PM Gilani can become a hero from zero

Guest Blog by NRehman

zardari-gilaniPrime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has a chance of a life time to become a long awaited hero for the Pakistani nation. If the PM stands firm against Presedent Zardari and ask the Parliament to vote for the restoration of the judiciary, he will get an enormous applause from the whole nation. The long march by Lawyers will change its slogan to “Kadam Barhao Gilani hum tumharay sath hain“.

He has a chance to start a new era for PPP and will leave other parties far behind them. This is such a perfect opportunity that even the establishment will feel helpless if they wanted to take any action against it. He will have the support of most of the Parliament in both houses. Senior PPP leaders like Amin Faheem, Aitazaz Ehsan and Safdar Abbasi will support him straight away and the other will follow immediately, there is already a big conflict in PPP over this NRO issue but nobody is bold enough to come out and complain.

Come on PM show us what you are made of and lead the nation through this tough time, you have been given a golden chance to shine and make PPP a formidable force in Pakistan.



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7 responses to “PM Gilani can become a hero from zero”

  1. Ronnie Khan Avatar
    Ronnie Khan

    Gillani is just a puppet who has recently learnt how to tawk…we can only hope for the best but i think he is as helpless as a common citizen in front of the Civil Dictator…

  2. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    Come on Mr.Prime Minister prove that you are a politician ,negotiate.

  3. farrah k raja Avatar

    Come on Mr.Prime Minister prove that you are a politician ,negotiate.
    BTW I love your blog!

  4. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    lawyers and PML N are serious this time.
    “bol bachhan” will not work.
    today is 13th march.
    don’t you think that he is already too late for any roll?

  5. nrehman Avatar

    Thanks Farrah, look out for more.

  6. Khuram Avatar

    Every one of us is perhaps thinking on the same lines.Unfortunately we have been repeatedly disappointed.Basically due to poor brought up of these leaders, politically and socially.Poor Gillani does not have it in him.Remember he is a 'majawer' who is instinctively submissive. Day in and day out he talks of democracy but does not know what the people are saying?His loyalty like all his kin be it Mian brothers or Chaudheries, is to himself and then his employer who is the most hated individual in the country more so now.Normalcy will return only if this man is shown the door.Do not forget that crooks are cowards by nature.They will connive as long as it works and will respond positively only with a kick in their behind.This is the time to do it if this government wants to complete its full term.PM should pick up the courage and use all means at his disposal to do it including the Army if needed.

  7. Faheem Avatar

    Gilani did a very little but the timing was very late. Now Nawaz Sharif forced him to do this. Anyways lets see what next about Salman Taseer….