Videos of the Long March towards Justice



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5 responses to “Videos of the Long March towards Justice”

  1. Nadeem Avatar

    Learned a lot from these video's. Thanks doc.

  2. Abdulrahman Rafiq Avatar

    Pakistan, the Nation is alive! The spirit of democracy and justice are very much alive. Long live Pakistan and the people of Pakistan!

  3. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    This protest means so much because men and women came together and the educated class was on streets.

    This is definitely our democracy.

    Democracy is a process ,when Zia left us we were totally depoliticised.The resistance started from that time.

    Musharraf left a highly charged and political Pakistan.

    Credit must be given where it is due.Freedom of Expression and protest has come to the streets of Pakistan .

    Awam is a monster whom I have many doubts these leaders can handle.

    The charged crowds remind me of Bhutto times.honestly speaking does Nawaz appreciate the dareness of these women ??I have many doubts.

    At least it shows women of Pakistan are going to be taken on equal footing at least in courts.

    Congratulations to Aitzaaz and everyone present and defying the tear gas and police barracade.

    Job of a police man is ever so difficult,they seemed quite naive and I think they are as vulnerable as are the awam.

    Everything is good that ends in good.

  4. Zovc Avatar

    It's as if the government wanted the rally to succeed. Why did the police let the protesters through? something fishy…

  5. Ehsan Avatar

    WrongMarch towards restoration of a corrupt judge and sending the country towards chaos and destruction and a plus point is politicians like Nawaz can have the same old black justice system which he can attack or threat to get the verdicts he want ! God help these poor lost souls who are selling the country in the name of democracy !