Judges to be restored, a victory for Pakistan

Almost a year and a half ago on November 3rd 2007 Pakistan was plunged into darkness at the whim of a dictator who believed he was above the law, it was from the that gloomy day hundreds and thousands of Pakistanis rallied for the supremacy of law and constitution. As of the last few hours there is jubilation on the streets of Pakistan. The rule of Law is about to reign supreme over any form of dictatorship.

It has been a dream come true, to have the restoration of our judges upon the shoulders of the people if Pakistan and not based on the mere whims of a political compromise. I congratulate the people if Pakistan.

What remains to be understood is whatever will happen to Dogar and the many other new inductees that Zardari enlisted in very recently. Answers will be provided in the Prime Ministers address in the next 30 minutes and is supposed to be in line of the Charter of Democracy

A standing ovation to the lawyers movement, civil society groups, student groups and the various political parties that have stood up for the restoration of the judiciary.

But more importantly I would like to congratulate fellow activists of the Peoples Resistance in Karachi, the Student Action Committee in Lahore and the digital activists of the Emergency Times – Each and everyone of you made the difference.



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  1. Jaz Avatar

    I want to appreciate the time which Dr. Alvi invested in keeping the #LongMarch running. Today when we see CJ restored it is just because of his efforts which made it possible.

    Thank you Dr Teeth oops Tweet

    Keep in touch jazib.com

  2. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    Good good good!

    Way too bad for Sharif bros and co.

    Toooo bad.

    Will Chaudhury be able to reverse the eligibilty decision for them?…no! Because he is going to head the same Supreme Court.

    Zardari just got one degree stronger.

    Sharif brothers would be left alone on the streets they chose to fight on.

    Nawaz Sharif is the biggest ever fool in the history of Pakistani politics. He has proved it several times.

  3. Muhammad Saad Avatar
    Muhammad Saad

    Lets hope they actually restore CJP to the November 2 position with no strings attached! And Teeth Maestro i would like to know your views on the fact that this movement has virtually been hijacked by the N-League and Imran, Qazi and the lawyers are nowhere to be seen anymore. The government is keen to give the impression that they conceded only to the political forces (N-League) and that this movement was just a Punjabis movement. What is this likely to signify for the future? is a power struggle or battle expected to take place b/w Sindh and Punjab now because even Altaf has started making noise over the supposed anti-Sindh slogans chanted during the long march.

  4. noman Avatar

    the judicial reference should now be heard fully and a detailed judgement should come out.the people of pakistan deserve to know how arsalan choudhary son of iftikhar ch was made asp model town violating all rules and that too without css. we should also know how come he owns a bmw 7 series.

    yehj bahal ho jayay ga what about the judicial system.it takes only 500 rs to get anybodys name included in a case.its a famous saying that one should not bribe the police , one should instead bribe the judge .

  5. Sohaib Avatar

    Now that it has become a bit irrelevant, a humorous take on the Long March:



  6. Madiha Avatar


  7. mtbaloch Avatar

    "A fool does exactly what the wise do, but after making a big mess" A Persian Proverb



    Congratulations to all of you, although I will remain nervous until Justice Chaudhry and other judges are reinstated by March 21 to their satisfaction; after all, this guy, Zardari, has bee such a compulsive liar, and 'loyal to the King (Mush)more than the king' himself.

    Zardari reminds me of the miserable foolish character described in a proverbial Persian couplet:



    = " An idiot does exactly what a wise person does;

    But, after making a big mess !!"

    The same sense we have in the Urdu story of the person who out of his idiocy, dad to eat 100 onions as well as take the punishment of 100 shoe hits — JISKO 100 PYAAZ KE SAATH 100 JOOTE BHI KHAANEY PAR'EY !

    In any case, I would like to thank Dr. Awab Alvi who provided us this ideal forum in a very critical juncture of time. By managing this blog so smoothly, successfully and so ideally, obviuosly, Dr. Saheb has taken risks for himself and his loved ones, and has sacrificed much of his time, energy and resources.

    To Dr. Awab Alvi Sahib and his family and loved ones, we can offer only our profound thanks and sincerest and deepest love … and our prayers to God to bless and protect them. BARG-E SABS AST TUHFAH-E DARWIYSH !

