha, Islamabad ko q banaya gaya capital???

    muslim league ho ya PPPP in partyo nay meray khandan(mahajiro) k sath zayatti ki hay or may is party ka sath dn Na-mumkin…or woh mahajir he nahi hay jo in ka sath day..agr MQM b in ka sath day gi may tab b nahi dn ga in haram khoro ka sath

  14. Pakistani Avatar


    You know.. that is what is the difference between you and literate people, you don't have your vision, and you don't know how to talk and discuss as a decent man. Tumhaari baat say Poora Pakistan iteffaq karay ga aur sab non-Mahajirs Karachi chordeingay. agar in sawalon ka jawab dedou:

    (All questions are asked from your point of view).

    1. Why Haqiqi Muhajir's are killed in Karachi?

    2. Why Sunni Tehreek's Muhajir's are killed in Karachi?

    3. Why MQM has to change its name from Muhajir's Quami Movemnt to Muttahida?

    4. Why were Muhajir womens and men were brutually beaten at the Press club, when they were protesting for Afaaq Ahmed?

    Look dude, you are my fellow muhajir, my fellow karachiite and I just want you to don't ruin your life, I am a hard core supported of MQM's manshoor (Govt. is not for fuderals only) but the way you are doing polictics and you are misguiding people of Karachi, I don't like it. For ALLAH's sake don't do this to us. Believe me unity is strength and Altaf bhai will feel more proud to be leader of whole united Pakistan rather then just leader of Karachiites.

    I am not sure about your age, but the majority of Karachiite youngsters waste their youth either controlling traffic at 90, or coloring the walls of karachi or hanging your banners and flags. Please Please use this time for something more efficient, either for positive politics or something more constructive, your life is not worth dying to prove something that whole world accepts that you are Muhajir.

    My brother open your eyes and mind and have a glass of water then try to understand what I am trying to tell you. I am not against MQM and neither I am worker or support of Nawaz Sharif nor any other party. All the political parties are Pakistani parties and I love all of them, the problem is just in the leader ship of the parties.

  15. Pakistani Avatar


    I wonder if you have ever personally met supporters (not workers) of Haqiqi, they are located in Landhi, and are bihari Muhajirs. Go and meet them. There is a saying, "Truth is stranger than fiction".

    As for Pakistan Muslim league, this is not Quaid-e-Azam's Muslim league. it is just same as there are 2 MQMs in Karachi, so there are like 2-3 Muslim Leagues, There are like 2-3 PPPs It doesn't matter.

  16. lAB Avatar

    I dont understand why are u all so negative? Was Pakistan made for Sindhis, Muhajirs, Punjabis or Pathans…… If the leaders have made mistakes of breaking us into factions and groups does that mean that the younger generation who is more educated and enlightened do the same!!!!!!!!

    Come on there are more important issues for our country other than discussing the leaders and by degrading them what good are u getting….. What satisfaction will this bring?????? Think Pakistani and try to be united instead of exchanging views about few persons who all have shown us their true colours whenever they got a chance…. We have tried them all havent we??? Time for a new leadership, think about that and think of being a better Pakistani!!!!!

  17. maya Avatar

    bas yeh he to ek masla hay k mahajir he mahajir ki jar katta hay….

    yeh kam agar pathan ya daggay(panjabi)karty na to chahay woh sahi ho ya galat haq p ho ya dosro ka haq chin rahy hon sath dayty magr nahi yeh mahajiro may kahan hay…magr aap jis youth age ki bat kar rahay ho na may passed out ho gaya hn is age hay may university say BSCS kar raha hn..mujhay fikar hay apnay sath hoi nainsafiyo ki bas us ka koi mujhay hisab day…bas pir bar may jai sari party magr mahajiro k sath hoi nainsafiyon sa hesab say koi………

  18. Pakistani Avatar


    The day Altaf hussain bhai will talk about Pakistan as Pakistan not as Sindhi, Punjaabi, Balochi, Pathan I will be the first one to take bullet for him. But not before that.

