Lahore Police Academy Attack – Live Coverage

Today morning on March 30th a Police Academy in Lahore was attacked by terrorists dressed as Policemen – to montior and record the events by Citizen Journalists we have yet again launched this Live Blog – which shall help everyone stay informed with the coordinated help from everyone keeping an eye on the situation – Stay Safe



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8 responses to “Lahore Police Academy Attack – Live Coverage”

  1. yaseen ch Avatar

    Indian RAW Hits Pakistan again ,do it now situation for Pakistan, India should be taught a lesson now.

  2. Chris Hayes Avatar
    Chris Hayes

    yaseen ch – if you think this is India surely the last thing you would want to do is attack as they seem to be striking with wild abandon with no adequete defence to stop them? Unless you think getting everyone nuked is the best way to cease attacks?

  3. Sajith Avatar

    My dear Yaseen and those who have similar impression;

    For heavens sake,open your eyes.Face the reality.Pakistan is in danger out of the reckless home grown extremists.Please come out of your fixation on India.Only then you will be able to confront the real enemy.Work towards elimination of the extremist ideas that are being spread in your country.This has brought about so much intolerance in the Pak society that fellow citizens feel that they should eliminate all those who differ from them.

    Only a miniscule of people wants destruction and unrest in Pakistan.Majority of us pray for normalisation of affairs there.

    Train your minds to be free and strong to repulse any hate ideologies that may be spread by vested interests there.

    "SATYAMEVA JAYATE"(Truth always wins).

  4. The Online Reporter Avatar

    The latest update is this that our brave armed forces are now very close to those terrorists hiding in residential building of police training center. for details:

  5. SM Imran H Zaidi Avatar
    SM Imran H Zaidi

    Home grown extremists my ass; it was the west's money that put this mentality in these people in the first place. The west is very fast to point out that these people are Pakistanis; while being hypocritical about their funding during the soviet era. This was not done in Pakistan; it was afghani jihadis who during the afghan war came as refugess to pakistan and have been steadily eating away at their helpers. Shame on the afghan people. India also has a vested interest in destabilising Pakistan. Their activities in baluchistan is not hidden. So stop telling us that we live in fantasies and cool out your hate towards us.

  6. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    its an art of the war.they are using our own people against us.

    this is RAW's handiwork.this incident was twice in a quick succession.

    we need a large scale counter stikes.otherwise it will not stop.this time RAW got the full support from america and afghanistan.

    some one has to do some thing about this.

  7. Sameer Avatar

    koeley kee dallalee main hath aur monh bhe kaley

  8. Sam Avatar

    Feel sorry for the innocent victims.

    Other than that, bring Taliban to power and peace will follow.

    They did that in Afghanistan, they can do the same in Pakistan.

    After they came to power, they stopped drug cultivation and trade and brought peace and Allah.

    Once the take over Pakistan (not just Swat), they will take back Afghanistan.

    Americans will driven out like they were in Vietnam.

    Afghanis can do the same thing to Americans, as they did to Soviets. Drive them out from Afghanistan…