    With love and wishes of Peace with justice for all,

    Malek Towghi, Ph.D., Liaison, Baloch Human Rights International (USA) (By the way, I was born (in 1935) and brought up in Lyari, Karachi, Sindh; I obtained my first BA from SM College/U of karachi in 1961. As a National Awami Party /NAP activist, I left Pakistan in 1964-5. )

  8. Zahoor Iqbal Awan Avatar
    Zahoor Iqbal Awan

    Thank you Dr. Alvi for keeping it up & informed. The restoration is a good hope for future. However, you, sir, should continue and focus should be put upon US/Others meddling in Pakistan affairs through stooges like zardari, nawaz (most of them) and directly by deploying warfare. Democratic process and governance is still a dream for this country, so is national interest. Let us work, pray and harness ability to react positively to thugs ( most of current LEADERs) for a better Pakistan.


  9. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    wow. what a glorious day it is!

    i slute to all lawyers, civil rights activists, political parties whose relentless and hard struggled resulted in such a wonderfull victory.congratulations to every one.

    but this is not the end its just a begining.there is a lot of work ahead of us to translate this victory into real durable success.

    special greetins for the people of lahore.its a very nice and pleasent to watch how people of lahore resisted yesterday.

    once again congratulations to all who struggled in this movement.

  10. Frankestian Avatar

    Well well well , i think that is possibly a result

    of a deal.. Cj will not hear petitions on NRO because Supreme court has already gave its decision about NRO..last year .. only it can be that the “review” as that of Sharif Bro ’s case…

    well “MEN IN BLACK ” always succeed …so good luck CJ

    good LUCK “MUSHARAF” and good LUCK “Mr President”

    Musharaf will be very dissapionted about it..

  11. Edward Avatar

    I'm sorry but a 2 year long battle for something we shouldnt have had to fight for in the first place is no victory. It's an insult to everything our young nation should stand for.

  12. Le Mystique Avatar

    Stop being cynical guys.

    deal or not deal over hearing NRO cases etc…

    its a great first step. A great victory indeed. The people's power need to be made more energized, organized and politically awake.

    We have made a different and we can (and should) continue to make a difference!

  13. Dr RazaHaider Avatar

    Congratz nation! Unanimous rage to reinstate and restore “Rule of Law” has defined the slogan of unity, from Unity, Faith and Discipline.

    Though it took 61 years to deliver and change the mind set but especial credit to the people of Punjab that their stand to perfuse the move and slogan has lifted the image of nation as: still capable to revolt and remand.

    My Regards and Salute to my brothers.

    Well done;

    Thank you for refurbishing my image as nation.

    Thank you very much for varnishing and garnishing my future and our future as generation.

    Thank you for rebooting the hang and restarting the thinking and thought from dead and deaf to life and living.

    Thank you very much for redesigning the system in to fresh outlook.

    I thank you for slapping the hives and hyenas hence dismantling their palaces as dungeons.

    I thank you from the depth of my heart for standing against the tides and behaving for the weak.

    I honor your valor and admire your cadre.

    Continue! Continue to demolish all concept that brothel people’s desire.

    You have all that and what is needed.

    Change is at your footfall.

    Grab them out?

    Grill them?

    Press them for their deranged behavior.

    Slung them for their deliberate hung.

    This is time to drag, demolish and dump.

    None should escape, who even thought to rob the desire of people.

    You have rightly treated time with rights as outright behavior.

    Nation applauds on this marvelous presentation to define and demonstrate the slogan of unity from all time verbal insignia of Unity, Faith and Discipline.

    Let’s now be sticky to the rest remaining phrase as verbs.

    Let’s have Faith that it was the best for the best of interest of the nation and its people.

    Let’s have Faith that we will discipline our life and reaction in same way and same manner, if at all mind is agitated and thoughts are annoyed.

    Let’s have Faith that reprimands remains our favorite award if at all this Discipline of people’s desire is ever breached.

    Let’s have Faith that our rules have insignia of justice and wil be regulated by similar act of discard and disown if at all we are put again.

    Let’s Discipline lives with unanimous practical slogan of Unity, Faith and Discipline.

    Nation! This slogan is yours; all time deterrence

    Let’s unite on the principle of this slogan in every discipline of your life.

    Let’s not spare the present.

    Let’s not spare the past.

    This is time for accountability.

    No one shall go away but;

    They all must go

    They all must go

    Justice Shall Prevail

  14. Muhammed Zafir Zia Avatar
    Muhammed Zafir Zia


    A glorious day in the history of Pakistan where the government succumbed to public pressure and reinstated CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry. This event shows that public pressure and sentiments are above all and public can rise and make sure that there demands meet.

