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  • Pakistani |

    Huh… Muaazrat… Doob marna chahiye… Pehle BB ki behurmati kari unkay wadon say inkaar karkay.. aur ab Pakistani awam ko Police kay zariye… Beizzar aur ruswa kar rahay hein yeh log… Aaj tou Naheed khan nay bhi lawyers ko support kardiya hai…

    In Kamran Khan's Show, Zardari said, "Mujhey judges ko bahal karnay ka mandate nahin mila…" Lol aap ko mandate diya kisnay hai? awaam nay tou BB ko mandate diya tha.. unko unki shahadat par khiraaj-e-tehseen paish karnay kay liye PPP ko vote diya tha… AAP ko ghalat fehmi hogayee kay aapko mandate diya hai? Zardari has hi-jacked PPP, this is not BB's PPP aur agar koi is baat ko nahi maanta… tou I doubt about his ability to think and see.

  • Khaled |

    Dramay baaz aurat


    @ pakistani

    The language you are speaking is not a seems to be pakistani stance its Punjabi stance.

    change your name from pakistani to Punjabi and try to accept the mandate given to the people of smaller provinces.

    • Asif |

      Hi Mr. Khalid,

      Mr./Miss. Pakistani did not mention any where in his/her comment provincial issue (name etc), but wht u wrote.. it really depicts ur narrow mindness..

      May Bless Banizeer.. Whatever that guy said regarding Mandate.. he absolutly rirht..

      Our consideration is Pakistan then any thing else.. so for God sake.. mind your dimensions and thinking..

      May Allah make our country peacful and progressive..

  • Kamil Hamid |

    Khaled, with "all" due respect: Shut your damned mouth and do not speak about things beyond your comprehension. You do not know the first THING about Tahira Abdullah and the work she has put into the movement for justice. She has been out marching on the streets since log before ANY of us were born. She has lived through the reigns of Zia, Nawaz, Benazir, Musharraf and despite ALL the corruption, she continues to believe in and fight for a greater Pakistan.

    You want to question the intentions of politicians? Sure, go ahead. You want to question the intentions of Aitzaz or Iftikhar? Fine, that's your right.

    But Tahira Abdullah who has NOTHING to gain, save even more respect from all of us?

    Do not make more of a fool of yourself than is necessary.

  • Pakistani |

    lol @Khalid, I am purely mahajir and for your information I live in Karachi.. nice try dude… For me there is nothing like Punjabi Sindhi balochi aur pathan.. they all are pakistani… and enough said by Kamil…

    When ever I think about mandate to Zardari.. I just can't control my self laughing.. I wanted to use strong words.. but he is currently president and I will respect him as a president but I will condemn till there is last drop of blood.. what he is doing with Pakistan…

  • Pakistani |

    Oh now I know.. speaking the language of your so called Quaid… Now just an eye opener for you if you have just 1% of common sense left that ALLAH gave you…

    According to MQM, PPP and ANP were responsible for 12th May… and now MQM is there coalition partner? MQM sold the blood and dead bodies of Karachiites… I am not arguing here who was responsible.. I am saying if you were right.. then how come you are in alliance with them? Just for the sake of 4 ministries? Those 43 deads are being exchanged for 4 ministries? What the hell… Oh yes… One more… no one in Karachi has guts to Kill Khaled bin waleed on 90's road… Keep dying for your so called Quaid.. who has been doing politics on your blood… You might have forgotten 12th May but I did not..

    MQM = Meri Qaum Marey…

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    she is well known civil rights activist. since 1 year we are seeing her active roll in restoration of judiciary.

    i feel sorry for what happened to her.but this all part of the game.cheer up tahira abdullah. don't get humiliated.be strong.

  • Tanvir |

    This is very bad and very unethical and unjustified act of human violation and the Govt is practicing/repeating the acts of dictator. Is it not a dictatorship?

  • farrah, k.raja |

    People of Pakistan

    What art though?

    Reading the above comments I am surprised ,a society which humiliates a woman probably because she has no arms guard like Benazir and the rest.

    Civil right activist,what makes her cry on the national TV.The same sentiment which makes people cry when they cannot deposit fee for exames ,when poor cannot afford to pay for medicine.When one does not have the money this is the way Pakistani people treats its citizens.

    It is not the matter of man and woman.

    Shame on all the people who have insulted and humiliated the dignity of an educated person on the TV.

    The general code of conduct and ethics have deminished from our society.We were a society of Wazah dar people?

    Why money has become everything to us.No one would dare speak to Sherry like that,because she puts on red lipstick ,her nails are manicured,she wear posh clothes and her hair just like a Shampoo advertisement .

    Nothing wrong with looking good or personal grooming,I am not criticising Sherry what I want to draw your attention to is why it is the money we respect and not the person itself anymore.

  • Jawad |


    Here are four facts about people like you:

    1. You are a disgrace to the community of people that migrated to this country in 1947 (whom you call Mohajirs, I prefer calling us Pakistanis).

    2. You are a disgrace to this city.

    3. You are a disgrace to this country.

    4. You are a disgrace to this planet.

    I hope you now know yourself better.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    @farrah k raja!

    it is not about the money or position its a culture and it is the business.sole blame is on the pakistani public rather blame on those politicians.

    those are just the representatives of pakistani people.

    i think that there are some serious peoblems with pakistanis.they found "luchha" "lafanga" and "tilanga" suitable for their representation.why? because they were nominated by their beloved party.the party which we are hopelessly dependent to solve our problems??? no!that is the party which attracts our rudimentary intellect and disgusting political ideology.

    so the conclusion is that we are basically "lafanga" and "tilanga" type people with out any intellect and can be easily fooled by political sorcerer.

  • neelam |

    all respect for you " Tahira Abdullah ". may God give you strength and courage to perform your work you are doing."empty vessels make the most noise" that goes for you Mr. khaled, people like khaled have a sick mind and they talk just for the sake of talking not knowing what they actually mean.

  • Tanvir |

    Respected Tahira Abdullah! Congrates on the Restoration of Deposed Judges Including Cheif Justice Iftikhar Muhammad! God Bless you this the result of your courage and struggle… You are the the sybol of empowerment of the deprived segments of the society…

  • Tanvir |

    Respected Tahira Abdullah! Congrates on the Restoration of Deposed Judges Including Cheif Justice Iftikhar Muhammad! God Bless you this the result of your courage and struggle… You are the the sybol of empowerment of the deprived segments of the society…
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  • farrah k raja |

    Dr Jawwad

    Politicians are not sent from skies.Nawaz and Zardari are symbols of Sarmaya dar and Jageerdar.Election is a money making business,the more you invest the more profit one makes.

  • Jamal |

    Politicians, Beauricrates, Police Bhangi and every in You see in Pakistan is Punjabi They have looted Pakistan all this started from Zia Ul Haqs time or may be from Bhuto because in order to please Punjabis Bhuto let them do what they like and now see where they are from Khunjerab to Karachi every where Power is in the hands of Punjabis

  • tariq |

    What is happening mam Sialkot now Multan where is human right commission. Those unfortunate family members of the deceased are crying that people killed our son is backed by MNA or MPA of Punjab why human right officials are not going to the authorities how the main accused gets bail. Who will fight their case they have no money so no case. Hope CJP will take notice and than everyone will start running.