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  • Danial Burki |

    Brilliant work, all!

    I attended the protest in Lahore and that too was a great success.

  • Amina Wasif |

    Yes I am so thankful that people finally staged a protest against all the latest barbaric incidents! Well Mr Iftikhar Chaudhry certainly seems to have triggered a new trend and not a bad thing either! It shows the entire world that Pakistanis, no matter how beset by tragedies, will never give up without a fight!

  • d0ct0r |

    I unequivocally condemn this barbaric and savage incident in swat.

  • hussain |

    I don't know if this incident was as barbaric as the lawyers burned alive in Karachi or the 5 women burried alive in Baluchistan or the thousands of kids and girls killed in the lal masjid in the name of rit of Govt.

    I would walk away from the hypcracy to a peaceful world of sanity.

    You are independent to have your opnion so am I.

    I am thankful to Allah that I don't write blogs. Being in the media, sometimes you have to be along the stream to retain credebility.

    Good for you Awab, atleast this time MQM guys stand along you.

  • d0ct0r |

    Hussain as MQM too will be protesting(garnering support for their anti taliban/pathan campaign) in Karachi so one should be careful that these protests are not projected to be against any specific ethnicity(Pathans) like MQM might want it to projected as they have been busy with their anti pathan campaign and have been busy killing poor hard working pathans doing petty jobs like mochis(cobbler/peanut seller/lpg gas seller/rag picker etc)

  • d0ct0r |

    As for NROfied absconding british grand terrorist Altaf and his MQMized terrorist gang i have several questions for them..

    Would MQM’s Altaf bai and his gang hold a protest rally for this Karachiite lady as well being beaten up by his cultured and civilized MQMized Nazim? or because she is not a swati so she does not deserve any attention?

    Can i call this MQM nazim a TALIBAN Nazim?


  • d0ct0r |

    Muttahida slammed over violence outside KPC

    (another news report about same incident in which ‘muhajir’ women protesters were beaten,tortured and manhandled along with journalist who were kidnapped and tortured for covering the protest outside Karachi Press club)


  • d0ct0r |

    Would absconding Grand terrorist Altaf and his thugs protest for the lady that MQMized unit/sector terrorists burnt alive along with 5 other men after locking them up at Tahir Plaza city court Karachi on 9th April 2008?


  • d0ct0r |

    Altaf bai you are running a terrorist gang dammit! Protesting vrotesting doesn’t suit a grand terrorist like you.. Terrorists like you are just good at disrupting protests and beating up,torturing and kidnapping women protesters and the journalists covering the protest rally.

  • arif |

    [blockquote]I don’t know if this incident was as barbaric as the lawyers burned alive in Karachi or the 5 women burried alive in Baluchistan or[/blockquote]

    It is not about which incident is worse, it is about finding an opportunity to protest the long standing evil that has prevailed in the society.

  • Danial Burki |

    Huma: the drone attacks are targeting, very successfully, the Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders on our side of the Durand Line. They are our enemies; they plan and execute the mass murder of Pakistanis and want to destroy the Pakistani state for their own religious-political ends; and the US is taking them out with increasingly accurate drone strikes. So an enemy is being destroyed and someone else is doing the dirty work; why should we complain?

    And if you want the drone strikes to stop, what should we do about the Tallies and bin Laden’s brigade?

  • huma |

    none will ever come out of their fancy drawing rooms to protest for the drone attacks ..no human rights activists ..no bloggers..coz we dont get no money from that from uncle sam…pathetic us all..

  • Adnan Siddiqi |


    So awab it was a lovely and thrilling weekend. Everyone was happy and chilled and was dying to come infront of the Camera. *grin*

    @Huma: I second you. BTW you could also join the protest and could have some lovely time.

  • Reasoner |


    I understand whole country condemned attack on lawyers last year and BTW just like MQM every political party has been indulged in violence. We should not forget Thunder Squad+Al-Shams+Al-Badr of Jamaat-e-Islami, Al-Zulfiqar of PPP and what about ANP's goons encroachment drive in Karachi. They've occupied hudreds of apartments in Gulistan-e-Juahar see their pics on front page of Daily Express dt: 4th April, 09 !!

    The point is here we are supposed to discuss a particular event i.e. flogging of a teen-aged girl whose sole crime was that an electrician visited her home for fixing some fault and a so-called Talib informer informed the Taliban. The talibans flogged both poor electrician and girl in public and what was astonishing that they even forcefully got married the girl to the electrician !!!

    Why the hell you are bent on diverting the discussion ?

    Now tell me should we condemn the Talibans or not ???

  • farrah, k.raja |

    Fantastic,this is called defiance.

    This is what I was talking about when I wrote Revolution in Islamic world.

    Mullahs have exploited Pakistan so long,but the brutality towards woman has no founding in Quran,which has always been applied on woman for political reasons.

    The phenomenon in Pakistan is that man is upto some extent comfertable because he is a man where as woman has to fight for everything.

    But I must say this was a joint effort and I deeply appreciate the Pakistani,Fathers,Brothers ,Husbands,colleagues and fellows who are equally repelled and are uncomfertable at the show of brutality.

    Extremism is not the way of Pakistanis.I hope Pakistan army and the prime minister know what they have to do.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |


    how many are they?500…1000….5000?

    i am sure there are millions of people out there,who are increasingly restless by the social and moral decay of our society.i am sure they will approve the practice of shariyah law.

  • dr.jawwadkhan |

    @ teeth maestro!

    you showed a fascinating level of intelligence and patience by not commenting on these particular incidents.

    i am officially impressed. 🙂