    Now there is a great responsibilty on CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry and company to take Pakistan to a progressive Islamic State.

    It was also heartening that Primeminister Gilani emerged as a powerful & popular leader and took a bold step against all odds. Sherry Rehman should also be congratulated on her bold decision of quitting the federal cabinet at a very cruicial time and standing by the media and people of Pakistan.

    Also at a time when the whole nation is united and rejoicing, MQM as usual tried to create differences & bitterness among the provinces by provoking Sindhi’s & Punjabi’s. But ALHAMDULILLAH people of Pakistan rejected & withstood the MQM propaganda.

    Once again Jamaat Islami(JI), Tehreek Insaf (PTI), PkMAP,PML-N, PPP, Khaskar Tehreek, Awami Tehreek,Sunni Tehreek and all political forces who supported the laweyer’s struggle must be congratulated for their dedication and commitment to the restoration of Judiciary.


  15. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    fantastic News!!

    Congratulations to everyone who supported and worked for this movement.

    Risked everything and came out on roads.

    This is the first step on the road to democracy.

    Only if people remain,active,radicalised and involved,whoever it is ,Army,judiciary or democratically selected governement.

    I am glad that people of Pakistan have won the right to protest and March.This will hopefully bring in an expression of Democracy to the country.

    Democracy is about people and about their rights.

    I am deeply pleased that the spirit of Pakistan has returned to its people.

    Best of Luck and Congratulations ,everyone.


  16. farrah k raja Avatar

    fantastic News!!
    Congratulations to everyone who supported and worked for this movement.
    Risked everything and came out on roads.
    This is the first step on the road to democracy.
    Only if people remain,active,radicalised and involved,whoever it is ,Army,judiciary or democratically selected governement.
    I am glad that people of Pakistan have won the right to protest and March.This will hopefully bring in an expression of Democracy to the country.
    Democracy is about people and about their rights.
    I am deeply pleased that the spirit of Pakistan has returned to its people.
    Best of Luck and Congratulations ,everyone.
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can't wait to see your next post!

  17. Frankestian Avatar

    Yes!1 "HOPE For The GOOd"

  18. QaimKhani Avatar

    May be it sounds cynical, but I doubt the restoration of rule of Law would be that easy.

    Its just another move ON THE CHESS BOARD. It does take away the lawyers and other parties from the folds of Nawaz Sharif, and how faithful Zardari is. Lets wait and see.

    I'm 100% sure, Zardari is restoring the judges just like MUSH did, just for a few month.

  19. WASIM ARIF / OTHER P Avatar

    Awab Bhai – Mubarak brother, you have toiled for this day

    Its not dharna time its BHANGRA TIME Let us smile today, hug your loved ones as this is a victory for Pakistan and Adil note a victory for PAKISTANIAT.

    We are witnessing the dawn of a new Pakistan, let us celebrate together as we have had too many bad days, too many tragedies. Let us stand tall again as one and rise to our challenges as one, let us build a new Pakistan as one. See Other Pakistan to help achieve this dream:



  20. fahmed Avatar


  21. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    I am so happy for my nation that finally we have some good news.We have surprised the nations.

    NAwaz must know awam is the real power now,today they have rallied behind him tomorrow they can kick him out as well ,if he fell short of deliverance.

  22. Rhodora Online Avatar

    I think an interesting question is "what will Zardari do next?" He doesn't seem a man who will quietly wait for his doom. Any ideas? Kindly read the ONE possibility that I and, I know, MANY of us dream and hope for, at my blog and vote your opinion at the attached poll. Also leave your comments as to what are Zardari's options and what cats he can pull out of his bag. This is the BIG question of the moment!

  23. Freedom Avatar

    Thank you Punjab, for standing up, when it was time to be counted. Cheers to bravehearts of Lahore and fearless leadership.


  24. Vaneet Kundra, India Avatar
    Vaneet Kundra, India


    Congrats. You guys are amazing. Your personal involvement in the LONG MARCH is praise worthy. We must learn this from Pakistan. The people of the country are supreme. If they come down to streets, they can change the face of the nation. We must also prepare ourselves in India for this kind of LONG MARCH, which is long overdue.

  25. Vaneet Kundra, India Avatar
    Vaneet Kundra, India

    Awab, Congrats for the success of LONG MARCH and your personal involvement. We must learn from you guys to launch our own LONG MARCH which is long overdue.