  19. maya Avatar

    jab sab party 2 say 3 hisso may toti hay to MQM p blame Q hay….

    may salam karta hn ALTAF bhai ko..MQM k workers ko

    …mustafa kamal ko.agr ek b banda hay is jaysa to lao khara karo…

    mujhay insaf chaiya or mujhay 100% yakeen say k IFtakar apni jaib bharnay aya hay…

    agar pakisatn ka sadar may hota na to kuda ki kasam is Iftakhar ka khoon kar k may khud phansi ki saza qabool karta or fakhar say karta

  20. Pakistani Avatar


    Dude, Larayee Jhagray tou dou bhaiyon mein bhi hotey hein, but that doesn't mean you will kill your brother, kabhi tumhara bhai tumhari choclate khalay ga tou tum kya usey goli mardou gay? Woh tumhari ammi say pitayee karwaye ga tou Kya tum ammi aur bhai dono ko mardougay? Try to understand, we have been used for political reasons, we should be spending our time on moving Pakistan ahead.

    I second IAB, we the youngsters have this very responsibility to educate others our friends, brothers, colleagues that we are one nation, and we have to behave like that, we have to live like that and we will not fall for those politicians again.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  21. maya Avatar

    may ALTAF bhai ko salam karta hn …yahan k workers ko salam karta hn..Mustafa kamal ko salam karta hn agr hay is jay sa banda kisi b party my to lao market may…

    mujhay insaf chaiya or may janta hn 100% k iftakhar apni jaib bharnay aya hay or kuch b nahi

    agr may sadar-e-pakistan hota na to kuda ki kasam iftakhar ka khoon kar k nay kushi kushi phansi ki saza qabool karta or fakhar say karta

  22. Pakistani Avatar


    jatay jatay aap kay liye aur baki saray bhaiyon kay liye sirf yehi dua kar sakta hoon.. ALLAH aap ko samajh ata farmaye… isse pehley kay bauhat der hojaye. AMEEN.

  23. lAB Avatar

    Thanks Maya i honestly feel that its time that youth should seek new leadership as a united front. These factions, groups and provincial differences are all created by the politicians for their own benefits… We should use our knowledge to see these things and strategies used by these politicians. Why do we allow them to come and rule us again and again.

    Lets get united and talk as a united front.

    May God give peace to our Country and help us to get united to fight against more bigger evils like US forces, terrorits and anti islamic forces.

  24. maya Avatar

    nahi yeh waqt mil jhul kar kam karnay ka nahi hay yeh waqt hay action ka…mujh jay say kitnay bando ko maro gay????

    jin k sath khali na-insafi hoi hay.

    abi dakho tamam curt wagayrah may kitnay cases hain jo panding hain…kitnay ghalat fasly sonai gay hain in adliya ki waja say k aaj hum yahan hartal karin hay kabi yahan hartal karin gay is chakkar may kitnay logo ki jan ko hitlar howay hian yeh log????koi jawab hay

    sach ko jhoot or jhoot ko sach banay may to mahir hain yeh log..

    yeh waqt hay action ka or aap bol rahay ho k aap gay thay lahore dharna daynay…bhot tym tha aap k pas yeh tym aap apnay garebo may nahi surf kar sakty thy…

    ALLAH HE HAFIZ hay aab Pakistan ka.

  25. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar


    don't waste your energy.he is restless and irritated by the most popular movement of pakistan which united all the pakistanis.

    as a urdu speaking i cheered the success as any other person of the country could. and i am not the only one from karachi.

    every sensible and literate urdu speaking person supported this lawyer movement.

    lets celebrate the rule of law and ignore the psychoes

  26. Muhammad Abdullah Kh Avatar

    I will never forget this day, congrats to Dr Awab for keeping this protected so that our next generations will also see(after all they will be totally hi-tech gadgets oriented people)how much struggle was there to achieve an independent judiciary, though still more needs to be done